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Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Sep. 05, 2003 12:25 am/pm

There’s a First Time for Everything

Adventures: LilMarcieMouse (Me)
† † † † † † † † † † Sue (My DSIS)

Date: 8/20/30 to 8/31/03

Celebrations: Sue’s Birthday

Day 1 - †8/20/03

First #1 Leaving the Night before

I woke up about 6:30 am by 7:30 I had logged on to say good bye to all of you. Sue worked till Noon. I had the day off. In the morning Mom and I brought some dry cat food to Sue at her work; she had forgotten it for their cat Greeseball. My brother Dennis came over and rode drove us to the Airport. We arrived around 2:30pm. He let us off at the door and we said goodbye to him and Mom. There was no line to check in so it was very quick. We stopped at the Food Court to have launch. †We had Long John Slivers chicken. $7.00 and change. At about 3pm we headed to the gate and got through with no problems. I help pass time I bought 2 Invisible Ink books. One was a Mickey Mouse one that you colored. I did that in about 20 min. I did 2 pages in the 2nd one called Arm Chair Detective. Then I started my diary.

First# 2 using Tiffany Town Car

Finally we boarded and Sue let me have the window seat. When we hit the right altitude I pulled out the tape player and started listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This was the best thing I did yet. It kept me entertained till we started our decent. We got into MCO about 9:05pm. We made a Pit Stop then headed to baggage claim. Our Tffany Town Car driver (Sid) was waiting for us and asked what took us so long to get there. I told him we had to go to the bathroom! Our bags were on the floor NOT on the carousel. Sue thinks Sid pulled it and left it there. Sid grabbed the garment bag and let the big bags for us to take and then took the escalator and NOT the elevator :mad: . Sue and I had trouble getting our bags down it.

First # 3 staying at a Resort for one night

We got to All Star Movies (ASMo) paid Sid and he told us he would pick us up at Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL) at 7:30pm on the 31st. we dragged everything in and there was no line. We gave our name and Sean the CM started looking. Then he gets on the phone to talk to someone tell them he had 2 guests that need a room. We had prepaid for our room, it should not have been a problem. †Sean then explains that they do not have a room for us but All Star Sports (AS-S) dose and it is by the pool. (Ok I was stupid in thinking he was talking about the Surfs up pool.) Sean asked if we had a car and we told him we took a Town car. So he arranged transpiration for us. German would meet us out side. †He was very nice and took good care of us.

When we got to AS-S they acted as if Sean had never called them. They also gave us a room in East Oshkosh land. That would be Baseball #9 room 9106. Sue was so shook up from it all and to top it off my brother left a ton of voice messages on her phone that gave her a scare. We called home and she was in tears. I had to get on the phone and explained it all to mom who had no clue we book the extra stay. Then I phoned DebiDebiDebi (A friend from the Passporter Boards) to let her know we got in safe and sound. I told her the story while we wait for our Pizza to cook. We took it back to the room and got some rest. It had been a long day.

Next: Tag Your It!!

Posted by: RichKoster on Sep. 05, 2003 2:17 am/pm

Oh, no! Sid sure didn't sound like he was very nice. And that mix-up at the All-Star -- how horrible!

I hope the rest of your trip went better. I'll be looking for your next installment and hoping things improved for you.

Posted by: Liv2CdWorld on Sep. 05, 2003 2:35 am/pm

Wow, sorry to hear about Sid.  Just so you know, we've used Tiffany twice and both times, we were pleased.  However, our last driver told us that Tiffany doesn't have the same drivers - they contract them out.

And the whole mess at AS - I think I would have dropped and cried right on the spot!

Can't wait to hear the rest of the report.  I'm guessing it could only get better  :D

Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Sep. 05, 2003 11:16 am/pm

Adventures: LilMarcieMouse (Me)
† † † † † † † † † † Sue (My DSIS)

Date: 8/20/30 to 8/31/03

Celebrations: Sue’s Birthday

Day 2 - 8/21/03
First # 4 Switching Resorts

Mickey got us up at 6:30am. By 7am I called Baggage to come get our bags and to arrange to have them sent to the Polynesian. We stayed and made shore them all got taken from the room. We had 6 bags. The CM who picked them up did not give us a baggage claim ticket. I figured since we were switching Resorts we didn’t need it. †We got the first bus to the Magic Kingdom and hopped the Monorail to the Poly.

First #5 Staying at the Polynesian :hula:

There was no wait a Check in, we had a new CM named Lawrence. He was earning his ears. We are patient folk so when he had to go ask a question we just waited. While he was away another CM started talking to us. I mentioned that we were celebrating Sue’s birthday. He walked over looked at Lawrence’s screen the back to his station he made a phone call asked Sue her name then after a minuet or 2 he called her over moved the phone near her and pushed the speaker phone button. Goofy came on and sang her Happy Birthday. Lawrence came back and the rest of check in when smoothly. As we knew our room would not be ready till 3pm. We then went to the Disney Cruise Line desk and checked in there. We let them know that only our luggage would be traveling to the Port with them. We haired a Town car to take us.
Then to Capt. Cook’s for breakfast and a short walk to the TTC to take the Monorail to Epcot.

I thought we hadn’t done this before but while we riding, I kind of remembered doing it. I love the view and Mission Space was very impressive from the Monorail. I wanted to do Spaceship Earth first but the wait was too long and I knew Sue want to see Figment. So that’s were we headed. On the way I tried calling Joe (Elliot’s Dragonanother Passporter Friend) but his phone was off. I figured he was on a ride some where so I left a message. I really liked Journey Into Imagination, it’s almost as good as the original. We look through the shop and decided we wanted to do it again, But it had broke down. So off to the World Show case. We looked through the United Kingdom shops, then to catch a boat to Disney’s MGM Studio’s.

By time we got to Disney Studio’s we were hungry so we went to 50’s Prime Time. We had no problem getting in without a PS. Sue got a salad and fries, I got the Golden Fried Chicken. For Desert Sue got the Caramel Sunday, I got the S’Mores. †After refueling we went to watch the Muppets 3D (my favorite). Looked in the shop and wanted to look in the Christmas shop but it was closed. It was getting to be around 2 so we started walking to the bus stop stopping in shops along the way. We got to the Poly around 3pm Lawrence helped us again and gave us our room. Our room was in Rarotonga 1807. The first floor about half way down the hall, garden view (?). I was just glad it wasn’t the parking lot. We went to get our bags so the CM could show us to our room. He asked how many bags and we told him 6. He told us they only had 5 bags for us. He then took us to the bag room. Sue had put her sugar tester in her carryon so we would have to worry about it in the parks. She didn’t have room for it in her camera case. My first thought was oh no her tester is lost.

We got back there and I noticed the bag missing was the garment bag. Whew!! I told him they didn’t give us and tags and what the bag looked like. I had also tied a red ribbon on the handle to all our checked bags. I think that helped. He apologized a lot and told us they would find the bag and his supervisor would get on it right away. We thanked him and he took us to our room.

First # 6 finding a surprise in our room :happydance:

As soon as we entered I saw it on the table. Balloons, hats, blow ticklers and a cake with candles. WOW!! I had heard of this happening but this doesn’t happen to us!!(I'd like to thank Steve aka Tikiman for his site and his pictuers that where I learned of this and why I thought to mention it.) We look around our room I tried calling Joe again and it started to rain. Not a drizzle but a down pour. So we waited it out and had some cake. We then headed back out back to Disney Studio’s. As I got off the bus I felt my phone vibrate. I had a message from Joe so I called him back right then. Yes! He answered. He was at Hollywood and Vine and we were at the Security tables. Sue and I made a beeline to the Restaurant. Joe was all ready inside. I didn’t know what to do I didn’t think they would let me in so we stood out side for a minuet.

I didn’t have to wait long Joe had seen me and came out. We finally meet face to face. For anyone who hasn’t meet Joe in person you should. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever meet and I glad to call him my Friend. We talked very briefly so he could eat and Sue and I went shopping. I found 2 shirts at the Villains shop and we got mom one of those new charm bracelets. It’s kind of a Disney mother’s bracelet. We put Minnie and Tinkerbell on it for her, Eeyor for Sue, Ariel for my brother and Mickey for me.

It was almost time for our PS at Hollywood and Vine. We were waiting for the CM to put the charms on for us, so I ran ahead to put our names in. As I was crossing the street I saw a woman with 2 pins on that I thought was a Passporter pin and a Guest of honor pin. I also thought I saw Don (yet another Passporter Friend) so I yelled out his name but no answer. I guess it wasn’t him. I put our names in and sat and waited for Sue. Then we got seated. It was the Fantsmic Dinner Package. I did really care for dinner there but I did get a light up Ice Cube.

First # 7 Fantasmic

We went to do the Great Movie Ride before the show. I like this one but it is getting old. I didn’t notice anything new. †Then to see Fantasmic. It started to drizzle and continued for the rest of the night. We were seated it Ursula. I tried to find Joe but didn’t see him. I want to know why is it when a crowed gets together they have to do the wave? They must have done it for an hour straight. I loved the show and want to see again. Right after the show we headed back to the Poly from some sleep. On the bus back I saw a Passporter Pouch, It was Sufly. She doesn’t post often but did recognize my name. She got pushed to the back so we didn’t get a chance to talk. †Sorry.When we got back to our room our missing bag was there. We had to get up early so I called Mickey to wake us up at 6:30am.

Stay tuned for the 3 hour tour.

Posted by: RichKoster on Sep. 06, 2003 1:20 am/pm

When Marcie was visiting the ThinkPlace (presented by IBM at Innoventions at Epcot, blah blah blah! ), she emailed all of the Disney EchoEars this "Thinking of You" Postcard:

Thanks, Marcie!

Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Sep. 08, 2003 2:19 am/pm

Thanks Rich for posting the E- Card

Adventures: LilMarcieMouse (Me)
† † † † † † † † † † Sue (My DSIS)

Date: 8/20/30 to 8/31/03

Celebrations: Sue’s Birthday

Day 3 - 8/22/03
Going Wild in Animal Kingdom

Just a note when I started planning this trip I hadn't found this wonderful place yet so all my meeting were with Passporters.I hope on my next trip I can meet some of you guys.

First # 8 Doing The Wild By Design Tour

We were up at 6am and dressed and ready to go but 7am.At 7 wee were at the bus stop and waiting. We waited a half hour before the first bus arrived. Man I could have sleep a bit more. We got to AK and I headed Sue to guest Relations to find out where we wait for the Wild By Design Tour. †We were told to sit down right in front of them and wait. Today I was meeting Kristin (Laughahloic) for the tour with her mom. I mother and Daughter came and sat down near me, I was wondering if it was them so I said to the young girl are you here for the tour and got a leave me alone sounding yes from her. I knew it wasn’t Kristin. †After a bit anther Mother/Daughter came up I looked at her and just knew it was her. I introduced myself and my sister.

Dan our Tour guild was there and all take our tour showed up and we headed inside the park to start. Dan gave us the cool head sets so we could hear him. This tour is great and I recommend taking it. Dan told us all kinds of stuff on the Stories behind the different areas of the park. †We talked to an Animal keeper, saw the queue for Kali River Rapids. A walk on the Maharaja Jungle Trek. Then to Africa. We stopped at The Tusker house for breakfast. Dan talked to everyone during the break. He asked how Kristin and I knew each other and was surprised to find out though the internet. I talked to him about the Passporter boards and about the DisneyEcho boards I visit, about staying at the Poly and tikiman. He told me that he had sent tikiman some pictures and to tell him Hi from Dan.

After breakfast it started raining just as Dan was going to get us ponchos it stop. Oh well no free poncho today. We visited the gorillas and around Africa. The tour took about 3 hours to do. We ended the Tour behind the Flame Tree and could see the construction work on the New Ride. We talked to Dan some and did a survey, Talked with Kristin and her mom then said our good byes. The only thing wrong with the tour was you do not do Dinoland. I would do the tour again. I enjoyed so much Dan dose the Tour on Fridays if you want to do it with him. †

Sue and I decided to head to see the Loin King before the closed it for rehab. I love this show. We sat in the Elephant section. Now I just need to sit in the Lion section. †After the Show we shopped. I got a cell phone holder witch was the smartest buy † I made. Around 3pm we headed back to the room for some rest before we headed to MK to meet Joe for Dinner.

I had had a message from Ericka (LottaDoleWhip) she was at MK. †So I called her back and told her we were heading to the Poly and gave her our room #. I was in the bathroom when my sister yelled at me “Your phone is ringing.” I ran and answered it and it was Ericka, She and her friend were out side my door. She had knocked but we didn’t hear it. I invited them in and we sat and had a nice talk. It started pouring about the time we were thinking of going to MK. †So we hung out. It was thundering and Lighting. We could hear some guys next door yelling every time the thunder sounded. I was sitting near the window and I kept looking out, at one point I looked and one of the guys was look around the corn of his patio. I thought he was about to streak of something.

First # 9 E-Night

When it lightened up we donned our ponchos and went to the Monorail. We got MK zipped in got our bracelets for E-Night and walked to the Liberty Tree Tavern. Joe wasn’t there yet. We waited a bit then I called him. No answer yet again I figured he was on a ride. Then my phone rang it was Joe he was on the bus pulling up and would be there in about 15mins. I put his name in and we waited. Ericka and her friend waited with us. Which was nice. Before Joe got there they called his name so explained he was on the way but they would not seat us without him.

First # 10 Having a Character Meal with a young one.

A couple of minutes later Joe showed and we got a group photo with Ericka. We said our good byes Ericka told me to call her when we were done with dinner to see if they were still there. Joe’s “Grandson” Rafi is cute and full of energy. He wanted to chase after the Characters. We had bought him a reusable camera and boy did he use it. †We sat and talked till after 7pm, when Ericka came in to say goodbye. We all walked out together and stood in the rain talking for anther few minutes. Yes it rained all night. After Joe left we headed to ride the Haunted Mansion. I got to see Madam Leona’s eyes move on the Head Stone. Very Cool. Then we went to Buzz Lightyear to ride. We got to front only one family in front of us when it broke down. It seamed like ages before they got it working. The CM there in the front told us bad jokes while we waited.

First # 11 Having a cell Phone

We got on and I did pretty good. As we got to the spot that tells you what you are it broke down again. By this time we were wet and tired and getting cranky. We wait for another eternity for it to move again. Once we got off that was it we wanted to dry off and get some rest. †We stopped at the Bakery for a Cookie. We got 2 Cookies, A cupcake (For Me) and a chocolate croissant (for Sue). When we got back to the Poly we had the cupcake and the Croissant and then bed. Every night we called our mom and told her about our day. She enjoyed this. †

Next up breakfast with Pooh

Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Sep. 10, 2003 1:51 am/pm

Adventures: LilMarcieMouse (Me)
† † † † † † † † † † Sue (My DSIS)

Date: 8/20/30 to 8/31/03

Celebrations: Sue’s Birthday

Day 4 - 8/23/03
Breakfast with Pooh

We were up and dressed at 7am. We had to stop at the front desk to tell them that our Luggage would be taking the bus and not us. We had arranged a Town car. †The Front desk sent us to the Cruise Line Desk (Who had told us to go to the front desk the fist day there). †We had an 8:30 Ps at The Crystal Palace (CP). So up to the Monorail and off to MK!!

† † † Once in side we first got our picture taken in front of the Castle then over to CP We were early but we checked in anyhow and got seated quickly. The first Character to meet us was Piglet. He jump up behind me and start stroking my hair. He was the only one there I got my picture with. We got food and watched the kids around us. There was a little girl near us who absolutely loved Eeyor. She watched him working his way to her with her eyes glowing. When he got to them she gave him the biggest hug ever. Sue was going to have him sit by me for a photo but I couldn’t keep at little girl waiting. We watched them do a parade around the room and got a picture of Sue with Tigger. Then left.

† † † Sue wanted to get her hair cut so we made our way to the Barber Shop. There were People there all ready so we sat and waited. It wasn’t too long she had 3 kids in front of her. I was amazed at the patients the 2 have with the kids. Michael had one child that keep turning his head but Michael keep cutting and did a great job too. Then it was Sue’s turn. Michael cut her hair and as I was waiting Joe popped his head in. He and Rafi were doing the Family Tour. A quick hello and he had to go.

When Michael was through he put pixie dust in Sue’s hair then came over and put some in mine. Did you know after a day this it in your hair it works its way to your scalp and starts itching? †It drove me crazy after awhile. †We made a pit stop by City Hall so I went in and got Sue a Birthday button and made her wear it.

† We then went to pick up our picture and in front of Exposition Hall was Cruella!! I have been trying to get my picture with her for 4 trips now, so in line I went. I love her she looked at my hair and told me I had fabulous hair do. I told her I loved her hair. Cru saw the button and asked Sue if she was having a rotten day, Sue answered no and Cru told her to bad.

† † † We got our picture and went to the Cinema so I could rent Pal Mickey. †Next was a Train ride to ToownTown. We got inline to have our Picture with Mickey taken which made me very happy. I love having a picture of me AND Sue with the big Cheese, plus Pal Mickey too. After we went into the Big Top bought 2 post cards and got inline for the Princesses. We had 2 young girls we wanted to send post cards too. Cinderella was there. So were Pearla and Suzie and Jasmine. Jasmine had everyone wish Sue a happy birthday.

It was to do some rides so we headed to Fantasyland. First spot Winnie the Pooh and a 30 min wait. Fastpass time so we grabbed one. Ok so let do Small World. We couldn’t believe it a 30 min. wait!! I was crowed it was a 50 min wait for Peter Pan. We were getting hungry so we stopped at LTT for lunch. They decorated our table for Sue.
Sue had a hamburger and I had pot roast. They sang Happy Birthday to her and she got a cupcake. We decided not to watch the parade and see if we could do some rides.

Our Fastpass was ripe so the first stop was Pooh. Last time I rode this I video taped it. I enjoyed more without the camera in my hands. I even saw the Mr. Toad in there!!
Then to Small World, the wait was shorter so we got in line. As we got the last part that is all White I took out my Cell and called my mom. I held the phone up so she could hear it. It’s her favorite ride. When we got to the end I told her we would call her back. We sat and talked to her for a bit she said we made her cry she was so happy. Someone near us told us they had closed the Fastpass of Peter Pan and the wait was still too long.

I want to go to Tom Sawyer Island so off we went. We got Ice Tea at Aunt Polly’s. That’s when I called tiki to tell her Joe had the pass for her. We sat in the rocking chairs and watch a storm move in. Sue suggested we leave before they kick us off. By time we got to the launch CM’s were arriving to herd everyone off. The rain started she we went to see the Country Bear Jamboree. I like this one but a few rude folk who could NOT wait till the end to take pictures kinda ruined it for me. The flashes kept blinding me.

Then it was off to see the pirates. I love this ride. I always think of my Dad. We then Did Hall Of Presidents and the TikiRoom.Oh boy not is Ice Cream it!! I got a Dole whip Float and Sue had a Mickey Bar. :icecream: †We found seats for Spetro Magic and got kick out for wheel Chairs. Found another spot got kicked out again.

So we sat on a very narrow ledge in front of the Hall of Presidents. During Spectro Prince Charming saw Sue button and wished her a Happy Birthday and sealed it with a kiss.
After the Parade we headed to the front to get our pictures with Mickey then sat out in front in the Rockers there to let the crowds die down. I called Debi then too. I think I called her almost every night. We got the last Monorail to the Poly. It was bed time we had to get up early breakfast will be at 8am.

Stay Tuned for Next time when there is a Passporter Meet or Two.

Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Sep. 14, 2003 12:11 am/pm

Adventures: LilMarcieMouse (Me)
                    Sue (My DSIS)

Date: 8/20/30 to 8/31/03

Celebrations: Sue’s Birthday

Day 5 - 8/24/03

A Passporter meet or 2

First # 17 Breakfast at Kona’s Cafe and Tonga toast

We were up at 7am got dressed and made sure all our stuff was packed and ready to go. We were meeting JoyJ and her son Kirk at 8am for breakfast at Kona’s. We dragged our carrions up to the 2nd floor and waited. I decided to look in at Kona’s around 8 to see if they had arrived early and checked in but nope I did see anyone I recognized. Joy had E-Mailed me a picture of herself so I kind of knew what she looked like. After a little bit Sue noticed someone coming off the Monorail with a Passporter pin on and said “That must be her.”   Sure enough it was. We got our seats and chatted I already knew what I wanted and so did Joy and Kirk. It didn’t take long for Sue to decide.

Sue had Scrambled eggs with bacon and milk. I had Tonga Toast with bacon, Pineapple juice and milk. Joy and Kirk had Tonga toast and pineapple juice one with bacon and one with sausage I think. After we eat Sue excused herself to give Mom a wake up call at home. We talked some more and then parted ways. By this time I had a really bad blister on my foot from those “really great” sandals I bought and had walked in a couple of times at home. It was big sore and red. I thought it was infected. I stopped at the store to get some Bactrian, Band-Aids (the ones I brought with me were not working.) and some Mole Skin. (Witch I didn’t know you had to cut to size)  

First # 18 taking a town car to the port

We went out front early to wait for TTC and lo and behold he was there already. It was not Sid. This driver was much better he even offered to show us a movie but we wanted to sleep. I took little cat naps all the way there but I didn’t want to miss that first site of the Wonder. For those of you who have not Cruised yet it is a beautiful site to see. As you see it the excitement swells in you and you all jumpy.

First # 19 Sailing on the Wonder

We dragged ourselves and our carrions over and into the Port. Up the escalator and of course a pit stop was needed. We grabbed a seat near the Ladies room and Sue went first. A very young gentleman by the name of Garrett climb on the seat next to me and started picking hairs off my shirt. His mom told him to leave me alone and I told her it was ok, I didn’t both me. We talk and it turned out they were on their first family vacation.  Her husband was being deported to Korea and they wanted family time. I then took my pit stop and Sue stay with our stuff. When I got back Sue went to take some pictures.
Garrett was a hyper kid and started walking all over the place. She started to pick all her stuff up to chase after him so I told her I would watch her stuff.  I think that helped a lot.

First # 20 getting told we be board first.

Sue came back and so did Garrett and his mom. We went to get in line to board. We got part way through the small maze and Sue put down her carryon told me to wait there she would come around and pull the bags till I got to her (they were very heavy). Well the CM who watches the line saw Sue’s legs. She has large leg due to her thyroid problem.
He told her he didn’t want her standing so long in line and to go sit were they have the wheel chair folk sit. This as odd for us this never happens to us. Pluto came out but I didn’t get a picture of him and then we were told to go on in. Were right behind some one in a wheel chair and the line split so we took the right side and they took the left.

We got our picture taken and then had to stand there a bit while they finished getting ready for us. Then down the gang plank, Sue and I lead the way. We were the First ones on!! The Cruise director asked our name and announced “We’d like to Welcome The LaCava Family Aboard!” All the Crew clapped for us. We were told to Parrot Cay for lunch but we stopped in the Atrium for a bit and since we booked with AAA we got free soda refillable mugs. So we got them. Then to lunch.  After lunch we went back to the Atrium and sat.

At 1:25 we headed up to our cabin. The Fire doors were still shut so we had to wait. But the minute they open we turned left and found our room. Wow what a room. I had ordered decorations for her birthday and Sue ordered Bon Voyage decorations for me. They were all up. There was a Castaway Club towel and 2 pins on the bed and Sue’s gift I got her too. We looked around a bit then went straight up to the Spa to make our appointments. We got the Tropical Rainforest treatment for 4 days, a hair appointment for both of us and manicure appointments too.

My brother had a race in Nazareth, PA. So we went back to the cabin to see the start before the Muster drill began. Sue also had ordered cheese and crackers for us and there were in the room when we got back. We took the cheese out to the veranda and sat and eat some of it. I was looking out and I saw a big building and started to say to Sue “it amazing that you can see that…. Oh my IT”S NASA SPACE CENTER!!!” I was going to say hotel. We put the race on and called mom.

It was getting close to 4 so we took out our lift jackets and I looked out in the hallway to see some of the people leaving with theirs on so we left too. We got to our station early and in about a minute the horn sounded and they called out all the rest of the cabin numbers. The Cruise Director made her announcement about the life boats and when that was said and done we were free to go. WaHeeeee!!! Deck Party Time! We went up to the Deck party and went that was done we had to go get ready for Dinner. We got stuck in First seating. Our first restaurant Parrot Cay.

Our Server was Richard, Our Asst. Server was Karin and the Head sever was Ali.
Ok I don’t know the names of our table mates it took for ever for them to even say hi to us. When we got to our table our mates were already seated. There weren’t even 2 seats next to each other. Our mate where an Aunt and her nieces. So Sue and I had to sit across from each other and Parrot Cay is noisy so we couldn’t talk to each other. I was very upset at this. I had Ribs for dinner. They were good. I think Sue had steak.

After dinner we went to play bingo. There are 5 games in a session so we both got our own cards to play. We found a seat up front but near the door so we could leave right away to see the show that night. Having played on anther Cruise I knew if you volunteered you get some thing small but cool for doing it so when Marty (The Crew Member running Bingo) asked if anyone would come up and verify that all the balls where there my hand shot up. I was picked, I went up and looked gave the Ok but no gift. I was bummed.

 4 games come and go, but we didn’t win. It’s down to the Jackpot. The last game every session is a jackpot game and the pot grows with very game and is reset if someone wins before the last session. So the jackpot starts. As always it a coverall. For those of you who don’t know what a coverall is it’s when you have to cover the whole card, every number and it can take some time. The jackpot target number is 40 something, I think 47 which means in 47 numbers you have to call bingo or the jackpot moves to the next session.

Ok so I’m getting close and the target number comes and I didn’t bingo but I’m close.
Marty calls a number I look and Oh my gosh!! I start shaking as I punch the number through I shout out “BINGO!!!!!” They come over and verify it. I just won $111.00!!
I felt good about winner but I kind of felt bad because Sue want to get to the show and get a good seat. But since I had won we had to wait a bit so I could get my winnings. They give you a slip and you take it to the Guest Services desk and they do what you want with it.

After I sign for my winnings it’s off to see the show. Tonight was a comedian named
Gary Delaney.  Man was he funny, He kept saying wired things to watch one of the interrupters. (His name was Marvin I found out. He got picked on quit a bit.)  After the show we went to the gift shop. We spent $300 Oh well at least $111 is covered. I t-shirts, towels and a little Ship with the fab 5 on it. We also got our picture taken with Mickey and Minnie. Then off to bed. On our way to back to our cabin we were passing room 6111 and I hear “Marcie??” I answer “Sharon? “  Yes it was Sharon or other wise known on the boards as Ciaria. I knew coming on board she was just down the hall from me. We chatted. She had room at her table on the 2nd seating so tomorrow we decided to see if we can change. When we got to our cabin there was our first towel animal of the trip. An Elephant. This night Sue took the small bed and I took the big bed. It was sweet dreams.

Tune in next time: Will we or wont we get 2nd seating?

Posted by: RichKoster on Sep. 14, 2003 12:15 am/pm

How come you didn't choose to take that cool-looking Disney Cruise Line bus?

Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Sep. 14, 2003 8:44 am/pm

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How come you didn't choose to take that cool-looking Disney Cruise Line bus?


We did that last time and by time we got there Mickey and Co. had left so we wanted to be earler this time. But that didn't work either. We had to wait to long to get to our room. Now we know why the Resort bus arrivie at that time. You can get right to your cabin. :uhoh:
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Adventures: LilMarcieMouse (Me)
                    Sue (My DSIS)

Date: 8/20/30 to 8/31/03

Celebrations: Sue’s Birthday

Day 6 - 8/25/03

Second seat or not?

First # 21 Staying onboard the Ship :pirate:

We sleep in this morning, I was up first and as always the first thing I did was look out to see if we had docked yet. We were still pulling into Nassau.  Sue got up and we showered, dressed and were at Beach Blanket by 10 am. We stacked our plates. I had a breakfast burrito, bacon, and fresh fruit. Sue got Eggs, bacon, donut. As I rounded the corner to head outside I saw it the Mickey waffles. I wanted one but I had no room. So what dose anyone who wants one do? I eat what I had and head back inside to get one.

After we ate we took pictures of the Atlantis. We stopped at guest services and asked about change our dinner assignment. We were told we had to talk to our head server.
Then I had the crew member apply my winnings to our room bill.  I wanted pictures of the out side of the ship so we went down to the gang plank and I walked around taking some pictures. Then I want back up to our cabin and stepped out on to the verandah and Sue took pictures of me. I waited in the cabin for her to come up. We got our swim suits on and head up to the Adult pool.

Sue sat on the edge, witch has a ledge of about an inch or two of water that you sit in, and I got in. we stay till about 2pm. We had to head back to the cabin to shower and change we had a hair appointment at 3:30pm. Before we left we ordered lunch Sue got a hot dog and Mac and Cheese. I got Pizza and a turkey sandwich. I was hungry.  

Now this is kind of a sore spot for me. I had a girl that was earning her ears. She asked if I had colored my hair before and I answer yes I have done it myself. I told her I wanted it auburn, I had brought the color I wanted but dummy me for got it in my Passporter.
She talked me into a semi permanent and I wound up choosing a darker color then I wanted. I don’t blame the CM I should have spoken up. She did do a great job of cutting it for me. Sue got a permanent coloring. It was blond highlights. Boy dose she look good.

Dinner tonight was Tritons. So we dressed in our fancy dresses and headed out. We got our pictures taken with the Arial statue and went in to sit down. We had left early hoping to get there before the others so we could sit next to each other. Score we got seats next to each other this was going to be a good dinner. I had shrimp melody, a salad and Beef tenderloin. Sue had Fried Cambridge Cheese and cheese ravioli.

After dinner we went up to Preludes to meet Capt. Henry and have our picture taken with him. He took Sue by the waist and posed with her and left me standing there looking like I jumped into the picture. For 2 pictures!!! The Tropical deck party was that night so we ran back to the cabin changed cloths and head to the Walt Disney Theater to see Finding Nemo.  I love this movie, Swimming, Swimming, Swimming. Alls we do is swim. After Nemo headed up to deck 9 witch was crowed all ready. So we moved on up to deck 10. We figured it was a good place to film the fireworks.

First # 22 attending a deck party :Oo:  

The party started and we were jamming, Sue turns to me and says I feel rain.” I say “I don’t feel anything.” We jam some more, Mickey and Co. come out and in a few minuets the sky opens up and it pours. I shoved my camera back in the bag, yell to Sue to give me the camcorder and that gets shoved up my shirt. We make our way to Palo’s witch open its doors so all of us could get out of the rain. So down to the cabin we go soaking wet. Mostly my back because I was slumped over holding the camcorder. Sue changes and goes out to the verandah. She yells at me “the Fire works are going off.”  So I grab my black dress and throw it on and run out with my camera.

Now if we had known that we could have seen them from the verandah, we would have stayed in the cabin and order snacks. They were very nice we could even hear the music that was playing. It was from the Little Mermaid. Bed cloths on, I lay my head down on my pillow. Tonight I slept in the small bed. I got up and saw my pillow. I had lost most of the color out of my hair. The pillow had a big red spot on it. Oh well next time I’ll get something permanent.

Stay tuned when next: So this is Freeport?

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Adventures: LilMarcieMouse (Me)
                    Sue (My DSIS)

Date: 8/20/30 to 8/31/03

Celebrations: Sue’s Birthday

Day 7 - 8/26/03

I forgot to mention that Sue and decided it was too short of a Cruise to change our seating. So we stuck it out.

So this is Freeport

First # 23 Seeing Freeport’s Port

I woke up at about 7:30am. I looked out to see Industry. This is not what I expected. While I waited for Sue to get up I watched 2 Tugs pull a barge. After Sue got up we decided to disembark just so we can say we were in Freeport. Pluto was out there and so was Hook so we got our Pictures taken. We sat for a bit then went in for breakfast at Parrot Cay. I had the usual Eggs, Bacon, Krispy Cream Donut and Fruit. Sue had Eggs and Bacon. Due to Mother Nature I need some laundry done.

First # 24 Doing Laundry on Vacation :help:

So off to the laundry. It took 3hrs to do it. But there was a woman who took up 2 washers and 4 dryers. We took 1 washer and took 2 dryer because we wanted to get done. We had lunch in our Cabin after we had done the laundry. It was about 1pm. I had 3 cheese Pizza and Sue had a Hot Dog and Tomato soup (it was more like a broth from Beef soup) and Ice Tea to drink.  I wanted to go to the Spa so on with the suits and off we went.

First# 25 using the spa :smart:

We get to the spa and the girl gave us locker keys and robes. I had trouble finding my locker, and my robe didn’t fit. We didn’t get the shoes either. When we got to the Tropical Rain Forest It was full. We wanted to sit in those cool seats but not one empty one. So we decided to sit in the unscented sauna. I liked this it got rid of all my aches and pains. We sat for a bit then went out to see if the seats where empty but only 1 was and neither of us would sit in one without the other, so we went to the pool.

First #26 Using an Internet Cafe

We went and got an ice cream then back to sit at the pool. We stayed there till 3pm then went to get ready for dinner and we wanted to play Bingo again. We had an hour to kill so I wanted to go to the Internet Cafť and sign on. That’s when I left the first message. After a bit online I signed off and we went to Bingo. We got our same seats. Marty asked for a volunteer but I didn’t. The person got a DCL pin. Bummer.  He called the first game and who yells BINGO!! My Sister!!  Sue won $95, I didn’t win anything this game. Maybe next time. Animator’s Palate. My favorite restaurant on the ship. We got to sit next to each other again and our table mates talked to us this night. It was very enjoyable.
I had Roasted Chicken and Sue had a Sirloin. For Desert I had Cheese cake, Sue had Boston cream pie and we shared a Chocolate cake.
Sue didn’t like her cake so she asked for Cheese cake instead. That’s the nice thing about being on a Ship you can change your mind. Since we knew Richard our server was on the Magic in the beginning we asked about some thing that didn’t happen. I don’t want to spoil anything so I can’t go into detail. (If you want to know just PM or E-mail me and I will tell) We did take him by surprise on some of it. We had pictures to pick up so off to Shutters to see Alberto. And tonight’s show was Hercules the Muse-ical.  

First# 27 Seeing The Pirates of the Caribbean :depp:

After the show we went back to the cabin I changed into shorts and Sue went to bed. I had other plans. Tonight was one of the things I was hoping for. I was going to watch “The Pirates of the Caribbean!! I got there early so I was one of the first ones in. I got a prime spot just high enough and center of the screen. It started to fill up and there were 4 or 5 seats next to me on the left side open and 1 on the right. Some teens came in and filled the left side, then asked me to move over. Well I just didn’t feel friendly enough I had staked out my seat and I wanted that spot so I told them.” I have never seen this movie I came early so I could get the seat I wanted and No I will not move.”

I’m not sure they liked my answer but I didn’t move. The other girl came in and sat to the right of me. Then the other told her to come and sit on her lap. Well at least they didn’t bug me.  I loved the move!!!! I just had to get on the internet and tell some folks. The next day is Sue birthday and I had some plans. I just need her to be asleep when I got back. So after a few E-mails I went back to the Cabin and she was asleep. I pulled out the decorations. I made magnets to go on the Cabin door and I had picked up a giant card to hang for folks to sign. I was lucky and Sue didn’t wake up when I opened the door. Then it was off to bed for me. I had the big bed.

Stay tuned for a Birthday on Castaway Cay!!

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Adventures: LilMarcieMouse (Me)
                    Sue (My DSIS)

Date: 8/20/30 to 8/31/03

Celebrations: Sueís Birthday

Day 8 - 8/27/03

A birthday on Castaway Cay

First # 27 An exertion on Castaway Cay

We woke up early and the Ship was docking at Castaway Cay. We went out on the verandah to watch for a bit. We dressed and head to Tritons for breakfast. I had a Denver omelet and Sue had her Scrambled eggs, we both had bacon. I think we both had tea to drink too. We then went down to deck 1 to disembark for a day at the beach. Our first stop was the post office to send out some post cards. We also sent one to our selves to use in our scrapbook, did you know they have their own post mark at Castaway Cay?
I had gotten up tickets for the first Glass bottom Boat trip. So we found where we were to check in there.

We took the tram over to the beach area to have a pit stop and to see if any characters were out greeting folks. There were none. So after the pit stop we went inside of She Sells Sea ShellsÖ.. and everything else to see what they had. We picked some things out we would pick up later on our way back to the Ship. We took the Tram back to the dock and checked in at the booth. We were told to have a seat and wait to be called. While sitting there I saw a baby crab walking along.

Finally we were call and we all stepped aboard the boat. I put my sea bands on and made sure my glasses were on tight.  This trip is cool they take you out pass Serenity Beach and show you all kinds of fish and Coral formations. The guide even feeds some of the fish oatmeal to bring them to the top. He tells you about the rocks the form the barrier to the Family beach and it is actually coral. There is a net at an opening that keeps out predators. I recommend this tour I found it very informative and you can get some great pictures of the Island from the sea. They also stop if the weather permits so you can get pictures of the ship. I didnít do this since I didnít have my good camera with me.

I talked with the guide on the way back and he was on of the original tram drivers from when the Island opened. Oceanographers had come to the Island to teach them about the fish and animals around the Island. When we got back Sue was ready to sit in the water and chill. It is her day so back to the tram and a quick ride. Mickey and Minnie where coming out so I wanted pictures. Sue needed a pit stop. I got in line for Minnie first then Mickey. Then I made my pit stop. We meet back up and off to the beach.                            
First # 28 renting a tube

We grab a lounge chair and but our stuff down, then grabbed Sue a small Beach chair and I got her settled in the water. I wanted to rent a tube to sit in. So down the beach I went and got my tube. Itís a good thing we didnít video tape me trying to sit in it. Not easy. I did bring an underwater one time use camera and took so shots of Sue and she took some of me. I was getting thirsty so I went to find a Waite prison to get some drinks. Sue got a sprite and I got a Konch Kooler (Nonalcoholic). The brought it right to the water for us. A female Photographer came by and took a picture of us.  We were at the Family beach.

Then I noticed Alberto taking pictures. He was a brave sole going waist deep in the water were most of the others were only going knee deep at the most. I was taking pictures of him from a far. He made his way over to us and took a picture of us, then asked if we want singles As Sue told him it had to be good because it was her Birthday I took a close up of him. At around 1:30 we went to Cookies to get lunch. There were Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Ribs, fruit, cookies and Ice Cream.
First # 29 A manicure

After stuffing ourselves we headed back to the shop before entering we washed our feet. Pick up everything we wanted and made our way back to the ship. We had nail appointments. We get back on the Ship, up to the Cabin and shower change and start packing. Sue had to leave for her appointment it was earlier then mine. So I finish up what I was doing and head to the Internet Cafť to log on for a bit.  The finial Bingo was at 7pm that night and they were selling them early.

So after a bit online I went up to Preludes and picked them up from Marty. He remembered me and asked if we were going to sit in our lucky seats. I said I hope so. I then had to head to the spa from my manicure. I had never had it done but I enjoyed every minuet of it. We were invited to a reception for Castaway Club members. So after our nails where done thatís were we headed. We got free drinks and there were things to nibble on. I had a Bahama Mama. The Captain made a speech and the Cruise Director also.  Thatís when I found out that the New Show would start the next night and we would not see it.

After the speeches we head for Dinner back to Parrot Cay.  Our Table mates were not there yet but we let our severer know we had to be at Bingo at 7pm. They arrived and we ordered. I had steak and lasagna roll (Not very good) and Sue had Steak and fries. Our Head server brought out a cake for Sue and we all sang Happy Birthday to her. Now it was time for Bingo!!

We went down and our table was taken!!!   We took the one in front and 2 girls came and joined us. They were quite annoying. Game after game past and not one bingo from Sue or I. The Jackpot comes and Iím get close but wait Nope 2 other yell bingo. I lost. So I volunteered to help verify the numbers. Hee Hee I got my pin this time. They did win the 2 shared a pot over $2000.

First # 30 Disney Dreams Show

Disney Dreams was the show for tonight so we headed there.  This show was cancelled when we sailed on the Magic in 1998. We were looking forward to it. We arrived a bit late but a CM showed us to some seats. I love this show very cute. Peter Pan helps a girl to keep her dreams. So glad we finally got to see it. We still had to pack so after the show we went back to the Cabin to finish. Sue was tired and headed to bed she got the big bed tonight, after all it is her real birthday. I wanted to get my moneyís worth and also to see Mars so I head down to the Internet Cafť. I send some E-Mails and go up to deck 10 to stare at Mars. I realize itís getting late and we have to be at breakfast at 6:45, which means I have to get up at 5:30am to be ready. I can be slow. So off to bed with me.

Stay tuned for Next time for Tea for 10

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Thank you for the great trip report! You're giving me a great idea of what the cruise is like, can hardly wait to be on one myself †:mickey:
Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Sep. 26, 2003 12:59 am/pm

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Thank you for the great trip report! You're giving me a great idea of what the cruise is like, can hardly wait to be on one myself †:mickey:

Thanks Chris. When are you planing your Cruise for? I'll have to link to some of my pictures. for everyone.
Posted by: Goofyteer on Sep. 26, 2003 2:14 am/pm

You're welcome  :minnie:  I'm thinking about maybe next year if I can get up the cash. All depends on the money situation. What is the Castaway Club?
Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Sep. 26, 2003 11:51 am/pm

It's for repeat Crusiers on the Disney Line. I belevie oncew you have Cruise with them your signed up. The reseption was away for them to say thank you for coming back.
Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Sep. 29, 2003 1:53 am/pm

Adventures: LilMarcieMouse (Me)
                    Sue (My DSIS)

Date: 8/20/30 to 8/31/03

Celebrations: Sueís Birthday

Day 9 - 8/28/03

Passporter tea Or Tea for 10

First # 31 Going to WDW after the Cruise

Mickey called at 5:30 to get us up. We got dressed packed up the morning stuff, and then scanned the cabin to make sure we didnít forget anything. We took our carrions and headed down to breakfast. When sailing you have breakfast in the same Restaurant that you eat in the night before. So this morning it was Parrot Cay again. Our table mate joined us and gave Sue a card. We had the normal eggs and bacon. We said goodbye to Richard and Karin and went to say good bye to Ali. (Our head server) By 8am we were off the ship and down the escalator to get our bags. A nice gentleman (Stewart?) grabbed our bags for us and took us to the Mears van. He told the gentleman at the podium that we were going to the Animal Kingdom Lodge (AKL). We had to wait for the next van which didnít take long at all only a minuet or two. There was 2 other familyís in the Van with us one going to The Wilderness Lodge and the other to The Grand Floridian.

First # 32 seeing the outside of WL

On the way to WDW I heard the drive saying some thing about only 2 stops. When I heard this I didnít know the other 2 stops yet. I also kind of heard say something about there was something written on his sheet and he could not read it. Since we were in the 2nd bench seat I could not hear him well. The first stop was WL The family staying here was in the way back so I got out to let them out. So I made mention that Sue and I were going to AKL. The drive was surprised. It turns out what he couldnít read was AKL. So back into the van and off to GF to drop off the next family, and finally off to AKL!!!!

First # 33 Staying at AKL

Ok so hereís were my inexperience at deluxe resorts would show if you were in my thought. As we pulled up there was an island separating were TTC and Mears drop you off and Valet parking is. I was trying to figure out how to get all the luggage up the stairs and into the lobby. Ok you can stop laughing now. As soon as we got out of the van the bell hop was there to take it for us. Sue really needed a pit stop so I sent her in and took care of the luggage and tipped the driver. Then up the step and to the doors.

Ok a bit of back ground. I have been wanting to stay here since it opened I love all things animal epically African. Sue decided we would stay here because I can go to WDW for my Birthday and this was kind of celebrating it early. (My Birthday is in Dec and I work in retail) Ok back to the trip now.

I walk in slowly and look around. I didnít have a clue were the bathroom was so I just stood in the lobby wait. I can be emotional about things I really want to do or see. As I looked around tears of joy started to swell up in my eyes.  I couldnít believe I was in the lobby. A CM with a Zebra hat came over and we chatted while I waited. He told me there was a big collection of African art. Then Sue arrived and we got in line and were waited on quickly. The CM pulled out a map and I saw see was putting us in Kudu Trail at the very end. I look at Sue and she whisper are you going to be ok (I had requested Zebra Trail) I shook my head yes and the CM asked if there was a problem I said No. Then she noticed the request. I could feel the vibes coming off her that she felt threatened. She told me she was trying to find a room in Zebra but there were none. Thatís was after Sue ask a second time if I was going to be Ok. I look at the CM and very nicely told her ďI understand that a request is just that and that in might not happen.Ē I saw her shoulder relax.

She checked the computer again and found us a ready room in Kudu Trail on the 4th floor   Right near the lobby. It was facing the kopje Aursha Savanna, room number 4211. The Pink backed Pelicans were right out our window and Auckland cattle sleep out there too. We called for our luggage and settled in as best I could. I spent a lot of time out on the balcony watching. I really donít think there is a bad view from a savanna room. I loved this room. At one time or anther I got to see some thing.

Then we went down to the Market and I asked where I could mail stuff. I was told and I quote ďYou can give it too Guest Services or you can go diagonal from here to a small room with the phones and feed the Hippo.Ē So what did I do well of course I went and feed the Hippo. We looked around and took some pictures I tried to find all the Hidden Mickeyís. I found most of them. We were hunger so we went to the Mara and got our mugs and some food. I had pizza and Sue had a hot dog I think. I also had a Mickey Ice cream sandwich. We went back to the room to rest before tea. At 1pm they feed the pelicans and we watched. Then we changed for tea and I put some extra cloths in a bag to change into after.

First # 34 seeing the GL from the inside.

We took the first Buss to MK and then the boat to the Poly. We wanted to look around some before tea since we didnít gat the chance too when we stayed there. It was mostly the pool area we didnít get to see because of the rain. We went into the Wayland Gallery and I found a book call Whales on walls By Wayland that I have been searching for years   for now.  Sue when into the gift shop and got herself the SpetroMagic Cd and A tee shirt. Then on the Monorail and to the GF. We looked in there shop and got some stocking stuffers for mom. Sue wanted postcards for her collation so we got them too. And then down to find The Garden View Room.

First # 35 High Tea

As we approached the elevator I saw someone sitting on a couch down in the lobby. I looked at Sue and said I bet thatís tiki. Sure enough it was Sandy, I introduced myself and Sue and we sat down to talk. I took out some of the pictures that were taken on the ship to show her. As we talk a family approached and it was Don and his loved ones. Don did an intro to Nancy, Ashley, and Jason.  Then Kristin snuck up on us.

We walked over to the Tea room and I put in my name. We had to wait a bit for them to figure out how we were going to sit. It could be one of 2 ways.  
# 1: 2 round tables side by side
#2:  2 tables back to back.
I choose the side by side. I was worried when Sheila didnít show and I tried calling her but there was no answer but I did get her voice mail so I left a message. We looked at our menus, Sue and I decided to share the Buckingham Palace. I think Sandy got the same and so did Don. Kristen got a truffle. I didnít see what Nancy or the kids got. Then sandy gave Sue a present and gave Don his Wheel barrel. Sue and I had made goody bags for everyone so I handed them out. After all it was a birthday party. In it was stuff from Indiana and we had made key chain/ book marks with everyoneís Passporter name on it. Of course Nancy, Ashley and Jason had their names on theirs. Don also got a Nasscar pin that was a race car that had wheels that moved.  The others got a pin of the Pagoda at the track. This is the icon of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Where the timing and scoring happens.

We got our tea and then the first course the tea sandwiches. Sue and I shared the Egg one I eat the Water crest and took bit out of the rest. Sue wished she had gotten my picture when I bit into the pear one, YUCK!!  I didnít like the rest of them.  Next came the Scones, with jam. They were very good. Then the pastries both Sue and I choose the Swan that had a vanilla mousse in it. As we eat our pastries the server went over to Nancy and asks if there was cake too. I barley could hear her I ask Sandy if thatís what she said Sandy told me yes. So I whispered back yes. No one knew of the cake but me. I want to surprise my sister with one and it was the only way I could. I had called to add another person on when I set up the whole thing and had asked about ordering a cake.

They brought it out and we all sang Happy Birthday to her. The cake was big so I told the server to give some to anyone in the room that wanted it. Itís not a big room and it wasnít filled so it was not problem. I also told her to take it and all the CMís enjoy it too.  After that we chit chatted while waiting for the check. I also made a quick change I. I wanted to get to MK to ride Splash Mountain. We asked for the check and it seemed to take for ever to get. But final we got it and paid.  Nancy and Ashley left and Don, Jason, Sandy, Kristen, Sue, and I head to the Monorail.

First # 36 Splash Mountain

Don and Jason was the only one who didnít have to go through security. So through we go and we power walk toward Splash. Sandy need a pit stop and Don lead the way for me. As we got to the bridge Sandy caught up. Sue stayed there on the bridge with her camera in hand and kept all the bags we had.  I was surprised that there was no line but also glad. I donít think I would have backed even if I had to wait. I tried to take in as much of the Queue as I could going at the rate we were. I knew I wanted to sit in the 3rd seat and be the first one in. Don and Jason took the front, Kristen took the next, Sandy and I next. Girls we didnít know got the back.  

Now if you need a guild for this ride I recommend Sandy highly.  She told me when every dip was and if it was a big one or small as her memory let her.  I enjoy the animatronics. I didnít get a chance to look for hidden Mickeyís.  Ok the whole truth here when we got the part where you go up for the BIG drop. My mind was saying ďItís a good thing I canít get out right now or I wouldĒ I was very scared. I had heard so much about the View from up there I keep my eyes opened until the log tipped to go down.

I had to shut them. I was holding so tight, I though my hands would go numb. I felt us level out and I opened my eyes we turned the corner and there was Sue on the bridge take pictures. I started yelling ďI did, I did!!!!Ē I was shaking. We sat back and enjoyed the ending. When got to the exit the CM asked if we wanted to go again but I need to claim down. So off we went. My adrenalin was flowing I could have flown to the moon and back.  As we exited we saw Mickey telling everyone so long.

We said our good byes and I invited Sandy up to see our view. Sue and I got on a bus and went back to the Lodge. We drop off the stuff we had and headed out to Downtown Disney.

First# 37 A Ghirardelliís Ice Cream Sunday

The first stop was to see what Scrapbooking stuff they had.  We looked around but didnít buy anything yet. We were waiting of the World of Disney Store. Then we looked in the Christmas shop and purchased a Tinker Bell tree topper for mom, An Arial ornament for our DBro and a Mickey Head flag ornament for our Cousin. We had these shipped home.

On the way to the Winnie the Pooh store we called Mom to say hi and let her know we got back ok. We had to sit out side because I lost her when I walked into the store.  We then headed to Ghirardelliís to have a Sunday we both got the Carmel Sunday. Very Yummy.

First # 38 Once Upon A Toy

We then headed to Once Upon A Toy Store, hanging out side to talk to our DBro.  I really like this store I found a Muppet Monopoly game and I got the Haunted Mansion Clue. They also have these packets with small plastic Disney things like Dumbo ride Elephant and Spaceship Earth and so on. I got 2 packs of these. Now here some thing to remember. I ask for the games to be sent home. They CM told me I could hold on to them and send them from the last store we buy from that night. So we take them. When we got to WoD we were told that was not true and they were having a problem with them sending stuff with folks to be sent with their stuff there. (But thatís getting ahead) Just remember to make Once Upon a Toy send the stuff.

From there it was to The World of Disney. This is were the real shopping began. We must have bought all most every thing in Scrapbooking they had. Sticker wise any how. We spent way too much money. Thatís when the CM told us that we shouldnít been told we could have my games sent from them, He did it any how. Iím sure he felt he had to.
By this time it was 11pm and all the store were close. The only thing we hadnít gotten was the Mickey scissors. We figure we would go back for them on our last day.

So we tracked back to the front and got on the bus back to AKL. We were tired by then. Sandy was coming around 8:30 am so I asked for a wake up call around 7 so I could dress and be ready. Then we got some rest.

Next time: A Marathon around the World.

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Adventures: LilMarcieMouse (Me)
                    Sue (My DSIS)

Date: 8/20/30 to 8/31/03

Celebrations: Sueís Birthday

Day 10 - 8/29/03

A Marathon around the World.

I got up at 7am and dressed. I woke Sue up about 7:30 so she could be dressed before Sandy got there.  I wasnít sure how well I told Sandy where room was so I told Sue I going out to the balcony to the lobby look for her coming in. Sue said sheíd go with me. So I grabbed my key.  When I saw her come in I called out be she didnít hear me at first.
She got closer to where we were, I gave a shout out again and she looked up. She found the stairs and came up and we went back to our room. I opened the balcony and we went out to look and chatted a bit. Then Sandy had to get to breakfast. So we said see ya later.

Sue and I headed to the Mara for some food. I got the Breakfast Wrap with Bacon and Sue got Eggs and bacon. Today was Epcot day.  After finishing eating we got up to leave and who was taking pictures of the soda machine but Sandy So I walked and said Hi. She was getting a picture for Steve of the Fresca they sell. Sue and I parted and headed for the Buss stop.

We got to Epcot. Sue stopped at Guest Services and got me a Birthday button. She always feels bad that we celebrate hers and not mine. So she decided we would celebrate mine today.  Our first stop to add another Leave a Legacy. It was the only perk we got for our stay at AKL. After getting that picture done we went searching for our first one. I took a bit to figure it out, but we did find it. Our first ride was of course Spaceship Earth.
I wanted to go on it before they gutted it. (Iím glad now that they are not.) I tried taking pictures without the flash but they didnít turn out well. Last time we were here we tried calling mom form the big phone and she wasnít home. So we decide to do it again.

We got a phone card and entered. I remembered how to do it and we got a hold of mom!!
It was fun talking to her. We didnít want to keep people waiting so we didnít talk long.
Net up was Mouse Gears. I wanted my own Pal Mickey so I looked at them and choose the one I liked best. We found the Mickey scissors and got them, I got an 8x 10 scrapbook and we found some other stuff. She went to the jewelry to get something and to have everything sent home while I paid for my Mickey.

We remembered we wanted our Picture taken in front of the ďGolf BallĒ so back to the front to do it. He was the first CM to notice my button. He called me the birthday girl. Hee hee. He took our picture together and one of each of us. He had us put our hands out so Mickey could stand on them.

First # 39 Mission Space

We made our way to Mission Space. This is cool looking form the out side. We got in the Queue. I really liked the things to look at here. I thought of my brother the whole time. He loves the space program. We were set to the briefing area and watched to video. At that point I did want to get on. I get Sea sick and had forgotten my sea bands. There was a problem with our ďshipĒ and we had to move over and watch the video again. Finally the door open and I let the CM know we were bowing out. He had us follow him and we went into the command center. We look around but the fun stuff to do was busy with kids   so we headed to the shop.

We shopped around getting some great stuff for our DBro for Christmas. I got a Polo shirt, A Mickey beanie and a pin. I found 2 hidden Mickeyís and took a picture of them. This was while I checked out. They noticed my button and asked if Goofy had called me. I said no. So they got him on the phone and I got a birthday greeting from him. I was hard having CMís tell me Happy Birthday at first, since my birthday was 4 months away. But I got use to it.

Next we headed to Cranium Command. We love this one. Sue was get very hunger and feeling a little sick so I sat her down in The Wonders of Life and got her a Hot Dog. I also got a Hot dog and some Cheese and Fruit.  We took a pit stop before going in to Cranium Command. Donít you just love Buzzy?  After the show we looked around and played with some of the stuff there. It was raining so we waited a bit. Then we headed to Innovations East and then to West to play there. I sent off some E-Mails and looked at most of the stuff.  I wanted to go to the Cool Station Ice so that was up next I love trying the soda here. After cooling off we headed to see Figment.  I tried taking pictures here too. But Iím not that good at it yet. Sue wanted one of the pictures at the end so we looked at them I told her she should do the Figment one. She told me I should do the Monorail one. So thatís what we did. I had them sent to the Resort so we wouldnít have to wait on them.

Next we trucked up to the front to get our pictures. It was almost 5pm now and our Ps was at 6pm at Le Cellier. So back to the World Showcase. We bought Passports so we had time to start them. First Canada, one of the CMís sang Happy Birthday to me while he signed my passport.  We still had time so I suggested going to England next. We got our passports sign and Pooh and Eeyore were there. Eeyore saw the button on me and one other woman and grabbed us as a poor little girl was trying to have her picture taken with him. There were steps and he took us up them. The CM helping they tried to get him to come down but he would give up.

He told Pooh what he was doing and then the CM saw our buttons and told everyone that Eeyore wanted them to sing Happy Birthday to us.  It was cool. He then went down the stairs and when I came down them Eeyore took my hand like the gentleman he is and helped me down. What a sweetie. After we sat out side and rested a bit until we had to return to Canada.

First # 40 Le Cellier

I didnít take us long to get seated. This is a very nice place. I looked around to see if Sandy and Craig where there but I didnít see them I thought maybe they had gone. I couldnít remember what time she had told me they had a PS for. The beard sticks came and the Pretzel ones are great.  We ordered the Cheese Soup to start and the Surf and Turf for dinner. The soup came it was delicious. While we wait for our mine course to come Sandy and Craig came in. After they had ordered I went over to say Hi to them and meet Craig.

Our food came and it was also delicious. For dessert we both ordered the Maple crŤme brulee. When mine came it was on a big plate that had Happy Birthday written on it in chocolate with Mickey heads. Our server told me mine was on Mickey. It also had extra fruit. Sue and I were feeling very tried by this time. So before we left we stopped by Sandyís table to tell her we might not make the meet. We wanted to finish our passports and get back to AKL for a swim.  Sandy had Craig take a picture and we were off again.

First # 41 Esmeralda

We headed straight to France. Do you know how hard it is to find the Kidcot stations?  Esmeralda was out so I got in line to have my picture taken with her. I told her to tell jolly hi and she told me he was at AK in Goat care and that she had to pick him up soon.  Quick stop in Morocco, then Japan, were we shopped a bit. I got a pearl here again.
When we got to the American Adventure we went looking for the WTC flag that was suppose to be there. But it had been pulled out by the owner.

First # 42 The Living Statue

In Italy the Living Statue was out so we stopped to look. This was the first time we had gotten to see her. Germany, China, Norway and Mexico were an in and out deal. We were dragging by this time. It was about 8:30pm when we exited Mexico. I looked for everyone as we headed out I wanted to stop and say hi. I saw Sandy standing talking to someone and went over. I think it was ILoveDisney- Jennifer, Sandy introduced us and Ruth/Disneybound came over. I could have been the other way. If guys remember please correct me if Iím wrong. We stayed long enough to do a group Photo. Then Sue and I headed to the exit.

My feet were sore so I pulled my shoes off to walk faster. It didnít help much. When we got to the front I put them back on for the walk to the bus stop. I was happy we had the closes stop to the front but the Bus wasnít there when we got there. Sue ran to make a pit stop. I was so worn out and I think dehydrated too.  There where not any Soda machines around. I sure could have used one. I thought I was going to pass out. I almost started crying. We heard Illuminations going, and it ended before the bus arrived at this point Sue and I realized we should have just stayed and visited with everyone.  By time the buss came people had walked out and there was a line forming. Finally a bus came and we got a seat. It stopped and picked up Animal Kingdom folks and off we went. The driver let us off first.

First # 43 Using a zero entry pool

We headed up to the room and changed and went to the pool. The zero entry was great. We soaked and I tried to swim a little. There was this guy with some kids and he was throwing a ball into the air and I almost got hit with it. He was watching were it was going and we nearly got hit several times. Thatís when we decided to get out and go to our room and soak our feet. We brought stuff for that. We drew the bath and sat on the side of the tub for some time.  Then it was one last look out the balcony and off to bed.

Next time MK and AKL

Posted by: RichKoster on Oct. 06, 2003 5:48 am/pm

Yoo Hoo, Marcie!

Happy birthday (early)!

So, where's the group photo?

Thanks for all the detail in your trip reports. I love it!

Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Oct. 07, 2003 12:36 am/pm

From left to right
Top: My Friend Sandy, My sister Sue, and Myself(Blue shirt with Pal Mickey)

Bottom: Jennifer, and Ruth (Holding her DD) But it could be the other way round.

Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Oct. 15, 2003 10:53 am/pm

Thereís a First Time for Everything

Adventures: LilMarcieMouse (Me)
                    Sue (My DSIS)

Date: 8/20/30 to 8/31/03

Celebrations: Sueís Birthday

Day 12 - 8/31/03

AK and home: The Finally

Mickey got me up at 7am. I dressed and went down to the shop to get a box to ship our excess stuff home in. I told the CM what size box I needed and he went to look for it. While I waited I found an AKL shirt to buy. He came out and gave me a box as he described it ďBig enough to ship a small child in.Ē I said, ďI donít have a small child but I do have a small Ship.Ē I thanked him very much and headed back to the room.

First # 48 shipping some thing home.

By time I got to the room Sue was just waking up. As she got ready I packed the box. It was hard to do. We had mostly towels and decorations. My little ship fit nicely.  Sue was surprised I had done it all and I picked up the box and we headed to the front desk. This box was heavy!!  It was a struggle to get it to the front desk. But I managed. The CM had us fill out a form and then took the box to the back. She can back and told me the charge was only $ 20.00. They could not figure out how to figure out the charge. The box weighed 48lbs. I friend that works for Fed Ex told me it would have cost us over $100.00 to have it shipped if we were charged right.

First # 49 Leaving late to go home.

We went back to the room and called the Bell Service to have them pick up our bags. Then we enjoyed the room for a bit till they came. Then it was off to The Animal Kingdom. First thing to stop for a picture in front of the Tree of Life. Then we headed to Dinoland. It was all ready getting hot. It was a bright Sunny Day!!

First # 50 Seeing Dinorama

We wanted to look around Dinorama. The last time we ďsawĒ it, it was under construction. A troop of acrobats were just coming out so we stopped to watch them. Then as the crowed gathered we went to look around. Since we donít do roller costar rides and the games were major cheesy. We turned to leave. I wanted to play one game, so I sat down to squirt some water at a target. I had 2 opponents. But I won!!! Thatís when I noticed I beat a little girl.

She was crying. So did the only thing I could think of I ask her mom if I could give her the Dino Prize I had just won. Mom said yes. I handed it to her and told her he wanted to go home with her. She grabbed him and hugged him. I didnít mind I couldnít pack him any how.  As we left I saw 2 Dinosaurs that look lonely. So I went up and got my picture taken with them. It was getting hotter so we got water and head toward Asia. Sue wanted a pretzel.

We found them in Discovery Island between Dinoland and Asia. We sat on a bench outside a shop a eat them. Next stop was Kilimanjaro Safaris. So we turned left at Asia and headed to Africa. The closer we got to Africa we could see a crowd looking at the bushes.

First # 51 Devine

AS we got closer I could see what they were looking at DEVINE!!  I wanted my picture with her. Folks were stepping up and she would pose. So I went up. She started coming out of the bushes and the CM with her said she doesnít pose as I told Sue to hurry up and take it. I was happy. Sue didnít want to get a fastpass so we got in the stand by line. I think she was over heated. It wasnít a bad wait about 20min. We got put in the front seat.

This didnít make Sue any Happier She wanted to take pictures but the driver was in her way. I did get pictures. We found out Little Red is still ok and we head to Conservation Station. We strolled down the path and walked inside. Who was standing there greeting?
My main Baboon Rafiki!!!

First # 52 Getting a picture with Rafiki

I wanted my picture with him so took one for me. This was getting cool first Devine, now Rafiki!! We looked around and Sue needed to sit down. I knew some thing saw up so I went to get some soda. I was going to get a frozen Banana too but it started raining. I brought her the soda and was sat for a while. Her energy came back and we headed out. After a pit stop.

We headed back to Harambe and did some shopping. Then we remembered our Pictures we didnít want to be trying to get them at 5pm. So we tracked to the front and picked them up. Then back again. I was hungry so we stopped at Pizzasafri. Sue wasnít feeling well so she didnít eat. By time I finished it was around 3ish and we wanted to tape the parade.

We found a good spot to sit on a ledge near a garbage can and it was in the shade.
While we waited Sue got a little hungry, so I went and got her some popcorn and I got my frozen Banana. I love Mickeyís Jamminí Jungle parade. I have the Magic in the Streets Cd and have listened to the song a lot. I knew the words. It came Jamminí down the way and sang along. Some of the CMís noticed I knew the words and smiled. One even said SING IT to me.  I thought it was cool. Then as Goofy was coming, the video camera died! We quickly changed the battery and it still didnít work. I only got half the parade. So I put it up and enjoyed the rest of the Parade. We followed it down toward exit so we could get back to AKL to wait for Sid.

We got back to AKL and Sue was hungry. So we went to Maraís. I think she had another Hotdog. I had fruit. Sue was worrying about Sid being here on time so we called him to make sure he would be here at 7:30pm. She got off the phone and said Guess where he is? I didnít know. Out front!! Yep he was out front waiting for us because he had nothing better to do. So up and out we went Sue went over to him and I got our Luggage.

Sue made sure every thing got put in the trunk and I climbed into the car. We were both very tired from our romp around AK. We kind of slept to the airport. And found our way to the gate and sat for like 3hrs till we boarded. The flight went well. I put Harry Potter on slept all the way home. Sue also slept.  Mom was waiting for us and My DBro was with her too. We went and gathered our bags and chatted all the way home. DBro asked all the right question and some where hard, like what was the most Magical moment.

We sat up for a bit and talked after arriving home and then we all went to bed. The trip was over.

Final thoughts.

1. I would NOT stay at AS S again. But I would stay at ASMo.
2. I would love to stay at the Poly again. We didnít have enough time to get to know it.
3. I donít care if I take another 4 day Cruise. I loved the Wonder but I would want to spend more time on the ship. We do want to do a 7 day Cruise.
4. I would love to stay at AKL again and do more of the stuff at the resort. I love our room location and would stay in the same room again.
5. I have a new Ride to add to my list of must doís Splash Mountain.  
6. I would do High Tea again but I would just get pastries and/or Scones.  

This Trip was very Magical. I feel Sue and I made most of it happen. Getting the Buttons and ordering the cake asking to meet up with Passporters. One of the biggest highlights for me was riding Splash with other Passporters. I was nice to share that moment of my life with good friends.

I hope my on my next trip I can meet some DisneyEchoears, Now if i only knew when that would be.?  :bomb:

Thank You all for reading my trip report. Iím so glad you have enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing it.


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