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Posted by: Mickey'sPal on July 15, 2003 3:37 am/pm

Hi everyone!  I will be buying a new camera for our trip in Nov. I really would like to join the new tech era and buy a digital camera but I'm scared to. I know that they require memory and that you buy the little memory stick thingys and that's the extent of my knowledge. Sooo many much memory should I need?  I take 10-12 rolls of film on a 7 day trip, this will be a 10 day trip.  How the heck do I get them from the memory to my computer?  Can I print them out to for photo albums? What is the camera dock I see being sold for? What about video cameras? Can they take still pictures also?  :crazy: It's enough to make me wish we still had chisels and stone tablets!!!  


Posted by: Tigger58 on July 15, 2003 4:54 am/pm

Hi Mickeys Pal......

email me  and I will tell you which one I have
and what program I use to transfer my pictures
etc etc  and any other questions you may have
about it!   :D
Its better  in email  because It will be a long one!


Posted by: WebTink on July 15, 2003 5:41 am/pm

My husband bought me an HP photosmart camera with the HP photosmart printer this past Christmas and I couldn't be happier.  The camera came with software for transferring the files to the computer via USB cable.  It's slicker than the proverbial snot, I must say! Puts the pictures in a directory in My Pictures that is dated by the month the pictures were taken.  You can then edit the photos with HP's own editing software that comes with the camera. (Or use whatever photo editing software you enjoy.) You can also print from HP's software, send pictures via email from it, or post to a web site from it.

You can also print directly from the camera to this particular printer using a USB cable.  You just pick the pictures onscreen on the camera, tell the printer what size paper, and kablam!  You have pictures!  If you use 4 x 6 photo paper you get nice borderless prints.  If you use 8.5 x 11, it puts as many as it can on each page, but then you have to cut the pics.

Now, this HP camera does have a place for the SD card, but using the lowest resolution setting it holds WITHOUT a memory card, 196 pictures!  That's an awful lot of stinkin' film, isn't it?  So, you don't HAVE to buy any memory if you don't want to.  But, the higher up you go on the resolution scale, the less pictures you can hold on the internal camera memory--dramatically less.  With the best setting, it only holds 15 or 16 pix.  Not so good for a Disney vacation. But I have to say the lower setting 1) prints out just fine in the 4 x 6 size and 2) is all you need for posting pictures online.  If you want to do 8 x 10-sized photos (or larger), then you would need to use the higher resolution setting and therefore would need SD cards to store more photos.  The HP camera I have only supports cards up to 128 MB in size.  Newer cameras or different brands may support the larger capacity cards.

I haven't used an SD card yet with my camera but what I'm guessing will happen if I do is all those pictures on it will be uploaded when I do the transfer from the camera to the computer via USB cable/the HP utility software.  You can have multiple cards going on, but I would make sure you label them and get them cleared off ASAP, so you can reuse them.

Oh, I almost forgot, this camera even does 30 seconds of video with audio!  Too cute!

BTW, I've also owned the Sony Mavica that takes the floppy disks--that was cool and worked just fine.  Floppies are cheap, but only hold 1.44 MB of data a piece.  Okay for lower res pictures.  I also owned a Fuji.  I liked it a lot, too.  I would definitely say, make sure you get the kind of digital camera where you can see the pictures after you take them.  Then you can delete any with closed eyes, funky smiles, people looking the wrong way.  But don't necessarily delete them if they are too dark looking.  You can edit photos for brightness and sometimes find quite a nice picture when you do.

I just love digital photography.  I'm no pro, but I love the flexibility.  I can crop the photos to my heart's content--and that's great, because I don't necessarily want that lady in the background wearing the orange shorts in my pictures, you know what I mean?!  Anyway, happy shopping!

Posted by: Mickey'sPal on July 15, 2003 6:11 am/pm

Thanks Tigger58-You've got mail!!

WebTink-what you have sounds easy enough for me-any idea where Santa may have gotten it from ?  Also if you use the little video/audio does it take up lots more memory than a picture. One more question (thanks for your help in advance! ), if you use the lower quality does the printed pictures look ok?

Posted by: WebTink on July 15, 2003 6:44 am/pm

Yes, the video takes a hit on the storage, but I can't recall right off the bat what that would be, size-wise.  Would have to run a test.  Camera is already packed for our trip, but if I think about it when I head upstairs (I'm soooo lazy! ), I will test it out for you.

I find the 4 x 6 pictures look great printed out from the lower res.  Wish I could show you one!  The picture in my Profile was taken using the HP camera at lowest res, cropped to rid the picture of unsightly rolls of course (well, most of them).  But, you can't really tell how it would print.

You have to keep in mind that the PRINTER and the PAPER are big factors in the quality of prints you get from digital photography, too.  I have two HP printers and the newer Photosmart one is by far superior when it comes to printing out pictures.

I would be more than happy to run some test prints for you and mail them to you if you like.  Could do pictures at all three settings and let you decide!  (Feel free to email me privately).

I have seen these cameras at Office Max, but not sure where he got it.  Maybe Costco, he loves that store so much, and it did seem like it was packaged together with the printer--you know how they do there at Costco.

We had debated getting the kind of printer that accepts various forms of media cards because we had the other Fuji camera which took smart media and he has a Sony from work which also takes SD, but this has worked just fine with USB only.  I ended up giving my dad the Fuji.

Posted by: Tigger58 on July 16, 2003 6:09 am/pm

I  will respond  asap!


Posted by: Jimham4 on July 16, 2003 4:44 am/pm

took my Dad's digital camera on our last trip to WDW in May and was so happy with it I just went out and bought my own. This from a 35mm guy that is a techie, but I swore up & down I would never buy digital because of the quality.  Buy the right camera and you can't tell the difference anymore.

Check out a page on Deb's WDW site about digital cameras for everything you need to know.

< Digital Camera Tips >

For the record, I took a Canon Digital Elph to WDW and I bought a SonyCybershot DSC-p72.  Both are pocket sized and take great pics up to an 8x10.  I bought the Sony because I already had memory sticks from my Sony camcorder.  If you are starting fresh all the memory works about the same, just check the costs.

E-mail me and I can answer more questions or send you a link to a bunch of WDW photos I have stored online.

Good Luck.

Posted by: WebTink on July 16, 2003 5:02 am/pm

It's the Sony Cybershot my DH has, and that's right, they take that proprietary Sony memory stick, not SD as I said earlier.  If you have the right TV (Sony, of course), you can put the stick right in the TV and look at your pictures!  Fun stuff!
Posted by: Mickey'sPal on July 16, 2003 5:28 am/pm

Is this not just the most friendly and helpful Disney Board ever?  LOL

Thanks sooo much everyone!! :bigsmile:

Posted by: RichKoster on July 16, 2003 6:46 am/pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
Is this not just the most friendly and helpful Disney Board ever?  LOL

Thanks sooo much everyone!! :bigsmile:


No thanks needed, it's our pleasure. Tell your friends!

Posted by: Mickey'sPal on July 20, 2003 10:25 am/pm

Ok, thanks to the advice and encouragement of all of you wonderful and helpful folks, I am now a digital camera owner  :clapping: .

Since I have a fairly nice printer (Lexmark x5150) I didn't think it would be necessary to go with the bundle of camera and printer. I also didn't want to spend out big $$ on something I'm just learning about.

I ended up getting a Kodak EasyShare cx4230.  It was fairly inexpensive and seems fairly easy to use the menus. It has 16mb internal memory, uses the SD postage size memory cards, and has digital and optical zoom. The software that came with it is super easy and I like the editing stuff you can do with it. My worst fear was that the pictures wouldn't look very good when printed. I've printed out a couple of 4x6 and 1 8x10, all taken at the lowest quality, and printed on the lowest grade of photo paper. They look great and I imagine they would be even better with a better grade of paper. I was just so impressed with it. I guess I'll have to start experimenting with it more so I can be a "pro" before my trip in Nov.

Thanks you guys are the best.... :bowdown:

Posted by: WebTink on July 20, 2003 12:04 am/pm

Congratulations on your new "baby!"   :clapping:

I know you will get oodles of hours of fun and great pictures from it!  I hope you will find a web site (like Webshots or one of the other photo storage locations) to upload some of your Disney shots for us to see!  (November's not THAT far away! )

Posted by: WebTink on July 23, 2003 3:05 am/pm

< Top Ten Digital Photography Tips >

I am enjoying this guy's tips for taking better pictures with my camera.  

< Kodak > also has some good general photography tips, including some for digital.

Posted by: WebTink on July 23, 2003 4:03 am/pm

Hey, just thought you'd like to know:  I just bought a 128 MB SD card for my HP Photosmart Camera and, using the lowest res setting, I can get 1700+ pictures on the card!  WOW!  With the best setting it's 100.
Posted by: Mickey'sPal on July 23, 2003 4:32 am/pm

WOW!! That is a lot of pictrues!! Thanks for the links, that guys water pictures are really cool!
Posted by: WebTink on July 24, 2003 1:37 am/pm

I have been outside fiddling around with my digital camera's settings, and let me tell you, you can get some amazing pictures if you get out of the "auto" mode. Using the flash in bright sun really improves the foreground quality.  I changed the white balance to cloudy, even though it was sunny, as suggested in one tip, and I think the pictures I took were so bright and beautiful.  They are too huge to post as I used the best setting.  They are about 9 MB files.  I'm too lazy to reduce these test shots and put 'em up for you, sorry!

I'm determined to do better, picture-wise, than what I am finding online for Disney vacation photos.  Seems like everyone's photos are too dark!  They take the Disney picture, put them on their vacation web sites, but don't edit them first.  Don't people know you can adjust the brightness using PhotoDeluxe or some other editing software?  Their photos would look so much better, even if they were a little washed out, than they do being all shadow.  I think so many people don't know that they should use the flash outside and that's why they get the deep shadows.

I'm taking single use cameras, too, for the less expensive photo processing for scrapbooking.  I will try to remember to set the flash on those, too, when I'm outside.

:idea: Use the flash!

Posted by: RichKoster on July 24, 2003 5:15 am/pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
I'm determined to do better, picture-wise, than what I am finding online for Disney vacation photos.  Seems like everyone's photos are too dark!  They take the Disney picture, put them on their vacation web sites, but don't edit them first.  Don't people know you can adjust the brightness using PhotoDeluxe or some other editing software?

That's what I do! The pictures you've seen here on the Disney Echo from my trip reports were color-corrected and brightness-corrected by me before I posted them. I also crop out unnecessary things along the edges of the picture, and also reduce it so it isn't too big for the web.

I agree, more of that should be done! :nod:

Posted by: WebTink on July 24, 2003 7:45 am/pm

You do a great job with your photos, Rich.  I appreciate a good crop!  No big orange butts in the background, I always say!

Did I understand correctly from previous posts that you use a digital camcorder and just extrapolate stills from your video?  Or do you also use a regular digital camera?

Posted by: RichKoster on July 24, 2003 8:08 am/pm

We went for so long just borrowing a camcorder from a friend and not having our own, that when we finally could afford one I got a Sony digicam that also doubles as a digital still camera. And yes, a great feature it has is to take stills from the digital movies and save them as stills, either on the fly as you play the tape back or when the tape is in pause for more control.

In my Easter WDW trip report at the Polynesian, all of the Easter Egg Hunt photos are actually stills from the video!

I even used the camcorder to digitize the short clip of "Old Betsy" in the DAK giraffe thread before turning it into an mp3 file.

Posted by: WebTink on July 24, 2003 8:47 am/pm

Cool!  I love technology!

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