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Welcome to Disney's Yacht Club. These are Steve & Tara Seifert's pictures from their stay at Disney's Yacht Club in July 2001. They'll now tell you about their trip:
   The picture to the left is of our room from the outside. We were located in room 4059 just above the marina. Our room was the one to the left of the arched window. The nightlife is nice around the Boardwalk area and Epcot is about a 10 minute walk from the Yacht Club. You can also take the boat or walk to MGM Studios.
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This was the view from our room looking at the Boardwalk.
This was the view from our room looking at the waterslide at Storm a long Bay. The pool was very big with three hot tubs. The water in the pool was a little warm to cool you off but there are many things to do in the pool. It also has a sandi bottom.
This was the view from our room looking at the boat dock where you can get on a boat to Epcot or MGM.
This was our room. It was a Seco bed room which was a king bed that folded up into the wall. This is also a smaller room than the standard room and is much smaller than the room we stayed in at the Polynesian. It had a sink area next to the bed and the room was a little crowded with furniture. They had chairs in front of the dresser which you would have to move to the center of the room to get to the dresser. They did have a full mini bar and snacks (you can buy) on top of the entertainment center. The fireworks from the Illuminations in Epcot and the fireworks from Fantazmic can be seen from this room at night.
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