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Posted by: MKBaughan on Oct. 23, 2003 9:25 am/pm

Okay, I'm not trying to cause trouble or offend anyone here
(I really like it here, guys! )  But, that said, I have a question.
I know many of you here are CM's or former CM's... Also, most of the group has been to WDW or DL (or both) many, many times.  I myself, go alone alot, and find myself sitting on benches or in ride lines, observing first timers.  I always get a kick out of some of the things I hear them say, or how they observe the parks and attractions.  Case in point.... I was sitting on the wall in front of the Fantasyland entrance/exit to the old SKYWAY TO TOMMOROWLAND.  (The ride had been closed for two years when this happened).  A couple with a baby in a stroller were standing nearby trying to figure out their next move.  The husband asked the wife what the small chalet building behind me was.  She replied it was the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse!  I'm sorry, but this really cracked me up!  Being in WDW for the first time is an overwhelming thing even if you have read the guidebooks, and visited the websites.... but it amazing how many people go down there  that have absoutely no knowledge of Disney at all...Does this sound mean?  I don't intend it to... has anyone else out there had this kind of experience in the parks?

(Marsha, who hopes to still have friends on here after tonight! ) :blush:

Posted by: RichKoster on Oct. 23, 2003 9:56 am/pm

I think this is a fine question. But I'm moving it to the general Disney forum and out of the off-topic forum. It certainly is on-topic and Disney-related, but since it applies to more than just Walt Disney World I'm putting it into the general Disney message area.
Posted by: MKBaughan on Oct. 23, 2003 10:11 am/pm

Thanks, Rich, I wasn't sure where to post it!         :sorcerer:
Posted by: Kimski182 on Oct. 27, 2003 7:15 am/pm

Good morning:

  I agree with Rich, this is a fine question.  Being a WDW vet myself (I think i'm at 19 trips - 23 by the end of 2004), I usually take these opportunities, to help a family better enjoy WDW.  

  I usually start with, "I hope you don't think I'm rude, but I couldn't help but hear you were interested in..... "  and then provide them with the informaiton they need to find the real tree house.  

  I do interject myself mainly when a family is trying to figure out the best way to get from point A to point B, or where to find a specific item or where a specific attraction is.  

Since I normally wear a Guest Of Honor Badge, I am often stopped by families who believe me to be a cast member.   I truly enjoy talking to folks from around the world, and have met some of the nicest people this way (as well as pin trading).  My husband used to think I was crazy until I bought him a Guest of Honor Badge as well, and now he enjoys helping otheres enjoy WDW as much as I do, but only if asked.


Posted by: Sweetums on Oct. 27, 2003 10:37 am/pm

In my first WDW College Program session, we learned a new word for many of the people who come to WDW..."tourons"  (tourist + moron)   LOL

Now, in all honesty, most of the people I would deal with were very nice and pretty well informed.  But there were more than a few who you couldn't help but wonder about.

One that pops into my mind was a lady who called to make reservations for the hotel INSIDE the Magic Kingdom.  I asked her if she meant one of the resorts adjacent to the MK--Contemporary, Polynesian or Grand Floridian.  She says "No!  It's the one INSIDE the Magic Kingdom!"  

Me:  Well, the Contemporary is right across the street from the Magic Kingdom...

Confused Guest:  You're not listening!!  It's INSIDE the park!

Me:  I'm sorry ma'am, but I am not aware of any hotels that are actually inside the park.  What's the name of the hotel?

CG:  I don't know, but it is INSIDE the park.

Me:  Hmmm, I'd really like to be able to assist you, but there are no hotels in any of the parks.

CG:  I'll get the name of it and call you back!  (click)

Of course, I never heard back from her... LOL

I'll post more as I think of 'em.   :)

Posted by: utilidor27 on Oct. 27, 2003 11:03 am/pm

I came across quite a few funny events while working in and around Disney, and you can find some of them in the "Funny and interesting stories" thread over at the Cast Member Clubhouse.
There are stories out there all over the place, from people leaving keys in their cars for safe keeping, to the assaults on the ticket takerbooths by cars who forgot to slow down fast enough!  :hurt:

Posted by: MKBaughan on Oct. 27, 2003 5:38 am/pm

Kimski, I try to help people too... and I have made some friends from other countries, by eavesdropping ( so to speak) and interjecting... but when You're alone there, it's kind of hard not to kind of want to shake your head at some people's perceptions...I've never said anything outloud to anyone about what I hear....I am just nosy... not mean!  

Utilidor, I will check that one out...

Sweetums, the old saying about if walls could talk.... hoo boy!  I'll bet the castle walls would talk from now until 2010!

I appreciate everyone responding... this was my first topic to start on my own...

Posted by: MKBaughan on Oct. 27, 2003 5:41 am/pm

I hope it didn't sound like I took your post the wrong way, I didn't... But I have a question.... what is a Guest of Honor badge?

Posted by: Kimski182 on Oct. 27, 2003 5:55 am/pm

I'm glad you didn't take my post the wrong way, it certainly wasn't meant to infer any action on your part was due any criticism.   Just adding my experiences.   :)

A Guest of Honor Badge, looks very similar to a Cast Member Name Tag except the Guest of Honor Badges are not White.  They say Guest of Honor across the top with a character on them as well as your name.  Mine has is blue with a Pooh Bear, my husbands is green with Tigger, I've also seen blue with Minnie Mouse.  Last time I was at WDW in April however I only saw red ones with Mickey.  They have them at DTD in the Christmas shop and some are pre-engraved with names already on them.  If you don't find the name you want they can engrave it for you there.   I think there is also a store at MGM that has them.


Posted by: Sweetums on Oct. 28, 2003 11:19 am/pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
Sweetums, the old saying about if walls could talk.... hoo boy!  I'll bet the castle walls would talk from now until 2010!

Right you are!   ;)

Other things I thought of:

When I first started working at Disney/MGM, it was in 1990 and Universal had opened recently.  So I would get a lot of "where's King Kong?" or "where's Jaws?"  

Working with Chewbacca at Star Tours was fun.  Most people knew who he was, but many times people would get excited thinking they were meeting "Harry!!!!!" (from "Harry and the Hendersons").  And one time, a Brasilian woman insisted on calling Chewie "King Kong! King Kong!"

People would also call Goofy "Pluto" and vice versa.  And Donald "Daffy".  

Oh, and when I worked for Disney Vacation Club, people would ask "is this timeshare?".  I mean....can you imagine??!!!!! :9  LOL  :crazy:

Posted by: Goofyteer on Oct. 28, 2003 12:20 am/pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
Working with Chewbacca at Star Tours was fun.  Most people knew who he was, but many times people would get excited thinking they were meeting "Harry!!!!!" (from "Harry and the Hendersons").  And one time, a Brasilian woman insisted on calling Chewie "King Kong! King Kong!"

Now that's just unreal. :laugh: How anyone can confuse Chewy for Harry is beyond me, especially since the movie "Harry And The Hendersons" bombed at the box office and the tv show based on it did worse!

Posted by: MKBaughan on Oct. 28, 2003 1:22 am/pm

Jaws?  Aren't they the little critters in hoods that roam around MGM & Star Tours?  I mean, didn't they kidnap 3-PO & R-2-D2? :D   :wink2:
Posted by: RichKoster on Oct. 28, 2003 5:23 am/pm

Chewie is still very popular to this day and I don't think he's mistaken for other characters much anymore, at least not at the Star Wars Weekends at D-MGM. During the one I attended in June, there was a funny stage show in which he was brought onstage for a question and answer session (with an English-speaking alien translating for him).

That is where I learned that the reason his fur is all brown is because he tries to camouflage himself by blending into the forest -- and that his name is really pronounced "ChewBARKa!"

Posted by: dizneluver9 on Oct. 28, 2003 6:07 am/pm

When I am in the parks I like to offer to take pictures for couples and families so all members of the group can be in the picture....i did that once while on International Gateway bridge at EPCOT...I cant remember where in Asia the family was from but after I took their picture the next thing I knew it ...they were all around me and had somebody else taking another picture with me in it. :) It was a  VERY surreal moment :)
Posted by: utilidor27 on Oct. 28, 2003 7:09 am/pm

If you really want to spend the day being asked questions about the parks, wear your "I'm a disneyfantasear" tag one time. It seems to have a sense of magnetism to it. I got stopped out of the blue in the middle of a meal to be asked where the nearest restroom was in a section of Fantasyland! By the end of the day I was just waiting for someone to ask me a really technical question about one of the attractions or a parade LOL
Posted by: dizneluver9 on Oct. 28, 2003 7:22 am/pm

I just thought of another one.....whenever I would go to EPCOT after work I would wear my ID on my lanyard just to have somewhere to put it...At work we had to wear a shirt with a collar and kahakis....I must have looked all official or something cuz guests would come up to me to ask questions rather then asking the CM that I was standing next to :D
Posted by: RichKoster on Oct. 28, 2003 7:32 am/pm

I was wearing my Guest of Honor badge and waiting for Carol and Michael to join me at the base of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, leaning against the trunk of the tree at the bottom of the stairs, where the outdoor kitchen is.

I had lots of people think I was a Cast Member, including some foreign tourists who asked me what kind of a tree it was.

And for the record, it is a Disneydendron semperflorens grandis (giant, ever-blooming Disney tree) .

Posted by: Sweetums on Oct. 29, 2003 9:46 am/pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
Jaws?  Aren't they the little critters in hoods that roam around MGM & Star Tours?  I mean, didn't they kidnap 3-PO & R-2-D2? :D   :wink2:

Ootini!!!   LOL
Posted by: MKBaughan on Oct. 29, 2003 6:32 am/pm

Okay...  I couldn't resist!   :D
Posted by: Sweetums on Oct. 30, 2003 9:21 am/pm

---------------------QUOTE BEGIN-------------------
Okay...  I couldn't resist!   :D

Hey--I was right there with ya!   :)

"ootini" is what the "jaws" yell out when they are speaking.

So now that it's out in the open, yes, I am quite the Star Wars NERD. :smart:  :bigsmile:

Posted by: MKBaughan on Oct. 30, 2003 9:55 am/pm

I love Star Wars!  I however don't speak Jawa or Wookie or anything else.... I am jealous!  My son is 3 weeks older than Star Wars, so I had to of course use him as my excuse for the toys and movies... one of his favorite memories is when he was in first grade, and Return of the Jedi came out.  I picked him up at school about 10:30AM and we went to join the line for tickets to the first show... He loved the ewoks (so do I, they are pretty much my height... I didn't like the bugs around the Jawas faces...) :(

He had a stuffed R2 that he loved (I worked at Toys R Us at the time, and he got most anything that came out as soon as if came off the truck almost..)  and to this day he has not forgiven my mother in law for throwing away all (and I mean all) of his original Star Wars toys when we moved)  Those R2's only came into our store ONE time.... the only thing he has left is his Wicket the Ewok doll, he slept with that when he was little and she missed it... to this day, I have bought him something SW for Christmas or whenever I come across it...  He missed his action figures so much, he kept the cardboard backings they came on for years...I have yet to be able to work around his schedule to take him to a SW weekend... I went a few years ago, and love the pic I have of 4'9" me with a very tall Chewie!

Posted by: Sweetums on Nov. 01, 2003 11:13 am/pm

Threw it all away??? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

:angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:

Posted by: MKBaughan on Nov. 01, 2003 12:45 am/pm

Yep, all  of it... and they were at the bottom of a dumpster before I found out, and there was no was to get them back...
She still doesn't understand why we were mad!  He had the original Millenium Falcon too...  The things I have bought him are the toys from the past several years... So none of them can really take the place of the originals (which I couldn't afford if I could find them) .... Some how, someway, I am going to take him down for the SW weekend... he would love it...


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