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Topic: Club 33 trip report from Rich and Carol Koster, From 1993!< Next Oldest | Next Newest >

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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
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Posted: Aug. 06, 2002 3:41 am/pm Quote

Yoo Hoo, Disney EchoEars!

Carol and I had the good fortune of being able to get inside Club 33 during one of Disneyland's Disneyana Conventions. Thanks to Google archive Usenet newsgroup posts, I was able to retrieve the original reports we made about our trip, way back in 1993! Here's our trip report:

From: Rich Koster
Subject: Club 33
Newsgroup: rec.arts.disney
Date: 1993-09-07 10:38:30 PST

Among the extra-cost perks available for the 2nd Disneyana ConventionEARS
is an opportunity to have lunch at Disneyland's exclusive Club 33
restaurant.  Many different serving times were made available on a few
of the days of the convention, but the literature warned that seating
space was limited.  Just like the "Breakfast Under The Castle" offered
last year at the Disneyana Convention at WDW (which was only one event
unlike this year's Club 33 luncheons), all the available spaces were
quickly snatched up at Club 33 this year.  We called less than 24 hours
after receiving the letter in the mail, and already all the reservations
were full!  We were told they were taking a standby list, so we went
ahead and got on it, but thought that no one would actually cancel.

Well, no one did cancel.  But something better than that happened!
The Disney folks decided to offer *breakfast* at Club 33 on Thursday
morning of convention week, and since we were on the standby list we
got a phone call from them telling us about it.  We accepted, so now
we'll have another interesting event to write you all about when we
get back home.

* "Are you hunnnngry?  How would you like some of Old Mother Mallard's
* "delicious golden brown waffles?  Drippin' with golden butter, and
* "swimmin' with maple syrup!  Waell, here's the recipe!  Are you ready?"

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator

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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
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Joined: Aug. 2001
Posted: Aug. 06, 2002 3:53 am/pm Quote

From: Rich Koster
Subject: Pt. 4 - Club 33 Bathroom 1 of 2
Newsgroup: rec.arts.disney
Date: 1993-09-25 18:28:30 PST

Posted to both the Fidonet Disney echo and Usenet's rec.arts.disney:

As a special favor for DL cast member Roberta Brubaker, we will post
the contents of part of our tours at the 2nd Disneyana Convention
out of order in this message.  Madames et Messieurs, it is with deepest
pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.  So let me
invite you to relax, loosen your belt, as the Club 33 dining room
proudly presents...  our men's room!  :)

[Note: In this post I am transcribing an audio tape which I made
while having a serious expression on my face and doing my best
impression of a David Letterman field report.  The tape has already
been played for Roberta, who has dared me to post it here.  I can
assure all of you that I would have done so with or without the
dare from Roberta!  That's why I taped it in the first place!
I only wish I could let you hear all the sounds that are on the
tape -- perhaps someone with access to sound digitizing equipment
could make a sound file for IBM clones and Amigas and Macs if I
provided them with a copy of the audio tape!  Until that happens,
we'll have to settle for this written version, which has audio
sound effects and verbal descriptions of what is heard on the
tape surrounded by these characters ->    :: Sound ::  like that.
And now, let's "listen" to the tape...]

:: Carol has just come back into the main banquet room after ::
:: using the Ladies Restroom, *flushed* with excitement...   ::

Carol: Goooo to the men's room!

Rich: I will go with the tape recorder to the men's room, and
     share it with the rest of the world!

Carol: Do they have the same seating arrangements in the men's
      room as they do in the ladies room?

:: Rich heads off to the men's room to find out. ::

Rich: A door labelled "Messieurs"...  :: sound of door opening ::
There's a double vanity on the right with perhaps faux marble --
black with white veins,  :: toilet flush ::  gold fixtures, white
porcelein sinks,  :: water turns on in a sink ::  a lot of touches
of gold and black.  There's an antique table with a matching mirror
on the wall with two light sconces and electric candle-type light
bulbs in them.

Unidentified Male Guest In Men's Room Voluntarily Helping Out: Very
deep sinks, too!

Rich: *Very* deep sinks!

Unidentified Male...: Very deep!

Rich: It looks like it could come out of any very high-class New
Orleans house, the furnishings in here.  And we're stepping over
to the three urinals, that -- uh -- while you're *using* them you
can view a map of the world, two different framed pictures of that:
one of North & South America and one of the other continents.
And when you're done, this is what you hear:

:: *FLUSH!!!!*  Water gurgles.  Sounds of recorded ::
:: piano music off in another room filtering in... ::

There is one john area with a (looks like it was built for this
area) old-fashioned type water closet with the water closet tank
above.  It's all made of wood with a pull-handle.  The wood-covered
water area is a white wood with inlaid framing which repeats the
wallpaper theme in the very center of it.  It's got the same type
of silk wallpaper found on the walls.  A chrome pipe is going down
into the toilet area, which is a standard bowl and seat.  There is
gold metal over the toilet paper areas.

:: Rich tactfully pauses the tape recorder at this point as he takes ::
:: advantage of his location to gaze at the maps of the world while  ::
:: multi-tasking another task as well...  ;-)                        ::

[To which at this point when the tape was played back for Roberta,
she shouted out: "Wimp!!!".]

:: Tape begins again... ::

The same black veined marble found on the tops of the vanities is all
around the baseboards and the dividers at the urinals.  Besides having
built into the wall paper-towel dispensers, which are bronze-type looking
(other than that they look standard issue), there are folded white paper
towels with the  :: urinal flush ::  Club 33 logo in gold on them that
you can dry your hands with.  On the same table there's also a Kleenex
box that's in a gold and black collectible box,  ["Collectible" was
the first descriptive word that popped into my head, although I swear
I had no intention of "acquiring" it for my collection!] matching the
same gold and black found throughout the rest of the room.

:: Rich exits through the door near the table. ::

(Continued in next message.)

* "That's not chocolate!"  ;-)

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator

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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
Posts: 5119
Joined: Aug. 2001
Posted: Aug. 06, 2002 3:55 am/pm Quote

From: Rich Koster
Subject: Pt. 4 - Club 33 Bathroom 2 of 2
Newsgroup: rec.arts.disney
Date: 1993-09-25 18:28:32 PST

(Continued from previous message.)

Rich: Do you have a report on the Ladies Room that you would like to share?

Carol: A wicker chair in there...  Uh, I can check to see if it's
occupied, and you can come in.

Rich: No, I'll -- uh -- I'll let you carry this in if you want to do
verbal commentary.  I'll, I'll stay outside in the hallway.

Carol: Ah! I have *pictures* of it that I hope will come out.

Rich: Okay.  That will serve as your description.

:: Audio tape ends. ::

And now, I turn the rest of this report over to eye-witness Carol
Koster, who will describe the Madames Room to you from memory,
aided by the two pictures which *did* come out all right in the end! ;-)

This is from Carol:

The vestibule of the Club 33 ladies room has an antique dresser at
which you can sit and adjust hair and makeup as needed.
Predominant color is pink and tan pastel florals.  There's a
Victorian red velvet couch to sit on there, which is great when
you're *waiting* to use the ladies room and those ahead of you are
busy either using it or documenting each other using it!

The ladies' room toilets are amazing!  I guess the furniture style
is Queen Anne.  Instead of porcelain exposed toilets, the porcelain
is covered in white wood, edged in gold.  The backrest, toilet
seat, and between all the legs from the seat to nearly the floor is
white wicker.  You lift the wicker lid and sit on a white wood but
gold edged seat...more like a single sheet of wood with a toilet
shaped hole in the middle of it.  The ladies' room is just a
two-holer for all those lady diners who patronize Club 33.  There
is a pastel floral, elegant, wallpaper surrounding the toilet area,
and white/grey faux marble surrounding the tanks, a marble tile
floor set off by black diamond tile accents.  No wood covered water
tanks with pull handle on a chain as in the men's room, we had a
chrome button to push in the wall to flush the toilet.  Our sink
area also had Club 33 logoed paper towels which disappeared like
magic.  Overheard one of the Disney cast members remark while
passing us in the hallway in a hurry "Gosh, the ladies room is out
of paper towels *again*!"  Y'know, elegantly logoed paper towels
make such great souvenirs!  They occupied a daintily convenient
place stacked on the vanity shelf over the sinks.

I have to describe some wild ladies from New York City and New
Jersey.  Fancy plumbing just brings out the zany in people, haven't
you ever noticed?  Well, we were all just thrilled with how nice a
place the ladies room was, the fuller the bladder the more thrilled
they were, coffee and juice being what they are.  These New York
and New Jersey ladies wanted to preserve the moment of this unique
and very special Disney indoor plumbing experience.  They took
pictures, and videos, of each other sitting on the toilets (but I
couldn't tell from my vantage point if the lid was up or down) with
legs spread akimbo, looking into each others' camera lenses and
smiling excitedly ("I'm *here*!") or contentedly ("Ahhhh, this is
*great*!).  The memories they'll take back home!  The souvenirs
they left behind! ;-)

Who needs "Fantasmic!" when we had the Club 33 water show!

* "You may get cold and wet when you're done,
* "but ya gotta admit it's good clean fun!"  -Doc

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator

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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
Posts: 5119
Joined: Aug. 2001
Posted: Aug. 06, 2002 4:38 am/pm Quote

From: Sue Jackson (
Subject: Disneyana "Coverage"
Newsgroup: rec.arts.disney
Date: 1993-10-06 23:08:15 PST

Thanks to Carol and Rich for their detailed report of events at the recent Disneyana Convention.  I can especially picture the Club 33 bathrooms now. The ladies from NJ (I believe) and their "video" cracked me up!
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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
Posts: 5119
Joined: Aug. 2001
Posted: Aug. 06, 2002 4:42 am/pm Quote

From: Rich Koster
Subject: Pt. 18 - Club 33 Buffet 1 of 2
Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney
Date: 1993-10-09 17:26:24 PST

Posted to both the Fidonet Disney echo and Usenet's rec.arts.disney:

Continuing with trip reports of the 2nd Official Disneyana
Convention, September 14-19, 1993, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim CA:

This report describes the food served at an historic special breakfast
tour of Disneyland's private restaurant, Club 33.  Previously, only
lunches and dinners had been served to members and their guests there,
and only on one time in the club's history had breakfast ever been
served at all.  This was the first time that non-members or non-V.I.P.s
had been invited by the Disney Company to dine at Club 33.  For the
Disneyana ConventionEARS, seats that club members had not reserved were
made available on Wednesday and Thursday at six different lunch times.
This very limited seating sold out very quickly.  Carol and I tried to
sign up the evening that we received the announcement in the afternoon
mail but the Disney office was closed so we could only leave a message.
The next morning it was already sold out!  We were put on a standby list,
even though I didn't think there was much chance that someone would cancel.
The following morning they called back to say that one special breakfast
tour had just been added for Thursday morning, so we signed up for it.

Two long buffet lines were on either side of a wide hall leading to the
banquet room  -- one buffet was overflowing with desserts.  This hall was
large enough to serve as an additional dining room.  The Trophy Room was
also used as a dining area for the ConventionEARS.  I won't attempt to
describe the food myself, except to say that while I found the fare
served at Aladdin's Oasis to be tasty and pleasing, the food at Club 33
was certainly many levels in quality above what is served there and
elsewhere in Disneyland.  We could have all the food we wanted, and there
were unlimited amounts of coffee, tea, and fresh fruit juices as well
(although alcoholic beverages were not offered to us).

Because I knew that y'all would want to know everything about what was
served, and especially since this breakfast seating was historic, I made
sure that the bill of fare would be described to you far better than we
could ever do it (even though we've enjoyed the fine New Orleans food for
quite a few years now).  A Club 33 cast member strolled down the buffet
tables with me and described for you all the culinary delights, as I
recorded his commentary into my cassette recorder.  I now present the
transcript of that audio tape, and please forgive any misspellings found
below.  I requested a printed menu, but one was not available.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

           S P O I L E R     A L E R T   !   !   !

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Go now to the next message and skip reading the rest of this one
if you don't want the following information to possibly make you
very hungry!    Consider this "Fair Warning"...  ;-)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

With microphone in hand, I stepped up to a lovely woman cast member
standing at the end of the buffet:

Rich: "Carol, would you be able to describe the various foods that we
have so I just have a recollection later of what we have?  We have cheese
blintzes here...?"

Carol (not my wife): "I cannot describe them as very well as either Tony
or Brett could!"

Rich: "Tony or Brett, could one of you describe the foods here just
briefly?  I just want to have a record of what was served here today."

Tony: "Certainly, sir!  We have crepes, and those are wrapped around
cottage cheese, and that's a black currant sauce.  We also have broiled
lamb chops and that's served in a tarragon Bearnaise sauce.  We have some
sauteed carrots with butter, parsley, sugar and honey.  Home fried
potatoes with three-color peppers.  We have two different kinds of eggs
today, one is with scrambled eggs with peppers; the other one is a duck
smoked sausage and that's also topped with little scrambled eggs.  We have
an au jus sauce and our carving item today is a roasted prime rib."

Rich: "Stepping down the table we have some breads and rolls?"

Tony: "Yes, we have some bagels and some croissants, various flavored
danishes, bran muffins, blueberry muffins, and raspberry muffins.  We also
have the proper accompanies with cream cheese, jelly, a little whipped
cream.  We also have lox or smoked salmon, and that's goes great with the
capers and red onions and you can put that on a bagel, and it really goes
great.  We also have a Shellfish Ortega salad, with scallops and shrimp
and lobsters on it.  Going on down, we have a Romanoff salad, and that is
apples and walnuts, pertaining to that name, and that's tossed with beef
and chicken.  And over here we have an ambrosia with cut fruit including
honeydew, cantaloupe, coconut, marshmellows -- and just a fresh fruit
salad over here including the same things as in the ambrosia, just no
dressing -- just the plain fruits in their own natural juices.  We also
have various assorted cheese platters including Brie, cheddar, goat
cheese, Gouda, dill cheese, Camembert.  And today we also have our fruit
platter which is all different assortments of fresh fruits including
watermelon, mango, pineapple, honeydew and cantaloupe, blackberries, and
garnished nicely with little mint leaves."

(Continued in the next message.)

* "If you're stressed, it's fine dining we suggest!"

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator

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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
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Posted: Aug. 06, 2002 4:44 am/pm Quote

From: Rich Koster
Subject: Pt. 18 - Club 33 Buffet 2 of 2
Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney
Date: 1993-10-09 17:26:25 PST

Posted to both the Fidonet Disney echo and Usenet's rec.arts.disney:

Continuing with trip reports of the 2nd Official Disneyana
Convention, September 14-19, 1993, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim CA:

(Continued from previous message, about the food available at the
Club 33 breakfast tour.)

Rich: "Would you mind stepping over to the other tables on the other
side of the room?"

Tony: "Well, this is our omelet bar, our omelet station today.
Everybody has a choice between having their omelette filled with
three-color peppers, cheddar cheese, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes,
shrimp or ham.  And we'll be happy to cook that up for you just as
you like it.  [Stepping over to another omelet station.]  This is
all the same thing.  [Stepping over to another table.]  And down here
we have our assorted dessert table.  We have our Kahlua cake: two
layers of fudge filling with Kahlua and three layers of moist,
chocolate cake.  Down here we have New York-style cheesecake.  We
have assorted mini-pastries, anywhere from brownies to little slices
of cheesecake, and a puff pastry topped with fresh fruit and a little
French cream.  We also have a pistachio nut cake.  Over there we have
an Amaretto cake with slivered almonds.  Down there we have a mango
Frangelico cake.  In front here we have what we call a fondue, and all
it is is an assortment of fresh fruit including honeydew, cantaloupe
and marshmallows and [cut up] pound cake, and that gives our guests
an opportunity to dip that in a little chocolate fondue."

Rich: "And I believe you had a Doberge cake, a New Orleans-type
multi-layer chocolate cake that apparently was very popular."

Tony: "Yes!  It seems to be popular since it's not here [any longer],
but yes, sir, you would be correct."

Rich: "That was very good.  I had a piece of that myself."

Tony: "Oh, well good!"

Rich: "And what again is your name?"

Tony: "My name is Tony."

Rich: "Well thank you very much.  This will be posted out on the
rec.arts.disney message group on the Usenet computer system as well
as Fidonet on the Disney echo."

Tony: "Beautiful!  Great!  Glad to hear it."

Rich: "Thank you very much."

(End of taped interview.)

* "With dessert she'll have tea, and my dear that's fine with me!"-Mrs.Potts

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator

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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
Posts: 5119
Joined: Aug. 2001
Posted: Aug. 06, 2002 4:45 am/pm Quote

From: Rich Koster
Subject: Pt. 19 - Club 33 Speech 1 of 3
Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney
Date: 1993-10-09 17:26:27 PST

Posted to both the Fidonet Disney echo and Usenet's rec.arts.disney:

Continuing with trip reports of the 2nd Official Disneyana
Convention, September 14-19, 1993, Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim CA:

This report contains the talk given by Matt Emerson about Club 33 on
the background of this private DL restaurant during the Thursday
breakfast tour.  It is joined in progress, as I wasn't able to start
my recorder quickly enough to catch the very beginning of his speech.

Transcript of Matt Emerson's speech:

Matt: "Walt Disney was involved in some attractions at the 1964 World's
Fair in New York.  One of the attractions was the Carousel of Progress,
which General Electric sponsored.  He very much wanted to bring that
attraction to Disneyland.  Part of the deal with General Electric was,
they really wanted to have a private participant club where they could
entertain their executives.  Walt had mixed emotions about that because
he wanted Disneyland pretty much to be alcohol-free and kind of had a
kind of a back and forth tug [of war] with himself whether or not to
allow that.  That kind of went on for awhile.

"The New Orleans Square area was in development at that time and Walt
was planning an apartment, which is now over the entrance to the Pirates
of the Caribbean, for his private use.  This facility [gesturing around
him in Club 33] was actually going to be for his private use as well.
The smaller room that was right adjacent to the stairway as you came
up [now the Trophy Room] was going to be his private dining room, and
the area which you're sitting in right now was going to be used as a
banquet hall for him to entertain foreign dignitaries and park
participants.  Tragically, Walt Disney did pass away in December of '66
and we never really saw all of the area really come to fruition.  The
facilities were built, they were done, and it was a decision to be
made of what to do with the facility after his passing.  It was decided
at that point to use the facility to accommodate park participants such
as General Electric, as well as to opening it up to members for a private
membership club for people from the Los Angeles and Southern California
area.  And we've pretty much been that ever since, a private club.

"We started out May of 1967.  We celebrated our twenty-fifth anniversary
last year with a special dinner.  I think Katie's been around to most of
the tables and kind of told you a little about that.  Well we had Emil
Kuri who was one of the designers for the club come up and speak to us
and it was a very exciting time.  He had a lot of stories to talk about
Walt and how they gathered a lot of the artifacts for the club as well
as for all of Disneyland.

"Right now our membership list is right around 400 people.  We keep it
at that number primarily because we are a very small restaurant and if we
have too many more members than that we find that it becomes impossible
to make a reservation.  So we keep it right around 400.  We are currently
with our wait list to become a member at 512, 521, right around that
level.  So we're over 500.  So we have more people on our wait list than
we actually have as members of Club 33."

Guest: "The last time I asked the wait was around seven years."

Matt: "Yeah, it really depends upon attrition and how many members we
lose.  We generally have a turnover rate of about ten members a year,
SO..."  :: laughter from the guests ::  "...if you want to figure it that
way, I don't know -- it's about a *forty* year wait!  Actually, we send
out about forty to fifty letters to the top people on the wait list every
January or September, depending upon how our membership is going.  And
out of those forty letters we'll generally get about six or seven
responses back.  Just because they've been on the wait list for such a
long time, a lot of them either moved and not updated their addresses, or
they're not in the company anymore, or something has happened to them
*financially*, or there are a lot of different reasons.  So we figure the
wait list to be anywhere between five and seven years, probably around
that.  So if you'd like to get on our list, I'd suggest getting on it
right now..."  :: laughter from the guests ::  "...and sometime around the
turn of the century you can enjoy Club 33!"  :: more laughter ::

"We got our name from our address here on Royal Street.  We are Number 33
Royal Street, New Orleans Square, Disneyland USA.  I know there's been a
lot of different theories on how we got our name, but that is actually
the correct one.  So, very simple and basic, but shrouded in mystery."

Guest laughs and says: "That's not very exciting!"

Matt: "No, it's not, is it?  I was kind of surprised when I heard, too!
Heh-heh!  Our membership clientele really ranges from just the average
Disney fan, we have a lot of doctors and lawyers, professionals from
the Orange County area, we have one member from Australia who is a big
Disney collector and actually, that one member who lives all the way
across the globe utilizes the club more than any of our other members do.
He comes to the park probably twice a year and spends two to three weeks
here and he'll come in every single day and every single night we're
open.  So it's kind of surprising that the member that lives the farthest
away actually utilizes it the most."

(Continued in the next message.)

* "Sorry, Mr. Disney, but the only thing we're serving at this party is
* "lemonade." "Oh, lemonade?" "Or I could get you something stronger --
* "coffee?"  -Annette Funicello & Walt Disney, Back Stage Party

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator

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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
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Posted: Aug. 06, 2002 4:46 am/pm Quote

From: Rich Koster
Subject: Pt. 19 - Club 33 Speech 2 of 3
Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney
Date: 1993-10-09 17:26:29 PST

Posted to both the Fidonet Disney echo and Usenet's rec.arts.disney:

(Continuing with talk given by Matt Emerson about Club 33.)

Rich: "Are you normally open for breakfast?"

Matt: "Um, we actually, this is about, uh, maybe the second breakfast
that we've ever done up here at Club 33, and so it..."  :: loud applause
from the guests, drowning out a couple of words Matt said ::  "...And it
worked so well, I don't know, maybe we need to look into this!  This is
a good thing.

"We are open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week throughout the summertime
and then during the off-season -- this time of the year, we are open
Friday and Saturday nights for dinner, and Tuesday through Sunday for
lunch.  And we have our buffet lunch -- a lot like what you see stuff
here but there are more lunch items on it -- on Tuesdays, Fridays, and
Sundays.  All the other nights that we're not open we'll host banquets
for any members or companies who like to come in and do banquets.  So we
can do a banquet in the club anywhere from between 25 people all the way
up to a hundred and ten for sit-down meals.  So a lot of different..."

Guest: "How much would it cost for those banquets?"

Matt: "Well, it ranges because we let them set their own menu and they
can select their own wines, so it really just depends on what kind of
event they're really looking for.

"Something we do special for our members:  We have special private
member-only dinners up here at Club 33 about once every other month
where we'll pull down an animator from the Walt Disney Studios or
someone that's been involved in some Disney project.  Our staff will
dress up in whatever sort of costume that might theme to, and they'll
put on a presentation for our members.  They have been *extremely*
successful.  I don't know if any of you have had a chance to see our
Fantasmic! river show during the summertime, but it's a very spectacular
production and we did a dinner for our members where when they came up
here to the club and we had a cocktail reception, walked down to the
raft dock by the river, watched the show, and then went over to the
Golden Horseshoe for a presentation by the show designer.  Generally we
max out at about a hundred and ten.  We had 145 people come to that with
a hundred people on the waiting list."

Guests: "Oooooo!  Ahhhh!"

Matt: "So we had to do two nights and it was a very successful and
incredible event.

"We've had Fess Parker come down.  He actually owns a winery now up in
Santa Barbara, so we featured Fess Parker wines and he told stories from
his old Davy Crockett days.  We've had Dave Smith from the Disney
Archives come down, Glen Keane who was a supervising animator on Little
Mermaid -- he drew The Little Mermaid, he drew the Beast in Beauty and
the Beast.  Bobby Burgess came down for Mouseketeer Evenings.  So, a lot
of special events for our members themselves, and our newest event we're
doing next week as a matter of fact over at Aladdin's Oasis where we're
having an animator come down who animated Jafar, Andreas Dejas, and
he's gonna come down, do some illustrations for us.  And it's just
something that gives the members something else besides their exclusivity
in using Club 33.

"When members do come to the club they are given complimentary admission
into the park.  They're all issued their very own Club 33 credit card
that is for their use not only up here but also throughout the park.
It's funny how prestigious those cards are.  It's very amazing whenever
their card gets ripped up they're on the phone, or one second afterwards
'I need that card back!'  'Well you haven't been here, Mr. Smith, for
two years.'  'Well, I just need that card!  I need that card!'"
:: laughter from the guests ::  "I think that's kind of a status."

(Continued in the next message.)

* "There will be riches and magical places.
* "A private oasis out there in the sands.."

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator

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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
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Joined: Aug. 2001
Posted: Aug. 06, 2002 4:47 am/pm Quote

From: Rich Koster
Subject: Pt. 19 - Club 33 Speech 3 of 3
Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney
Date: 1993-10-09 17:26:30 PST

Posted to both the Fidonet Disney echo and Usenet's rec.arts.disney:

(Continuing with talk given by Matt Emerson about Club 33.)

"But that's just basically what we're all about.  And on your way out
we'll have some cast members around to point out some points of interest
throughout this [banquet] room.  Also in the other room that I was
mentioning earlier, the small room, was originally called our Trophy
Room where Walt Disney and the family had different pieces of exhibition
work on the walls.  We had an extensive butterfly collection at one time.
Most of those items are gone now.  They were part of the family, and
Lillian came in several years ago and decided she wanted to take a lot of
the original stuff back for her own private use.  We still call it the
Trophy Room.

"But the unique thing about that room -- is when you walk in, above the
doors as you walk in, there's an Audio-Animatronic vulture."  :: Laughter
from the guests ::  "Inside all of the chandeliers is a little microphone
up inside the middle, and the concept -- I don't know if any of you have
been down to Pleasure Island in Florida to the Adventurers Club, but that
was actually the original concept for that.  The people were going to be
listening in off-stage; the vulture was going to talk back to the

Guests:  "Ohhhhhhh!"

Matt: "It actually never operated because of our existence as a private
club, and the business and the clientele that was up here, we decided
that perhaps listening in on conversations..."  :: laughter from guests ::
"...uh, wasn't a marvelous *idea*, so that idea was kind of abandoned, but
all the pieces are in place there and it would be fun someday to maybe
hook that back up.  ...And *spy*!  See what General Electric is *really*
up to!"

Guest: "They have something like that done in Florida."

Matt: "Yeah.  Exactly!  Right.  Yeah.  So, take a look at that when you
go through that room.  Does anyone have any questions or anything that
I can answer for you?  Yes!"

Guest: "I know in the Disney Gallery there's this TV.  Somebody told me.
Okay, where's the other side of that?  'Cause they say that the reason
why they put the TV there is it hides the door to this club."

Matt: "That's right, over at the Disney Gallery there is that television
monitor that is in one of the rooms over there, and that, actually if
we took that monitor away, that would be the door to our kitchen.  And
that is how we were actually going to service the Disney Galleries

Same Guest: "So that door goes through the kitchen."

Matt: "...goes right into our kitchen, right.  Uh-huh.  We *do* do
luncheons over at the Disney Gallery as well.  As a matter of fact,
tonight we're having a function where the members are coming in and
we're doing a cocktail reception over at the Gallery and they're going
to come over here for dinner.  So we have a lot of different uses.
We're very lucky, because we are located inside Disneyland and there
are so many opportunities for us and for our members to not only utilize
the facility here but also the park.  So, it's a challenge for us and
it's something different all the time, so it's very exciting.  Any other
questions?  No?  Well, very good!

Once again, I want to welcome you here.  I hope you enjoyed everything
and like I said, on your way out you're free to stay for a while longer,
if you'd like to sit and converse.  If not, we'll be escorting you out
of the park until 10.  The park opens at 10 o'clock today.  So if you'd
like to go, please wait for an escort, and any other questions we can
answer as you walk around we'd be more than happy to answer those
questions for you.  So enjoy the rest of your weekend!  I know it's
going to be very exciting over there today!"

Guests:  :: Applause, applause! ::

Carol, to me:  "Goooo to the men's room!"  (For more details, see
"Pt.4-Club 33 Bathroom 1of2"!)  ;-)

* "And the moral to this little story is: 'A crust eaten in peace
* "is better than a banquet partaken in anxiety'." -Walt Disney

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator

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Posted: Aug. 06, 2002 4:50 am/pm Quote

From: Carol Koster
Subject: Pt. 20 - Our Trip Reports  
Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney
Date: 1993-10-09 19:23:47 PST

(This is from Carol:)

Cross-posted to Fidonet's Disney Echo and Usenet's rec.arts.disney

Thanks to those who expressed positive response to our writings
about our trip to the 2nd Disneyana Convention.  We enjoy providing
these details to you!

Please bear with us as our personal schedules, ongoing intermittent
network access problems, and illness have prevented us from writing
as much and as often as last year.  We hope to get more information
out more quickly now.  The messages are being written and uploaded
as we complete them and as we find stable and reliable uploading
sites so the messages actually will go out to all of you, so your
patience with us is humbly requested.  Thanks!

We've already received some private net mail requests for reposts
and private resends.  Due to the intermittent loss of our local
Fidonet and Usenet BBS we've had to resort to posting using long
distance carrier to two BBSs, one in Los Angeles and one in
Orlando.  We have to ASCII dump our text uploads and downloads
instead of using .QWK packets, and the process is slower than
using .QWK packets, and this is with our using a 14,400 baud
FAXmodem!  Our long distance bill this upcoming billing cycle is
going to be awesome and an unplanned expense.  I hope you'll
understand the little problems we've experienced.  So, if anyone
missed some parts, please post it publicly, and perhaps some kind
soul out in E-mail land saving them can shoot those out to you
privately.  Fidonet Disney Echo moderator Chris Harrower is
archiving our trip reports, and still has last year's reports from
the 1st Disneyana Convention.  You can contact his BBS, The Ink And
Paint Club, via Fidonet 1:270/415.1 or call either (717) 295-4633
or 687-9705 to log on, but I think the (717) 295-4633 number is the
most current one.  I think Chris has Usenet access, though I don't
know his electronic mail address there.

To those of you who may not enjoy these posts:  We admit they
are long, seem to go on for many parts, and may not be everyone's
cup of tea.  We truly apologize for any inconvenience, bandwidth
cost or waste of time you may be suffering because of us.  We
certainly don't want to convey the impression that we only see the
good and sugar-coated and ignore the bad.  We write in an adult
manner to communicate the fun of Disney, it is not our intention to
be condescending to anyone, we can only be ourselves.  There is an
end in sight to all this, however, it will come, someday ;-)!  In
the meantime, if you don't enjoy our posts, you might just want to
"skip to next message" until the series reaches a conclusion.  On
Usenet many universities and corporations offer the option of a
"kill file" in which incoming messages from a particular source can
be pre-selected and "killed" before reaching the reader's terminal.
Your use of the "kill file" might provide you with fast-acting,
temporary relief from the headache and heartburn of our trip
reports if you find you don't enjoy them. :-)  We are not offended
if you choose to use your "kill file" or "skip to next message"
computer functions on any of our uploads.  :-)

Some of our reports may offer glimpses into tantalizing secrets of
how Disney magic comes about.  On Usenet these are called
"spoilers" (a spoiler might be like telling the surprise end of a
mystery or the score of an exciting game before people have had a
chance to see it or find out for themselves, or whatever).  We will
continue to clearly designate our "spoilers" and offer early
opportunity for you to "cut and run" so the surprises of Disney
magic can continue to delight some, while those who are curious
about how it's done can satisfy their curiosity.

We do not take this computer network or its readers for granted.
Losing access to Fidonet and Usenet after long term daily use is
like living in a neighborhood of terrific neighbors who've become
friends, only to find one day they've all suddenly upped and moved
away, houses empty, without notice or a forwarding address.  Having
intermittent loss is like the neighbors are there one day, and the
next day the neighborhood is like a ghost town, then a few days
later they've all come back, then a week later they've abandoned
their houses again.  Except in the world of electronic mail, all
the neighbors are invisible!  [Insert "Twilight Zone" music here,
on topic since that'll soon be a ride at WDW!]

Thanks again for the kind words and comments!

--Carol Koster

* Jose': "Applause, applause, standing ovation, OK everybody stand up,
*        "on your feet, Ole'!"
* Michael: "And now that you're all standing..."
* Jose': "We have a wonderful magic trick for you!"
* Michael: "EVERYBODY face the door and we're gonna make you all...
*          "DISAPPEAR!"
* "Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, Its out the door you go,
* "We hope you all enjoyed the show, heigh ho, heigh ho!"

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