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Posted by: RichKoster on Oct. 22, 2003 8:37 am/pm

Unveiling the new Disney Online

"Why, it's a virtual vonderland!"

Greetings! It is I, Professor Von Drake, special science correspondent for the Disney Insider. I am very pleased to be here today to tell you about the exciting new changes to < Disney Online >. Let me grab my trusty pointer and my clipboard, and we will begin!  

Very well, what do we see now when we go to the Disney home page? You may ask - well, I may answer. Why, it's a virtual vonderland! Oh my! You still have your theme park to visit, just like the old page, but now it's in de three dimensions, almost - like two-and-a-half dimensions, we'll call it.  

So, say you click on one of these lands here, and then what happens? Whooosh! You go flying through space, swooping down into the building where you want to go. Is this not what the kids call very cool?  

Plus, everything is not so hard to find now, don't you know. You want to fight Cogs in Toontown? There it is! And Kids Island is the place for the kiddies to find games and adventure. Plus it's easy to find Disney's Blast, the #1 Online Club for Kids, and Playhouse Disney too.  

So, but what about the grown-ups? It can't all be for the kids, you know? You want to get travel information and tickets, just click on Destinations. You vant to get the facts on Disney new and old, do your research at Inside Disney. Don't miss out on FamilyFun, where you'll discover games, crafts, party tips, and more - those crafts and recipes are fun to whip up for a scientific type like myself! And at Entertainment, you'll find out about films, t.v. shows, and live entertainment, plus more - you can never know too much, is vat I say!  

You might be thinking this is the whole shebang, but not so fast, buster! There's something else new for you: Disney Motion. You get your new videos playing right in your browser window twice a week, content you'll only see at Disney Online. It's amazing! Isn't science vonderful?  

So, you got your motion, you got your new home page, you got your easier navigation? Vat more could you want? Except a particle accelerator - but maybe that is just me, you know. Happy surfing, and velcome to the new face of < Disney Online >.



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