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Posted by: CarolKoster on Aug. 24, 2003 7:35 am/pm

Everyone has an opinion about education and how to go about making schools better.  But one thing we can all agree on is that schools, be they public or private or church-related, need community support.

With just the normal products you buy in grocery stores and consume you can help a participating school earn extra cash for school supplies, teacher support materials, extras such as school cameras, and all kinds of things that tuition, grants and the usual fund-raising activities wouldn't ordinarily cover.

Ask your school or your relatives or neighbors or friends or co-workers if the school in their life collects "scrip" from any of these source products.  "Scrip" is like that Fats Waller tune "Get Some Cash for Your Trash".  

Some products are regional, others national in scope.  

Ask around, find out if your school collects scrip and from what sources.  Then notice the products you buy.  If some of the products you buy have logos anywhere on the outside package about "education", snip the proof of that off as soon as you notice it if practical.  Of course be prudent you're not going to make any messes of spilled product or be in a mystery as to the contents of a can of food!  But attach a note to the particular package to remind you, snip the proof off if you can, _don't throw any proofs away and forget about the good that proof can do for a school!_  Collect a bunch of these proofs and periodically turn them in to a school that collects them.

Sometimes retailers offer a store credit card that will turn over a percentage of your purchase to your designated school, I think Target has something like that.  The day after Thanksgiving some Stein Mart and Target stores designate a percentage of all purchases that day to schools.  Some fast food places, such as pizza chains, will devote a percentage of profits on certain days of the month to specific schools.  And if you do a lot of online shopping if you log on to certain WWW sites and designate a school a percentage of your online purchases will be donated to the school you chose.  Sometimes retail stores such as Albertson's, Winn-Dixie, K-Mart and Sav-A-Center will  issue special cards with UPC codes on the back, swipe the cards at the cash register before your purchase and a percentage of your purchase will go to the school of your choice.  None of this costs you any extra, it comes out of the retailers' pockets based on how much you buy from them.  Every little bit you buy can help a school just by engaging in your normal daily purchasing and consuming habits.  But instead of throwing away wrappers and exterior containers into the garbage to end up in a landfill, or simply doing shopping, all this stuff can mean something significant when combined with others' purchasing when donated for a school.

Ask your child's school, or the school of someone you know or a local community school (public, private, church-related) what they collect and how you can help.  They can provide more specific information.  Some schools don't collect this stuff, and that's OK but don't give up.  Some school somewhere local to you likely will collect at least something like "scrip".

Some sites that have more information and what products qualify:  Has General Mills cereals, Green Giant vegetables, Go-Gurt yogurt, Pillsbury products, Progresso Soups, Betty Crocker baking mixes, Old El Paso products and dinners.  Campbells soups, Prego pasta sauces; Pepperidge Farm cookies, stuffing, Goldfish crackers, breads; Pace Picante sauce.

Tyson A+ Education  On certain Tyson chicken products (grocer's freezer) you'll see these proofs.  Proofs are not on all Tyson products.  Look up Tyson via Google and on their site will be directions to their education scrip initiative, and that will have more information.

Community Coffee  This is a regional coffee in South Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast.  UPCs are collected off Community Coffee products sold in stores and their own coffee houses.  Look inside specially marked coffee bricks at the start of each school year at the store for a $1 off coupon plus a Bonus UPC to donate to a school.  Snip the UPC off the package, too.  Shop at online retailers _through_ logging on this WWW site first and designating a school to benefit from your purchases.  The school will receive a percentage of your purchase at no extra cost to you.  One of these online shop-through-us sites includes Online Disney Catalog, I don't know if it's, though.

Now, I don't eat or buy all that much, some of the foods on these sites are not within my family's consumption or purchasing habit so I hear you "How can I buy/eat/shop for all this stuff?!?!?" and agree with you, too.  But one or two of the items are in our purchasing habit, Michael likes Go-Gurt for example, and we do get some Betty Crocker and Pillsbury and Pepperidge Farm and Community Club coffee items sometimes, so I just do what I can to snip these proofs and save them and turn them into the school to help Michael's school.  I'm not looking to ruin our health or pocketbook to deliberately buy stuff and consume it to turn over gobs and gobs of little snips to the school for fund-raising.  But what little I do buy I snip the proofs of purchase and turn those in, every little bit helps rather than it being tossed in the garbage where it helps no one.

If you log onto and designate a school there is a contest going on with drawing on October 15 to donate 100 "10,000 Bonus Boxtops" to a designated school, each of these prizes is worth $1,000 for a school.
Campbells soon will have a coupon page in the Sunday newspaper with incentive coupons and perhaps a rebate program where if you turn in X-number of labels and proofs to Campbells they'll send you Bonus Labels for Education for your school.  Boxtops for Education has their incentive coupons for their program in today's Sunday newspapers (Sunday, August 24, 2003).  Both of these, and the Community Club UPC specially marked packages, seem to be annual promotions for the public to get involved.  

Bigtime area where stuff gets accidently throw away that can help a school otherwise:  1) When you buy snacks at your office or workplace vending machine, check for proofs, such as from Campbells or Pepperidge Farm products (cookies, Goldfish snack crackers, individual serving soups) or other products on those site's lists.  And 2) When you buy snacks for a preschool/kindergarten snack time, check the packaging _and_ the individually wrapped packages of single-serving snacks.  For instance, if you purchase a package of Goldfish snack bags, not only does the bottom of the overall package have a proof to be turned in, but _each snack bag_ has one too!  Potential in that one package for _7_ proofs instead of just the one at the bottom of the package!  Teachers, parents and classroom aides get busy with providing the snacks and serving them in a tidy manner, they easily forget there's gold for the school in those Goldfish packages!  Other snack foods for preschools/kindergartens can also have these extra points on the individual wrappers or packaging, so look and send a note to the teacher/aides to be alert for these.

The ultimate in being obsessed is when Super Bowl comes to your city.  There is an accompanying festival with Super Bowl called the NFL Experience, a "theme park" of interactive stuff families can engage in about the sport of football, and lots of vendors show up for it.  Last time Super Bowl was in New Orleans Campbells Soups had a vendor's spot serving up free samples of their Chunky Soups.  They were opening cans and just pouring the contents in a pot and serving it out.  In the garbage were all these soup cans with labels, lots and lots of labels, potential for a gold mine for a school...  I thought about it but didn't act on it, but you get the idea....

And I checked:  YES you can shop at online stores through and and a percentage of your online purchase can go to your designated school.  One of the vendors is:  Online Disney Store!  Via Online Disney Store donates 2.5% of your purchase spending to a school and provides some free shipping, too (see site for specific details, restrictions, rules), and over on Online Disney Store will donate up to 3% of your purchase spending to a school you designate (again, see the site for specifics, etc.).

Like Fats Waller sings "Get some cash for your trash/Real bucks!/Get some cash for your trash/Don't throw it away, no honey" and help a school of your choice in your community.

Posted by: RichKoster on Aug. 24, 2003 9:45 am/pm

Yoo Hoo, Disney EchoEars!

Even though major, reputable corporations have signed up with, it sounds like the way they know you are visiting the sites they have clients with might be through spyware "cookies" being put on your computer.

I'm not accusing any company of doing this, just offering a warning to y'all to check this out further -- your mileage may vary.


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