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Posted by: Rachel Cordell on Oct. 29, 2003 11:15 am/pm

I have decided to have a tattoo when I visit Orlando again in January.  I have obviously taken a lot of time to think about what I would like because it will be there forever (on my lower back)

I finally decided to pay tribute to Disney and Mickey Mouse and have decided to have a small wand with lots of pixie dust and one or two hidden mickey silhouette's hidden into the design.  I am also going to incorporate the words "When you wish upon a star" because I think this sums up the magic of disney.

Some of you may think I am completely bonkers but there is some logic to having a tattoo relating to disney.  My husband and I got married on 5th December 1996, not only Walt Disney's birthday but also 25th Anniversary of Walt Disney World.

I would love to know what you think about this crazy idea and if anyone knows where I can get some pixie dust clipart that would be great.

Look forward to your replies !

Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Oct. 29, 2003 1:37 am/pm

Sounds cool. Just make sure you realy want the words. I love the hidden Mickey Idea. :mickey:
Posted by: RichKoster on Oct. 29, 2003 3:54 am/pm

Please don't take this personally, but you asked for opinions: I don't care for tattoos of any kind, anywhere.
Posted by: XoBaByTiGGeRoX on Oct. 29, 2003 4:23 am/pm

:nod: That sounds like a really good idea. Just make sure the tatoo artist doesn't mess it up. It would probably hurt worse getting it off then on.
Posted by: Sweetums on Oct. 30, 2003 9:45 am/pm

December 5th is Walt's birthday, but the anniversary of WDW is actually in October.  It opened on October 1st, 1971. :space:

Also--just my opinion--maybe I am a fuddy duddy, but, like Rich said, I am not a fan of any type of tattoo. Of course, it is a personal decision that I think is best left up to you and your husband.   :)

Posted by: Rachel Cordell on Oct. 30, 2003 2:51 am/pm


Thanks for your comments.  Just wanted to say that I know that the official anniversary of WDW opening is 1st October 1971 but I meant that we were married during the anniversary celebrations not the actual anniversary of the opening.

It was amazing to be there when the castle was decorated as a birthday cake !


Posted by: Sweetums on Oct. 31, 2003 9:55 am/pm

D'oh!!  :Oo:  Sorry, Rachel--I shoulda realized that! :blush2:

Yes, it was quite a sight!  Lots of fun to be around during that time.   :)

Posted by: Kate on Nov. 05, 2003 2:49 am/pm

I love the idea, but like LilMarcieMouse, I would make sure you really, really want the words.

The wand, however, sounds awesome!


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