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Posted by: shelsworld on Dec. 06, 2003 8:57 am/pm

Hi, I'm Shelly.  Last Wednesday my dh called from work to ask me to plan a trip after Christmas for the 2 of us.  He was thinking someplace in the Carribean.  I was concerned about a babysitter(we have 5 kids ages: 7,5,5,3,3).  I voiced my concerns and we left it at that.  2 hours later he called back to tell me I needed to get planning we were going to Disney World.  :o  So here I am gathering as much info as possible.  We have our tickets, we went with 5 day park hopper plus tickets.  We are staying off site in a vacation villa.  I have booked a fireworks cruise with the boat decorated for my twins birthdays.  The first set will be 6 on January 2nd and the second will be 4 on the 4th, so we are doing the cruise on the 3rd.  I have also booked (PS) the cinderella breakfast at the Grand Floridian and Chef Mickeys for dinner on the 3rd.
That's all the planning I've done so far.  We are going to have the kids find out Christmas morning.  The present from us is a stuffed Mickey with a card saying "See ya in a couple days"
So any advice or info would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by: RichKoster on Dec. 06, 2003 9:08 am/pm

Yoo Hoo, Shel!

Welcome to the Disney Echo -- here's a pair of Disney EchoEars to make you feel right at home:

Wow! Two sets of twins?!?  :o  Did I get that right?

Sounds like you have great plans set up already, with the cruise and the PS's. Be sure to tell everyone about your birthday celebrations! That's a huge tip: it might get you even more Disney magic than you can imagine.

All of us (DW my age and DS 7 years old) enjoyed Cindy's at the Grand Floridian very much, as well as Chef Mickey's. Great choice for you and your kids!

Another tip: Take frequent breaks throughout the day. Even though they aren't babies, there's a great break area in each park's Baby Care Center where you can unwind, cool off (if it is hot), and get some (free) cold water.

Have a great time -- and thanks for joining the Disney Echo, Shel!

Posted by: MKBaughan on Dec. 06, 2003 10:23 am/pm

Welcome, Shel!  You will like it here!  Two sets of twins?  I just have one and have barely survived it!  (identical girls, 19 now).  make sure to tell the CMs in the shops at the parks... I know at the MK, I told them it was my granddaughter's bd, and while we looked around the Emporium, she made a phone call and asked Brittany to take the phone.... Goofy was on the line to wish her HB!  It made a 7yrs day....  Also when you make your PS arrangements, let them know about it.. our tables were decorated with streamers and confetti and at one dinner they went out of there way to find Pluto to give her a BD hug... and there were special BD desserts at each place...
(Cinderella's royal table and Tony's Town Square were our two favorite places... great desserts and everything..)  The kids, and the rest of you will enjoy it... and they will remember those BD's.... :birthdaycake:  :pixiedust:

Posted by: Goofyteer on Dec. 06, 2003 11:04 am/pm

Hi Shel and welcome to the Echo! You'll really love it here, we've got the friendliest Disney community around and there are lots of people here who can give advice for your upcoming trip! :mickey:  :coolgrin:  :minnie:

Two sets of twins? Wow! Instant family! :nod:

Oh and you'll all love the Cinderella breakfast and Chef Mickeys. All those travel books out there talk about how much fun they are, but they just can't prepare you for how great character dining really is! You'll all have a blast! Please share it all with us when you get back, we'd all love to hear how your trip was :mickey:

Posted by: shelsworld on Dec. 07, 2003 9:31 am/pm

Thank you for the warm welcome!  Yes, 2 sets of twins.  Our first set were girls then this last set was girl/boy.  They keep us completely exhausted!   :upside:  However, they are loads of fun!
I will most certainly do a trip report when we get back.  Right now though it is all we can do keep our mouthes shut and not spoil the surprise!

Posted by: dizneluver9 on Dec. 16, 2003 9:12 am/pm

Hi Shel :)

First of all welcome to the Disney-Echo Family :) YEs...WE ARE FAMILY! :D hehe..couldnt help myself :)

Second, there is a company called Kids Nite Out  that offers in room and a mother's helper program for guests at Disney and other area resorts/theme parks.  < Kids Nite Out >  this is the link to their website...should be self explaintory as to how to go  ahold of them and such.

Have a GREAT time while you are here! :)



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