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Posted by: Goofyteer on Nov. 08, 2003 12:58 am/pm

This is kind of cute! Thought I'd share it just for the heck of it.

I was relaxing watching tv (hey! I actually got a chance to relax the other night with the tv for once! :laugh:  ) and on the Travel Channel they had an hour-long special called "Tokyo Revealed". It was about was modern life was like off in Tokyo.

Tokyo has the latest cel phones because they not only tend to build them all but they are far more dependant on them for everyday life over there. And the show was demonstrating favorite phones people were using.

One enthusiastic teenage girl was showing her favorite which was a camera phone, and I thought it was cute how she was getting to demonstrate it. The nararrator was explaining what she was doing saying, "The most popular new feature in Tokyo cell phones is the built-in camera, a technology which has only just recently begun to be imported here to the west. With it you can take a picture and email it off right away." And the girl with the phone just happened to be at Tokyo Disneyland! Smiling, she enthusiastically handed her cel phone to a cast member there as the show nararrator said, "Don't just call your friends and merely tell them you're at Disneyland. Send them a picture!"

And the last thing we see is the picture itself on her phone of her lovingly hugging Goofy.


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