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Posted by: Goofyteer on Oct. 28, 2003 1:46 am/pm

Last week around three or four days ago while searching around on Yahoo! for Disney picture scans of Goofy and out-of-this-country Goofy posters for sale, a virus managed to get on to my computer despite my virus protector being up to date. I told my checker to get rid of it and fix the problem, but even after it insisted the problem was gone the virus reactivated itself every time my computer was shut off.

After getting information on it and finally fixing it I felt that since it happened while I was doing Disney related activity on the internet I should probably write this message to let other Disney fans know about it and how to fix it in case they are affected by it themselves. I have no idea how it occurred especially since it had happened during a search for Disney posters and such a web search has never led to this happening to me before.

Not knowing what to do to get rid of it I finally contacted a local computer repair store to ask for advice. They explained that it was a "hijacker" virus referred to as a "Trojan horse" (named after the story of the warriors who hid themselves inside a gift horse) that has been lurking around on Yahoo!, Google, and Altavista in random areas and has the ability to sidestep virus protectors, called "CoolWebSearch". He explained that there are several versions of this program out there, and all do several different things all depending on who created it to target whom. Some are tame enough but still a nuisance, but others out there are far worse and even affiliated with, well let's use the term "objectionable content" webpages, and those will cause the worst damage. This also explains why the program fix on the link I provided says the program appears to be "connected with certain objectionable content websites" but even the people investigating it do not know its full extent or origins for sure.

However since I certainly do not attempt to search for, let alone access, "objectionable content" webpages as I am a Christian, mine was a far less severe version of this Hijacker virus than out there. Apparently there are different versions on it depending on various personal tastes in searching. What mine did was to change my startup page to some search engine or other trying to sell me electronics goods or something or other, slow down my IE to an awful degree, and attempt to redirect me to the same sales search engine every time anything I typed as an internet address was misspelled. According to the details of the virus, my computer was being slowed down while on IE because the virus could allow others (advertisers I guess?) to access my personal files! The repair store gave me a link to where I could download a program specifically designed to get rid of this thing.

So after downloading it and a LOT of prayer I'm happy to say it's off my computer. In the end it turned out to be a nuisance more than anything else. But it was frightening for me personally since it was the first virus I had ever attempt to affect me and I was going "What happened, what did I do wrong to get it??"

I don't recall exactly where online I encountered the virus except that it was on a German page with pictures of Goofy posters and stamps and I had been trying to figure out if there was something to click on to automatically translate it into english so I can read it. And I'm not about to go searching for it again to find out as there's no way I want to go through that again, but I do want to pass on the link to how to fix it and information about it in case anyone runs into it themselves. I don't want anyone here on the Echo to go through the same headache I ran into. The link is < here. > According to the list the one mine was infected by was variant number 2. However, mine did not lead mine to the "coolwebsearch" page listed in this detailing as far as I can tell, as I had said mine kept going to some search engine or other so that part's got me confused. Looking at what some of the other variants can do is shocking to say the least and I'm extremely grateful that the version I had to fend off didn't do any of that!

The bottom of the page I provided has a link to a program that will get rid of this nuisance in case you run into it. Here's hoping my message will help give a hand to someone out there in need in case it happens to them.

Posted by: Tigger58 on Oct. 28, 2003 3:04 am/pm

I have Norton System Works  and Norton Internet Security 2004   and  that  doesnt let anything coming thru the internet effect my PC.... It will pop up and tell you if its dangerous or not!  .... It also scans  every  incoming and outgoing email  of mine....  

Its best to have good internet security running at all times.....


Posted by: Goofyteer on Oct. 28, 2003 4:47 am/pm

I have Norton AntiVirus. Is yours like a more advanced version or more "full" program? If so I'd like to know where you got it so I can add it to mine. :)
Posted by: Tigger58 on Oct. 28, 2003 8:39 am/pm

Norton Internet Security  2004

( Just  did the upgrade for $39.95 cuz I already had
it installed)......

< >

Norton System Works 2004

< >


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