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Topic: Mon. 4/21/03: Mickey Waffles and Astronauts, Pt. 5 of Koster Trip Report< Next Oldest | Next Newest >

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Posted: May 04, 2003 9:08 am/pm Quote

Monday, 4/21/03: Mickey Waffles and Astronauts

Monday morning we had breakfast in the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory at Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. We liked how the last renovation to this food court brightened up the place compared to how it was on our last visit. The first table we sat at, however, had uneven-height legs and my coffee spilled when the table was bumped - - so we cleaned up the mess and switched to a better table next to it. The lines for food here are much longer than Captain Cook's at the Poly and the scrambled eggs had been sitting out too long so were overdone and didn't taste as good as they should have. Michael's Mickey waffle and my blueberry Mickey waffle tasted great and so did the bacon. We split one bottle of orange juice between the three of us after getting courtesy cups from the cashier and we had plenty. Carol and I had coffee in the regular coffee cups, which are refillable as long as you don't leave the food court. In other words, they are not refillable like the souvenEAR plastic mugs which can be used at any time during your visit. Since we were only staying 2 nights at Port Orleans and 2 nights at the Polynesian we didn't think getting the souvenEAR mugs would be a good value on this trip and passed on buying them, even though our old mugs from previous trips have the graphics worn off of them and need replacing. Maybe next trip! Carol pointed out the oversized doubloon from one of the Mandeville, Louisiana Mardi Gras krewes and we were reminded of home again.

Even though Carol and I love the look of the wooden-seat toilets in the food court's restrooms, Michael opted to use the bathroom in our room rather than sitting on a wood seat. Go figure! So after breakfast we stopped by our room before getting in our Minnie-van and heading over to Cape Canaveral to spend a interesting day touring the Kennedy Space Center.

Here's a tip I wish I had followed: before leaving for Cape Canaveral make sure your gas tank is filled! Ours was quite low and we just barely made it to one of the two gas stations at Cape Canaveral that you see right before getting to the Kennedy Space Center.

Boy, has that place changed (and vastly for the better) since I was last there as a kid! The presentations were very Disney-like, even better than the visitor center at Space Center Houston which Disney Imagineers helped design.

Michael found an "astronaut" posing for pictures before we took our bus out to the launch sites.

We had a great bus driver/guide at KSC who brought us over to the observation tower and kept us enthralled with his great delivery and presentation of the facts about the place.

Michael posed as if he was on Mars. Space exploration is serious stuff!

We'll be back to the KSC next year, maybe for summer camp there when Michael is old enough for their 8-year-old minimum. This summer it will be a week of space camp at Space Center Houston for Michael, but that's another story for another time.

When we returned to POFQ, Carol packed some of our bags for the next morning's check-out while Michael and I checked out the serpent tongue slide in the pool. Last trip Michael needed me to go down the slide with him ( and I got stuck and had to push myself along! ). This time, particularly after his bravery shown in going down the Polynesian's volcano pool all by himself, he was confident enough to only have me wait at the tip of the serpent's tongue to make sure he'd be okay at splashdown. He did fine! So good, in fact, that I had my first heartache as a parent (many more to come, I'm sure) when after a few times going down the slide with me helping to make sure everything was all right, he told me "I don't need you any more, Daddy." I knew he meant that he was tall enough and swam well enough to be safe at the end of the slide, but my heart was struck by this and my mind put it away as a touch-point in Michael's journey along life.

But we had great bonding time as we checked out the complete pool, floating around together. Near one of the footbridges we noticed that an alligator statue no longer has a water-squirting clarinet in his fingers. His hands look kind of strange without the musical instrument in his outstretched hands now. We both enjoyed the hot tub for a few minutes. It was the first hot tub Michael had ever been in, and the water was pleasingly hot. It has different levels of seating-steps in it, so no matter how tall you are (child-sized to adult) you can find a comfortable place to perch for a while under the soothing bubbles. We enjoyed our leisurely walk along the Sassagoula River back to our room, although Michael called the flowery aroma from Port Orleans' landscaping "stinky."

As we drifted off to sleep, we watched more of the in-house WDW Resort channels, knowing that this would be our last night to enjoy them on this trip.

On to Part Six!

Or back to Part Four...

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator
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