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Posted by: sorcererkev on July 22, 2003 11:14 am/pm

Howdy ho,

Just wondering if I can get some feedback from a few people on Tiffany towncars.  The Mrs. and I want to go with them this year--we've always used Mears in the past but we want to try something new this year.  We seem to always be the last ones off the shuttle when we use Mears and we also want to hit the grocery store since we're staying about 10 days this year.  

Good service?  Bad service?  Better than Mears?  Worth the $$?  

What is the preferred shuttle service of most EchoEars?

Also, a concern of the Mrs.:  we had a bad experience a few years back with missing a flight because of a shuttle service.  Are they timely in when they pick you up to go to the airport.  Do they suggest the pickup time or can you make it?  

Thanks VERY much in advance,
sorcerer kev
(38 days till WDW!!!!!!;)

Posted by: Mickey'sPal on July 22, 2003 12:35 am/pm

We have used Tiffany Towncar for the past 2 years and think they are the best!!

When you arrive at the airport they will be waiting for you at the bottom of the escalators to help you pick up your luggage. The cars are extremely nice and well kept. The drivers we have had in the past are so very nice and knowledgeable of the area. They have always pointed out area attractions. Ours even gave stickers to my ds and park maps to all 4 parks with up to date schedules for the week. We haven't used the grocery stop, but he made sure that we didn't need it.

As for pickup, they have never been late. Usually they are waiting on you.  It's a great service and for us, a family of 4, very much worth the money. You get to travel in style and privacy!!

Oh and if you have a Passporter Guide-and you really should-there is a coupon in the back for $8 off of a roundtrip fare.

They prefer to pick you up 2 hours prior to your flight time.

Hope I've helped, have fun on your trip!!!

Posted by: Liv2CdWorld on July 22, 2003 12:40 am/pm

We've used them the last 2 trips as well.

I would have to agree that they are great.  MUCH better than Mears - just for the fact that you have help with your luggage, and the car is all yours.

During our last trip we used the grocery stop.  Worked out well for us.  However, the driver was late picking us up, but we had plenty of time to make our flight.

If you don't have a PassPorter, you can download a $5 off coupon from thier website < >

Posted by: RichKoster on July 22, 2003 6:35 am/pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
It's a great service and for us, a family of 4, very much worth the money.

Yes, I think the break-even part where you get more value/less cost between Mears and Tiffany Town Car is when you have four people, since Mears charges per person and Tiffany charges per the carload.

I agree that Tiffany is great! We used them on one of our flying trips. They even took us to Mass at Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine on Sunday morning, although I've since heard that the shrine will provide free transportation to Mass for Guests staying at WDW if you call the shrine and request that.

Posted by: tinofan on July 24, 2003 8:32 am/pm

We've used Tiffany twice and loved them both times.  They were right there at the luggage pick-up and at the hotel on time to bring us home.  
The first time we used them we had an out-of-the-ordinary request and they didn't flinch...
we had paid for the round trip, but ended up not needing the ride back to the airport.  It was the week of 9/11 and we ended up having to rent a van and drive back to CT.  We called them and asked if instead of bringing us to the airport on Sat, if they could they bring us to Walmart on Thursday so we could stock up on things for the trip home.  They came right out and got us.  Waited while we shopped (took over an hour in the store) and brought us back at no additional cost.  
I'll never forget how wonderful they were to us.
Even though it will cost you a little more than Mears for only two of you, I think you will find the relaxation well worth it!

Have fun!!

Posted by: sorcererkev on July 25, 2003 10:57 am/pm


Thanks to all for the advice/replies---will be calling them this afternoon!

Thanks again,
sorcerer kev
(35 days)


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