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Posted by: RichKoster on July 02, 2003 10:32 am/pm

David Koenig writes about the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie premiere at Disneyland from the point of view (or no view of anything at all except total darkness, actually) of Disneyland's CMs that night. He reports hundreds of DL CMs were rounded up, moved down a darkened Big Thunder Trail,  herded into the giant dirt corral of the pitch black Festival Arena where they were made to sit for nearly three hours in complete darkness so as not to detract from the enjoyment of the Hollywood-elite and partygoers.

And while a few Disneyland executives (Cynthia Harriss and her senior executive team) and their families were literally given the red-carpet treatment and allowed to mingle with the stars and view the movie with them, salaried managers in that section of the park were forbidden from their own section of the park during the screening and watched by security to make sure they stayed in their offices which had all the windows taped shut and covered in blackout curtains.

The Disney Studios refused to pay dinner for the CMs and managers, so Disneyland put together a meager "dinner" for them from an ill-prepared budget. That dinner consisted of cheap, wilted sandwiches and chips. But that's not all: not enough food was provided to the CMs so it ran out before half of the CMs could get their plate. Luckily those with food shared what they had with the others, as they all sat in the total darkness on the hard ground waiting for the movie to end and for them to be set free.

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Posted by: JohnnyTarHeel on July 03, 2003 1:52 am/pm

I find that story remarkably appalling and disturbing. :o I've had a pretty low opinion of the film and TV side of Disney for years now and this report certainly does nothing to alter that, along with the fact that POC has garnered Disney its first PG-13 rating ever.  One more sign of Disney trying to keep up with "today's world" I guess.  :sniffle:  I do wish somebody could wrest back control of Disney from Eisner and crew...for a CEO that is rated at the bottom of the pack he sure seems to show no signs of positive change.  

I did find the image of these Disneyland CM's pushing each other around in dollies in the dark and harassing the poor catering staff out of boredom and hunger a bit Monty Pythonesque.   :bigsmile:

Thanks for posting this...I doubt the elitists that pulled this stunt can be shamed into anything, but it can't hurt to out this kind of despicable behavior toward the REAL workers in this company.


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