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Posted by: Guest on Aug. 24, 2001 10:27 am/pm

There's a new novel being offered to publishers that has Walt Disney as its central character. Called Snowbird, it's a thriller that's set a couple of ticks into the future. The Disney company is in trouble, about to be broken up. That's when Walt's guardians wake him from his cryonic slumber to save the day! But there are powerful forces that don't want that to happen! The story is a great yarn with corrupt government officials, Russian Mafia hit men, moles, rogue FBI agents and, of course, one of the entertainment icons of the 20th Century.

I guess by now you figured out that I wrote Snowbird. The reason I'm making a pitch for it here is I'd really like the opinion of some Disney fans.

If you'd like to take a look at it before it's published you can -- free of charge -- on the Internet at < "Snowbird" from >. And like I said, I'd appreciate your thoughts. You can add a post here or contact me directly at

Thanks everybody! And thanks, Rich!


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