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Posted by: Herbie on Nov. 20, 2003 6:34 am/pm

We are staying at FW for a while in December 03 and into January 04. We have found some extra time to spend in Florida but FW is full the extra dates that we need to stay!
So........Whats are next best options, close to Disney, Orlando area? We have three kids,  9,7, and 2 year old, so we need a campground that will work for us. I have called Disney a few times and they dont have any cancellations yet, and I didnt want to wait anymore with only 1 month left. I am kind of a "plan ahead of time" kind of person so, I have made ressies at the KOA Ft. Summit. Mostly because its close to orlando attractions and it looks like it is a "family friendly" type of campground.  :nod:
Does anyone have any info on Ft Summit? Any pro's or con's to report? Are there any other campgrounds we should consider?........NO we dont want to spend a week in a Walmart parking lot!!! :o
I hate staying in campgrounds the first time that you dont never know what your going to find!!!  At least Ft. Summit is a KOA so it cant be all bad..........right !?!?!? :uhoh:
Thanks for any input on this one gang!

Posted by: RichKoster on Nov. 21, 2003 12:45 am/pm

There's a Jellystone Park campground nearby, isn't there? I've never stayed there, though.

Posted by: mickeysdad on Nov. 21, 2003 2:44 am/pm

We stayed there a number of years ago, and it was pretty nice.  Don't know how it is now, but I would guess the same.   :santa:
Posted by: rocklandrvers on Nov. 22, 2003 1:24 am/pm

I can understand your frustration :angry: since I went through exactly what you did.  I called for reservations way back in July and already FtW was full for some of the days we wanted in December :uhoh:  

We were told the best they could do would be give us the first 8 days because they were full the last 2 days and on past the New Year.  We also looked in Ft. Summit too and even made a reservation, but I was determined to get 10 days in FtW.  So I called back every few days.  Finally after a couple of weeks and lots of calls I lucked into calling just when there were some cancellations.  :laugh:

I am sorry to hear you got shut out. Try calling back again and again.  Its going to be tough now that December is nearly here, but ya never know!! :pixiedust:

Posted by: carierraine on Nov. 26, 2003 1:54 am/pm

Hi, same thing happened to me. I got in the Fort for Jan 2-7, and I am in the Kissimmee KOA Dec 29-Jan2. Can't wait to go home! :D The Kissimmee KOA is new so hopefully it will be fine. I have stayed in KOA's in Texas and they all are very good. Check out the KOA's gold, silver, or bronze rating on the web site. See you there!

Posted by: think*tink on Dec. 08, 2003 4:41 am/pm

Hello, just saw your post and thought I would reply.  You might want to try Tropical Palms Resort in Kissimmee.  They have cabins on one side and a campground on the other.  We have stayed in the cabins 3 times and loved them.  My parents came down with us one year and stayed in the campground with their trailer.  They loved it also.  They have a pool open 24 hours, Kiddie pool.  A restaurant open by the pool for breakfast and lunch.  Very good food at good prices.  They have a laundry room right next to the restaurant also.  They also have a nice store up by the front office with just about everything. It is right next to Olde Town so we would go over there at night and walk around also.  There is a Publix grocery store across the main street.  It is just a few minutes from Disney World.  They have a web page at to see more informations.  Hopefully you will find something.

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