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Posted by: mouse ears on Dec. 02, 2003 2:52 am/pm

Howdy Disney Echo's!
Just looking for a little help here.  I have 2 little ones that would be so excited if I could have a gift basket or even the shovel and pail that I have heard people talk about waiting in their rooms for them.  Can anyone help me find out how to get them.  I am more than willing to pay for them.  I know nothing but a smile comes for free at Disney.

Posted by: kecall on Dec. 02, 2003 11:29 am/pm

Disney's florist will do cute baskets for your kids.  Unfortunately, they do not have a website.  Their phone number is (407) 827-3505.  They are extremely helpful when you call!  Every post I have ever read about them is always glowing!

Another option is to do what I did -- I put together my own gift baskets and "snuck them in".  At home I bought lots of little items and put them in a Mickey/Minnie beach bag.  These items included:  a fanny pack (Mickey Mouse, of course!;) sunglasses with straps (don't forget the straps!!;) a pressed penny book, an autograph book, a Disney guest of honor pin with their names on them (all of these items I ordered ahead of time and had shipped to my house)a new Mickey toothbrush, a tiny bottle of bubbles (to keep them busy while standing in line...worked great!;) a tiny "Dollar store" flashlight (to use in the "scary" rides), some Disney-themed candy, hair items, etc.  

When we got to the room the girls excitedly ran around to check everything out.  Daddy kept them busy looking out the balcony, I got the gift bags out, set them just outside our door, then knocked on the door. I scooted into the bathroom....Daddy went to the door with the girls to magically discover 2 bags with their names on them and notes welcoming them to Disney World.....

You know, I still don't think my dds know that I was the one that placed them there!!!  :hula:

karen :)


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