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Posted by: princess angel on June 09, 2003 9:31 am/pm

If you are staying at the Y&B Club, there is an option for a quick breakfast!  
I post this because I think this is something that a lot of people are not aware of.  
It used to be that the option for a quick breakfast was to go to Beaches n' Cream, where they had a continental breakfast set up.
However... that is no longer the case.  They discountinued breakfast at Beaches n' cream, which opens now at 11:00am for lunch,
and now have made it more convenient to grab a quick bite in the morning.

The Yacht and Beach both have a continental breakfast right in each lobby area!  The Yacht Club has it set up in the Ale & Compass Lounge, right off the YC lobby
and the Beach Club has breakfast set up in the Rip Tide lounge, right off of the BC lobby.
You can purchase coffee, cereal, donuts, bagels, fruit...etc...

The fact that the Y&B club does not have a "counter service" area, has had some people concerned with where to grab a quick bite in the morning,
this new feature of breakfast in the lobby lounges is a very convenient addition, and just one more reason to love the Y&B club!

of course.. there is always the option of strollling around the Boardwalk to go the Boardwalk Bakery for a cinnamon yummy!!!!!!
LOL, but that is another topic!!! :)

Posted by: Tikiman on June 10, 2003 9:43 am/pm

Where is the best place for a sitdown breakfast at the YC or BC? I don't remember us eating breakfast when we were there a few days. We were always heading into the parks early.
Posted by: klwally on June 10, 2003 1:50 am/pm

Beach Club has Cape May - a buffet Character Meal. It has great food (for Breakfast or dinner!!!mmmm) and the characters too! I've found that some mornings, if we get up early the place isn't very crowded and we can get a table without PS, and practically get the characters to ourselves. (this was in an October trip we took, not peak season)
Posted by: princess angel on June 10, 2003 5:52 am/pm

Yes, I agree, Cape May at teh Bech Club is a great character breakfast, with Chip, Dale, Goofy adn Minnie.  The buffet has a huge variety, possible the largest I have seen!
very good too!  (creme filled krispy kremes... sinful)

Another great choice for a sit down breakfast is the YC Galley.
They offer an ala cart menu with waffles, omelets, pancakes..etc,
OR a buffet!   the buffet is a grea value, since there are no characters, it costs only about $11.95 per person, and they have a nice variety, awesome pancakes!  omelet, bacon, eggs, susages, muffins, etc.....
includes coffee and juice.

Posted by: RichKoster on June 11, 2003 4:23 am/pm

You can purchase coffee, cereal, donuts, bagels, fruit...etc...

Didn't the Yacht Club or the Beach Club (or both) at one time (years ago) have a free breakfast (very limited selection) for their guests? We were trying to have a Disney EchoEars Day meet in the Bellevue room (one of our members at that time had Belle as his log-in name... long story...) but we were told we couldn't meet there because of the free breakfast being offered to YC guests, and we wouldn't weren't staying at the YC. Maybe this was for concierge-level guests (if they had it there that many years ago) instead of all of that resort's guests, but I think it was for all of them.

Posted by: princess angel on June 11, 2003 9:27 am/pm

The Bellevue room is at the Boardwalk Inn, and used to have continental breakfast, but it was not complimentary there either...

I have never seen complimentary breakfast offered at the Y&B Club or at any othere resort for that matter, unless ofcourse you are staying concierge.
The concierge lounges are on private key access floors...
so, I am not sure what you saw, it possibly could have been for a convention group!

Posted by: RichKoster on June 11, 2003 11:35 am/pm

Ah, thanks for setting me straight! Yes, it was at the BoardWalk, now that I remember correctly. Could it be they just didn't want us there because we weren't staying there? That's what you get for asking permission first.

Posted by: princess angel on June 12, 2003 7:08 am/pm

that;s right Rich, if you look and act like you are in the right place...then you are!   :)
Posted by: Nysie on Aug. 04, 2003 3:32 am/pm

We had a nice character breakfast at the Cape May Cafe! At the time we went,8am, there was only about 4 other tables of people! We had the characters to ourselves!!
Posted by: Mary on Aug. 05, 2003 3:41 am/pm

Can the refillable cups be filled at the Rip Tide Lounge?  Also, are the mugs in the room and when the are gone "you buy them" or do we purchase them elsewhere?

Mary   :mickey:


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