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Posted by: RichKoster on Dec. 03, 2003 9:34 am/pm

Worm Hits Sites Operated by Disney, Anti-Spam Groups

Worm has taken sinister turn with a grudge against Disney

Quick quote:
Internet sites operated by Walt Disney Co. and anti-spam organizations including the Spamhaus Project are being targeted by a new strain of the MiMail computer worm, security-software makers said Tuesday.

The program, called MiMail.MM and discovered Monday, tells recipients to open a file and then tries to send a flood of e-mail to sites including, Network Associates said on its Web sites.

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'PayPal' virus spread tailing off

Mimail.J, which combines a scam, spam and virus propagation, is rated a low risk but could allow attackers to steal a victim's identity

Quick quote:
A virus that poses as an email from online payment provider PayPal and tries to trick people into sending out credit card and social security numbers is slowing its spread, an anti-virus expert said on Thursday.

The Mimail.J virus, which showed up on Monday, is rated a low risk but is significant because exposed information could be used to steal money from accounts or the victim's identity, said Craig Schmugar, a virus research engineer at Network Associates.

There could be another variant of the virus, given that 10 have already been circulated since the original version first surfaced in August, he said.

The virus email tells recipients that their accounts are about to expire unless they provide the information in a form included in an attachment. Once the information is sent, the victim receives a confirmation message that also looks like it comes from PayPal.

What made the virus notable was the fact that it combined a scam, spam and virus propagation, which is the ability to send itself to email addresses harvested from a victim's computer, he said.
Companies that have been spoofed include, PayPal parent company eBay and Citibank, he said.

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Posted by: Tigger58 on Dec. 03, 2003 11:45 am/pm

you know what?
Its not only Pay Pal
its also Yahoo

Ive  gotten both emails
that say theres a problem with my
billing info and has a page where
they  want you to fill in your info
including your bank card and pin number
HOW STUPID is that?????????

No  legit company will ever ask you to
fill in all of this info and ask for a pin number
OR a password  etc....
You always have to go to your account and
log in  to  edit anything.....

I sent YAHOO   the  email  I was sent
but they  never replied........

Dont  fill out  ANYTHING  unless you email
the  company  from their legit  site
and then,  you  log into your account
on their site to do so.......

Posted by: RichKoster on Dec. 04, 2003 2:00 am/pm

And I assume since the report says it is attacking Disney's websites that also would include the free email on

So whether you get a message like this on,, or wherever, do not reply to it.

Posted by: kecall on Dec. 05, 2003 5:46 am/pm

This post caught my attention because just 2 days ago I received the PayPal scam.  I caught myself before I filled out the information it requested!  :Oo:   There are lots of gullible people out there like me that trust too much!  Good thing I remember reading a thread similar to this one that warned me about these scams!!

karen :)


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