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Posted by: polyman on Nov. 18, 2003 10:45 am/pm

Day 5 (Tues) - We started the day with Magic Kingdom at 9:30.  Headed right over to Splash Mountain, and were thrilled to see 0 minutes posted for stand-by time.  We rode Splash 3 times.  DS8 would have done it again, but my wife and I were wet enough.  DS15 and DS14 wanted to ride Space one more time, and DS8 wanted to ride Buzz.  We all headed over to Tommorrow Land.  After that, we returned to the Poly for a quick lunch and swim, and then decided we would do MGM once more.  The kids were interested in R+R Coaster and HTH.  It was 3:00 by the time we got over there, and stand-by was only 10 minutes, for both.  MGM was the Early Entry that day, so I'm sure most of that crowd had left the park by that time.  We then returned to the hotel, around 5:00ish, for the concierge evening service.  Chef Dick prepared chicken and beef, along with the usual cheese, crackers, veggies, and fruit.

At 6:15, we decided to go back to Magic Kingdom one last time, to at least see the Wishes Spectacular fireworks.  We got over there at 6:30, right in front of the castle, and decided to get one more ride in before we left.  DS15 and DS14 did Space, and DS8, wife and I went to Buzz.  I told DS8 that this would be his last ride, since we were leaving early the next morning, so make it a good one.  He ended up getting the highest score that you can - 999,999 - he was so excited.  **tip - when you enter the first room, hit the targets on the robots arm, they are worth 100,000 points.
We made are way back towards the caastle, and got as close to it as we could.  Within minutes the show started.  

After the show, we made our way down Main St., stopped for ice creams, and then got on the 4th ferry boat back to the Poly.  We all walked aroung the hotel, did some last minute shopping, and watched the Electric Water Parade at 9:00.  The kids went back to the room, and wife and I went to the Tambu Lounge for a drink.  We returned to the room at 10:00, and started packing.  I smoked a cigar on the balcony, and we were all in bed by 11:00 pm.

Day 6 - Breakfast in the lounge, and checked out at 8:55.  Our ride was waiting for us in front of the GCH.  We took some last minute pictures of the kids in front of the GCH.
It was very difficult to leave.  The forecast was for sunny skies and 85 degrees.

Comments - The Polynesian is still my favorite place to stay - anywhere.  I can't wait to return, and it may not be until 2005.  I don't know what it is, the sounds, sights, and smell of the resort - I am hooked.  The staff has always been helpful to us.  Chef Dick remembered DS8, from our last trip (5/02).  I told him that I got all of my info from Tikimans web site.  He said that he was still unable to find the site, he was not very good with computers.  

Fresh paint and new carpet was all that I noticed in the Hawaii building.  Phil at the front desk was great.  The food in the lounge was about the same, but I didn't see any sandwiches at lunch during this trip.  

Feel free to ask any questions.  This is my first trip report, hopefully I'll have the opportunity to write another in 2005, if not sooner.

Posted by: RichKoster on Nov. 18, 2003 5:28 am/pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
This is my first trip report

...and you're doing a great job at it!

Posted by: Tikiman on Nov. 19, 2003 12:15 am/pm

Thanks for the details. Great job. Did the concierge desk area look different? I was told they were going to set I up different to keep the guests from going behind the desk as they so often do.

So why did you wait for the ferry to get back over? Why not take the motor launch back? There is never a wait for that when we are there. Do you just like to ride the ferry?



Posted by: polyman on Nov. 19, 2003 12:53 am/pm

The concierge desks were set up in the same location, 3 desks facing the volcano pool side.

The line for the monorail was very long.  Of course, it moved faster than a lot of us had anticipated.  We decided to stay where we were, and it wasn't so bad with 3 ferry boats running at that time.

I'll know better next time.

Posted by: Tikiman on Nov. 19, 2003 12:58 am/pm

The monorail line is always long and we never take the ferry over or back. The boat (motor launch) always seems to be the fastest and most enjoyable way back to the Polynesian for us unless the monorail line is low.



Posted by: polyman on Nov. 19, 2003 2:40 am/pm


My mistake, we took the motor launch back to the resort.  I confused that with the ferry.

Thanks again for all of your input.  Will you be updating your website anytime soon?  We didn't have a digital camera with us, but have 5 rolls of film that we have to get developed.

When are you going back?  It won't be soon enough for me.

Steve Young

Posted by: Tikiman on Nov. 20, 2003 12:04 am/pm

You had to wait for 4 boats before you could get on? Even when we left the park on the night of the 4th of July and the line for the monorail was backed up across the front of the park we got on the next boat to arrive. WOW!! I canít believe the boat was that crowded you had to wait for the 4th one.

I am hoping to update a bunch of stuff on the site. I just added a bunch of new pages with photos and info on the early design of the Polynesian and the other resorts but I have some new photos to load up also that I have not had time to edit yet.

We were going to go back for Thanksgiving but I got a new big screen TV instead. Maybe next summer. I donít know if we will continue to go every year like we were now that we have the new property in Maui. Maybe every other year.

Thanks again Steve


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