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Posted by: rocklandrvers on Oct. 09, 2003 6:29 am/pm

I saw on the Travel Channel that there is a trail that leads to Wilderness Lodge.  Where does it start?

When we went in May, we did some limited exploring in the golf cart and found a road that was closed except to busses at the group camping area at the western edge of the campground. Is that it?

Has anyone ever taken the trail to Wilderness Lodge?  Is it OK for bikes?  Golf Carts?   How far is it?


Posted by: mickeysdad on Oct. 09, 2003 10:53 am/pm

There's a paved trail across from the bus stop at the Settlement bus depot, which is over by the petting zoo.  Bikes are OK, but no golf carts allowed.  There is also one which skirts along the lake - dirt and sand, ok to walk but a rough ride on a bike.  I stick to the paved path.  It will come out at the main entrance to WL. :coonskin:
Posted by: rocklandrvers on Oct. 09, 2003 5:06 am/pm

:angry: NO GOLF CARTS!  I guess the Travel Channel had special permission. In the segment I saw, the host, Samantha Brown, talks about walking the long path and then hops on a golf cart because she was tired.  That sure stinks.

I have my own GC.  Got it on e-bay!  Fixed it up and now ready for the campgrounds...Fort Wilderness will be the first one!

Posted by: mickeysdad on Oct. 10, 2003 8:11 am/pm

I'm sure it was a case of special permission.  Last November when I was there there was  a sign that said no golf carts, and there are those famous posts FW seems to like to put up to block golf carts from certain areas.   :coonskin:
Posted by: Jeff Spencer on Oct. 13, 2003 11:06 am/pm

Referring to the Fort Wilderness map at:

< >

The trail is marked as the "Exercise Trail" and it begins south of landmark 2, which is the Petting Farm.

As others have said, no carts.  Walking, rollerblading, bikes are permitted.


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