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Posted by: RichKoster on Aug. 30, 2003 8:43 am/pm

What are your two most-favorite theme parks at Walt Disney World?

Water parks aren't counted in this poll, just the big 4 theme parks at WDW

In this poll, you have these choices for which are your two most-liked theme parks at Walt Disney World:
  • Magic Kingdom & Epcot: They're the original 2 at WDW and they're the best!
  • Magic Kingdom & Disney's Animal Kingdom: The first WDW park and the newest WDW park are tops in my book!
  • Magic Kingdom & Disney-MGM Studios: I like these the best because it is fun to be among the fantasy and make-believe!
  • Epcot & Disney's Animal Kingdom: I like these because they're the world of the future, countries of our present-day world, and the world of animals!
  • Epcot & Disney-MGM Studios: These are are not only the closest WDW theme parks to each other, they're the closest in my heart!
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom & Disney-MGM Studios: At WDW when the name starts with Disney, it HAS to be good!
Just because I gave some example reasons about each pair of parks, don't feel like you have to agree with those reasons if you want to choose any of the pairs. Please reply here after voting in the poll above, especially if you have other reasons that make these your favorite theme parks at Walt Disney World.

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Posted by: RichKoster on Aug. 30, 2003 9:33 am/pm

I voted for the Magic Kingdom and the Disney-MGM Studios. I like the mix of thrilling and family-type rides plus the shows and parades they have at those two theme parks the best.

Posted by: Goofyteer on Aug. 30, 2003 11:23 am/pm

I voted the same thing. I love the other parks too but these two are tops in my book.
Posted by: BriarRose on Aug. 31, 2003 12:19 am/pm

I voted for Epcot because I love, love, love World Showcase.  I also voted for Animal Kingdom because my 8 year old has been "Simba crazy" all his life, and watching him at the Festival of the Lion King is one of my best Disney magical experiences.

I would vote for the Magic Kingdom, but we go to DL so often, I really enjoy the other parks when I'm lucky enough to get to WDW. :bowling:

Posted by: RichKoster on Aug. 31, 2003 2:03 am/pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------

That's a Mickey bowling ball! :hmm:
Posted by: Goofyteer on Aug. 31, 2003 2:17 am/pm

Maybe BriarRose is saying that when she's able to make it to WDW it's such a wonderful experience that she feels totally "bowled over"? :wwww:

Just joking Briar! :mickey: I couldn't resist it, it was begging to be said.

Posted by: disneyn on Aug. 31, 2003 7:05 am/pm

I voted for MK and Epcot for nostalgia, They were the only two parks when I first went there and they always bring happy memories back when I go.   :clap: And being the nellie that I am , when I am at home they can bring tears of joy in the memories.  I CAN"T WAIT TO GO AGAIN, Disneyn
Posted by: WhatsaPooh on Aug. 31, 2003 9:17 am/pm

I voted for MK and AK  :clap: Based on our last trip when Ds was 4yo, we spent the most time at those 2 parks. Who doesn't love MK?? AK was his favorite because of the Safari ride, the forest trails, "Festival of the Lion King" and "It's Tough to be a Bug" show.  At our house if the Disney channel isn't on it's Animal Planet or the Discovery channel.

This trip I plan on allotting equal time to each park, but I know we will still visit MK the most.    :mickey:

Posted by: MKBaughan on Aug. 31, 2003 1:26 am/pm

I voted for MK & MGM.... I love the rides and shows at MGM more than anything.... TOT & Beauty & the Beast are my absolute favorites.  MK, because it really Magic..... the old time town square, the castle.... and I like it because I knew the layout here so well, I manuvered my way around Disneyland very handily... better than my friends from California who had been there many times!    :coonskin:
Posted by: ladymarganne on Aug. 31, 2003 6:57 am/pm

Wow! This was NOT an easy question! Definitely the MK just has to be first and foremost as we went on opening day and have been going about 4 times a year ever since. And, while we do love Epcot, well, MGM has to come in second for the fabulous shows like Beauty and the Beast, aaaaaaand Fantasmic! Gosh! Is it October yet? That's when our next trip is and I'm definitely getting a little antsy here!


Posted by: MKBaughan on Aug. 31, 2003 9:11 am/pm

Maggie, October is just around the corner!  It will be here before you know it!  I hope you have a great time!
Marsha      :grin:

Posted by: JEANYLASER on Sep. 03, 2003 12:09 am/pm

:bowdown:  :clapping:  :sorcerer: my two favorite wdw theme parks are epcot and magic kingdom why epcot and magic kingdom is my favorate because epcot is the future. and also magic kingdom is magic.
Posted by: Liv2CdWorld on Sep. 04, 2003 3:47 am/pm

I voted MK and MGM.  I love MK because....well, who doesn't like MK?  It's truly where the Magic Lives :)

MGM because of the rides and great shows!

Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Sep. 05, 2003 3:16 am/pm

I choose MK and AK. Mk because it the first and since my first vivst was in 1977 and thats  all there was I love it the most.

AK because I love animals and it's very peaceful feeling there. I tend to take it slower when I visit AK then any other park. :coolgrin:

Posted by: mistymouse on Sep. 07, 2003 2:49 am/pm

I voted for MK and MGM.

The MK - because without it, it wouldn't be a trip to Disney. It's always our first and last stop of the trip. Once you step foot on Main St, and look straight ahead, you know you've arrived.

MGM - because it is the one park where no one in our family gets bored or is left out. Between the rides and the shows, every one is happy.

Posted by: WhatsaPooh on Sep. 07, 2003 3:11 am/pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
Once you step foot on Main St, and look straight ahead, you know you've arrived.

That's exactly how I feel.  Nothing can compare to that feeling I get as I walk down Main Street towards the castle.  :hearts:  :pixiedust:

But then again, nothing compares to the sadness I feel, when I walk down Main Street on our last night there either. :down:

Posted by: disgal on Sep. 15, 2003 1:09 am/pm

This was a tough question.  I chose MK and AK.  MK because, of course, it is truly magical.  Nothing can compare to seeing the castle for the first time.  The only thing better is when you see your child see the castle for the first time.  I love AK because I find the atmosphere so soothing.  You can sit on a bench under the trees and just soak up Disney magic in a way not possible anywhere else.  I have to mention that in my family of 4, we all have a different favorite park.  That is why WDW is such a great family vacation spot.
Posted by: wdwPixie on Sep. 21, 2003 9:29 am/pm


I chose Magic Kingdom and MGM because they have the themes are Wonderful and the Rides and Shows are the Greatest.  Plus how could you not pick Magic Kingdom.

Posted by: CarolKoster on Sep. 24, 2003 11:37 am/pm

I voted Magic Kingdom.  The layout is based on Disneyland's and it's worked as a popular layout for decades, the attractions have something for everyone and I feel more at a Disney theme park there than the others.  I voted Disney-MGM Studios because of the Animation Tour and Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant and 50's Prime Time Restaurant are so unique.
I like to see the footprints and handprints in the concrete outside Great Movie Ride and I like the sculpture garden honoring greats in the entertainment business and the display of Walt Disney's memorabilia there.  

I also like Magic Kingdom because as the parks age MK seems more timeless and classic over time, less dated.

Posted by: Peggo on Sep. 27, 2003 10:53 am/pm

I voted for the orignal two, MK and Epcot.
I'm still a bit annoyed that Animal Kingdom didn't open with The Beastly Kingdom, since that was the one I was looking forward to the most.
MGM/Disney Studios could use some new attractions. Most of the ones there are good the first few times, but after a while it's just the same old thing. Of course, Tower of Terror is always fun. Still I wish it had a bit more story before the drops.

Posted by: LizardCop on Oct. 17, 2003 9:15 am/pm

Hard Choice!  MK is the original Disney.  MGM could use some updating, after the first few trips it seems to be getting old...  And I do love AK, being an animal lover, but my second choice was EPCOT.  Future World in very interesting, educational and FUN and World SHowcase let's me see places I may never otherwise get to see...

And the really great thing is that I'll be there next Friday!!!  LOL

Posted by: RichKoster on Oct. 17, 2003 10:13 am/pm

Yoo Hoo, Bill / LizardCop!

Thanks for joining the fun here on the Disney Echo, Bill! I have a pair of Disney EchoEars for you right here:

Posted by: missclairee on Oct. 17, 2003 1:00 am/pm

Having "just" left the World (10/5) after an eight year interval between visits, my family found that our two favorite parks were Epcot and MGM.  Now teenage boys, my sons weren't as excited about the Magic Kingdom as they were when they were younger.  Epcot became our favorite park because of all the really cool things to do in Future World (Mission: Space is AWESOME), the World Showcase with all the different countries, cuisines, and cool stuff :laugh: and Illuminations!  MGM has the Rock N Rollercoaster (which we loved), Star Tours (my kids went to Disney and only came home with Star Wars souvenirs), Tower of Terror, Who Wants to be a Millionaire (totally addicting), Sci-Fi Dine In, 50's Prime Time, etc.  We had a great time at all the parks, but these two ended up being our favorites!  My son just wanted to wander around EPCOT all day!

Sherri in MI

Posted by: utilidor27 on Oct. 17, 2003 10:51 am/pm

Well, since I used to work there, I have to vote the Magic Kingdom. It will always hold a special place in my heart, and it is really neat to go in there and see the different changes going on, while being able to share with my family about all the stuff that goes on backstage in other areas of the park that would otherwise go unnoticed.
My other choice is Epcot. The American Adventure has always been my favorite attraction in all of the parks, and I really like the way that it is constantly changing, even more than all of the other parks. It gives you something new to always look forward to. The only thing I miss is the old Illuminations - I don't like the new one as much, it is too hard for me too make out everything on that ball in the center of the lagoon. Gives me eye strain. :Oo:

Posted by: Sweetums on Oct. 20, 2003 8:59 am/pm

#1  Disney MGM Studios--it is where I began my Disney career and it has two of my absolute favorite attractions:  Star Tours and Muppetvision 3-D.  Growing up, I was both a Star Wars and Muppet fanatic so to be able to go somewhere with attractions based on them is awesome.  The fact that I got to work with/in both of them was a dream come true. :coolgrin:  

#2  EPCOT--I do enjoy MK, but I always find EPCOT to be more relaxing and with less wait time for attractions.

Posted by: SwampKat on Oct. 20, 2003 4:31 am/pm

Well dang Skippy, looks like I'm in the minority. I voted for the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom. I don't do a lot of thrill rides, to me Splash Mountain is a thrill ride, but I love to people watch at the MK. Park me at the end of Splash Mountain with a big ole hot dog from the vendor just across the way and I'm happy as can be. I love Pirates and the Country Bears and I guees part of it might be because I'm usually in a wheelchair and I've never felt like I was a bother at those attractions. Went to the AK for the first time last March and it was love at first sight! I wish I could live under the bleachers at the Lion King Show. Yup, all it takes is the lights going down and the striking of the first note and I'm sniveling. I am a Disney geek and I do not care! :clap:
Posted by: Rachel Cordell on Oct. 29, 2003 1:59 am/pm

I voted for Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom because when we visited last November (the first time for our four year old daughter) - these were the parks that made the most impact on her.

You just can't beat the feeling of seeing Main Street when you first get there !


Posted by: SwampKat on Oct. 29, 2003 4:06 am/pm

I voted for Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom because when we visited last November (the first time for our four year old daughter) - these were the parks that made the most impact on her.

Only four and already a young lady of discriminating taste!


Posted by: XoBaByTiGGeRoX on Oct. 29, 2003 4:17 am/pm

:coolgrin: I voted for MGM and MK. MK becuse it the original thing and it gives you the most magical feeling out of all the parks. MGM because I live the rides and it has a very good theme. Also, it has great shows and parades!! :D
Posted by: LizardCop on Oct. 29, 2003 5:22 am/pm

Well, having just returned from 5 days at WDW, I stand by my original  :laugh: Epcot and Magic Kingdom were a blast!!!! :pirate:
Posted by: RichKoster on Oct. 29, 2003 5:24 am/pm

Welcome back, Bill!

I hope you're going to have more of a trip report than just that!

Posted by: JCricket on Nov. 03, 2003 9:16 am/pm

:)  :) I have to say that my overall favorite park is THE MK, because the first time that my family went it was the only park.  It is a park designed for kids, and I'm just a "mature" kid.  My second favorite is Epcot, not just because it was the second theme park, but had some good rides, and the countries are a blast to go through, especially if you try to eat your way through (even more difficult to do during the Food and Wine Festival)
Posted by: SouthernBoyBlue on Nov. 24, 2003 11:00 am/pm

I voted for EPCOT and MGM. I guess that EPCOT made the biggest impression on me because I was 12 years old when it opened and I was always amazed at the technology and the exhibitiond of World Showcase. As for MGM, Ihave always been a huge movie fan and when MGM opened it was like a dream come true to be able to go see a working studio!

Although when it comes to watching my kids enjoy the parks I would have to say that Magic Kingdom becomes my favorite!

Posted by: TikiDave on Dec. 11, 2003 5:19 am/pm

I went with the first choice :D ....MK and EPCOT were the first 2 parks, and The only 2 I was able to go as a child/ young adult :coolgrin:

But , I am actually a fan of all 4 :wow:  :o  :wow:


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