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Posted by: CarolKoster on Aug. 21, 2003 1:49 am/pm

I used to read misc.parenting on Usenet, a message forum about parenting tips.  One of the lighter threads that would recur is when parents tell funny things their children say or do.  When I used to visit on rec.arts.disney.parks on Usenet more than I'm able to today, Rich or I would introduce this thread and a lot of very sweet, very cute and funny stories  would be the result.

Have your children ever said or done something sweet, funny, cute or memorable at a Disney theme park or in reference to a Disney character or piece of Disney entertainment of any kind?  

Keep it G-rated as much as possible.  If you want to disguise the child's/children's names that's fine.  Hoping for a fun thread!

Posted by: CarolKoster on Aug. 21, 2003 5:23 am/pm

We went to WDW when our son was about 23-months and 2 1/4 years old.  Some of what he did at that time that was towards "cute":

Our son would point to the monorail track structural supports that you see on the roads, such as between MK and Epcot or around the MK monorail loop.  "Zhis?" ("This?") he'd ask.  We'd answer "Monorail track."  "Zhis?"  "More monorail track."  And we'd drive along and he'd point and ask again and we'd reply "Monorail track."  You'd have to see the facial expression and hear the intonation.  What I think, even today, what Michael was really asking:  "If this structure that looks like this is, as you label it, a 'monorail track,' then is the same-looking structure over there as well as farther down the road also a 'monorail track'?"  To this day, privately, Rich and I will 'imitate' Michael and point to things and ask "This?  This?" and when we're at WDW he and I will point to monorails and monorail tracks and ask each other "This?"

Michael when he was a toddler really liked the idea of steps.  Our house doesn't have any.  He was 23-months old and I remember there wasn't a curb, anywhere, Michael didn't want to try out at WDW.  At the MK Main St. USA hub, for example, Michael would step off the curb, cross the street going towards Liberty Square, reach the other side, step up on the sidewalk, turn around, step off the curb, and go back to the Hub, step up on the sidewalk, turn around, step off the curb, cross the street towards Liberty Square, step up on the curb, yadda yadda yadda......Oy!  Michael would write a trip report to other toddlers if he could've "There are curbs here!  KEWL!  Man, you oughta try these!  You step down, cross the street--NO CARS!!!!, imagine!--step up again, turn around, step off this curb, cross the street.  And you can do this as much as you want to or 'til your parents' eyes glaze over, whichever comes first!  FUN!  Definitely worth the price of admission, and since admission costs $ZERO$ for our age, what a bargain for this much fun!  Don't miss out!"

We ate at The Land, revolving restaurant there, Michael around this same age range.  We ordered child's plate of chicken fingers.  Michael was picky, even then.  Taking a long long long time to eat.  Characters were starting to come by and greet us for the second time, eventually for the third time.  We told the waitress "He won't finish...."  She said, "Don't worry about it, I've got kids too, I know how they can be at that age, take your time, no problem."  Characters came back around _again_!  Nice of that waitress not to shoo us out.  I think we were there like 2 hours or more.....

It was time to leave and return home, morning of departure day, and Michael was age 2 1/4 years old.  He looked me straight in the eye and said absolutely clearly  "Disney's.....Magic.....Kingdom".  Now a few months off into the future we were to have Michael's speech tested and he was discovered to be very much behind age-appropriate for articulation, and we put him in speech therapy.  But in hindsight those three words count among the 100 or so understandable words we could list about Michael.  At the time of the trip we didn't know any of this speech therapy business was about to transpire.  It was just so cute what he said, and it was crystal clearly said too, looking me straight in the eye.  When I was 3 1/2 or so my parents drove us out to Disneyland in California, in the '50's.  It was departure day.  I do remember, and my late parents remember, my saying to them "I sure had fun (at Disneyland).  I wish I could have fun again. [I guess in a tone of voice like it was never gonna happen again.]"  Whereupon they booked another night of room, bought more tickets and we went back for another day at the park!  So when Michael said what he did, he reminded me of me so long ago, like deja vu all over again in the gene pool.  So we arranged to stay an extra day, an extra overnight, and we went back into MK, and did have a great time.  Cute things they say, however, can run you into unexpected costs, so budget a contingency accordingly.  :wink2:

More recently and older in age:  Even at 7 1/2 years old, Michael gets confused with the vastness of the WDW property.  Michael equates being at WDW with being at the Magic Kingdom.  Everything else is "outside of WDW":  Other Disney theme parks, the resorts, water parks, shopping.

Posted by: WhatsaPooh on Aug. 21, 2003 5:45 am/pm

Ty's first trip was Dec. 2001, he was 4 turning 5 later that month.  He was so amazed with the size of the Christmas trees throughout WDW.  I just didnt' realize how impressed he was til one night after we were back home.

I was tucking him in for the night, doing our usual prayers and goodnight ritual.  

Me:  'night buddy, Mommy loves you so much
Ty:   I love you too Mommy
Me:  How much do you love me?  (the response up til now had always been :::::thiiiiiis biiiig::::: as he stretched his arms wide) But this time and forever more it's....

Ty:  As big as the Christmas trees in Disney World!!!! (said in his biggest little man voice)

I couldn't help but laugh.  It's become the standard answer around here when asked how big something is.  Pretty impressive to be compared to those huge Christmas trees.

Posted by: WebTink on Aug. 21, 2003 7:31 am/pm

6 years ago my DD told me that Disney characters' kisses last forever--that was pretty cute.

And this year my 4 year old, when asked "what's at Disney World?" replied "food and people!"  

I think the cutest thing that happened with him at WDW this year was his attachment to Pal Mickey and how he start telling us the jokes later, even when Pal Mickey was no where around.

Posted by: BriansPyxie on Aug. 23, 2003 2:10 am/pm

About two weeks ago our 2 1/2 year old daughter said her very first complete sentence in spanish. (Por favor mentangan se alajado de las puertas)  I started laughing so hard that my husband was looking at both of us like we were insane.  When I finally recovered, I explained to him that she was telling us......"Please stand clear of the doors." in spanish.  The things kids pick up!
Posted by: dizneluver9 on Aug. 24, 2003 11:28 am/pm

I live very close to WDW and work on property...i moved up right after taking my oldest nephew ( turning three a week after our trip) to WDW for the first time(Spring 2000)....for the longest time when you asked him where Aunt Kelly lived he would say "at Disney World" :D

Also there are some adults who think that WDW is only the MK ...Go figure : :rock:


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