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Posted by: Goofyteer on Sep. 22, 2003 6:01 am/pm

In a local used book store they had some of the Disney-licensed Choose Your Own Adventure titles for young children. I had never seen any of these before so I was flipping through them. One of them caught my eye called "Mickey's Christmas Carol Adventure" since I was thinking, "How the heck would they turn that particular cartoon into a CYOA?"

So I looked through it, and it has the reader as their own character watching everything happen in front of them. It has one particular thing I thought really hilarious, and as far as I can tell it wasn't meant to be funny at all. Remember, this is the Mickey version of the story so it has illustrations based on the cartoon with Mickey as Cratchit and all. On one of the pages it says you are peeping through the keyhole of Scrooge's personal door and the book says, "Scrooge is talking with a spirit!" and you see Goofy in his Jacob Marley getup lecturing Scrooge. And get this. The next illustrations shows "you" in shock and the text reads in all seriousness, "Marley's ghost is terrifying to see."  :eyebrow:   :wwww:

:D :laugh:  :laugh:  :crazy:

Posted by: LilMarcieMouse on Sep. 24, 2003 2:31 am/pm

Hee Hee that is funny!! LOL  LOL

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