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Posted by: tcfdick on July 03, 2003 3:47 am/pm

Has anyone else heard this?  I got it from Ultimate Disney List.
What do you think?

"from intercot poster:

Yesterday (Tuesday, 7/1/03), a sinkhole apparently opened up near the Frontierland crossing for the Walt Disney World Railroad. It opened up directly underneath the train tracks, and exposed the AVACS system for the Magic Kingdom (for those of you that don't know, AVACS is our trash "vacuum" that sends the garbage outside of the berm right behind Splash into a huge collection container, where it is compacted and disposed of from there). ANYWAYS...the hole opened up to about four feet across, which caused us to have to back the trains up from ToonTown and Main Street out to the roundhouse, and then get the train from Frontierland off as well. That was at about 4:30-5:00 yesterday afternoon, so we had no trains all evening. Needless to say, we had some VERY upset guests.

This morning (Wednesday, 7/2), I went in, and went to see what the sinkhole looked like. When I got to the area, there was about 50 people standing around looking and talking, and about 15 service trucks in the area. There were two guys down in the hole itself, and it was apparent that it had opened up even more. It was now about six feet across, and about fiev-six feet deep. They had boards up on all four sides to keep more soil from collapsing into the hole. The trains were still down until about 1pm or so today.

BUT - it's back up and running. I have no idea what they filled the hole with; I didn't make a trip back over to take a look. But like I said, they're back up and running, or at least they were when I left today."


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