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Topic: Koster Trip 6/12-21/03 Fort Wilderness & Star Wars, Meeting Dreamfinder / Star Wars Weekend!< Next Oldest | Next Newest >

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Posted: Sep. 30, 2003 9:59 am/pm Quote

Monday, 6/16/03: We finally get to the Magic Kingdom!

Mickey woke us up again while we were asleep in our cabin. I wonder why he always uses the phone and doesn't come and knock on our door?

Weather Report:
After breakfast in our cabin we ventured out and found the weather to be sunny and hot again today -- but later on it started raining.

The best things today:
  • Today we went to the Magic Kingdom and Michael rode Splash Mountain for the very first time -- and he loved it! Carol and I remember being very nervous when we rode it our first time, but he did fine (closing his eyes on the big drop helped, he said). We bought the picture of us coming down the big drop, with all of us seated in the back row of the log. We opted to have the picture along with a Splash Mountain magnet and frame for the photo delivered the next day to Fort Wilderness for us to pick it up then.
  • Playing on Tom Sawyer Island
  • Talking on 2-way family radio: First Carol rode Big Thunder Mountain with a radio while Michael and I were on Tom Sawyer Island with our other radio. Then we switched, with me riding BTM while she stayed with Michael on the island -- Michael didn't want to ride Big Thunder Mountain any day we were at the Magic Kingdom (maybe he knew something? ) and hasn't gone on it ever in his life yet. Carol and I both enjoyed being able to communicate with each other, even while riding on the coaster! I could see them waving their hands through the gun slits at me while they were in Fort Langhorn. Very cool!

The worst thing today:
  • I did laundry late Monday night while Carol and Michael slept. Even at that hour the laundry room was very crowded. One washer was already broken when I arrived and then one of the ones I was using broke halfway through washing the load (the 6th washer from the left). There were so many people doing laundry that I had to wait for a dryer for part of my load. I was glad that I was able to get a $2 refund the next day at the trading post for the washer that quit working on me.
  • It started raining on this day in the afternoon, and for the rest of our vacation we were dodging the raindrops. That wouldn't be so bad, but we had put off going to the campfire program and we weren't going to be able to experience that in the rain because they cancelled the movies. Tonight we were thinking of going to see "The Apple Dumpling Gang" because it would be Old West/Wilderness themed, but the rain forced us to change our plans.
The funniest thing today:
At Cinderella's Royal Feast in the Grand Floridian, we asked the Prince if he ever got away from all the princess stuff and spent some time doing man stuff. He confided in us that he sometimes has a night out of the castle with the guys, rides horses with Gaston and even drives the race cars in Tomorrowland. Michael was very happy to hear this.

Today we tried Cinderella's Gala Feast...
at the Grand Floridian: The food was excellent! Even better than chef Mickey's. Michael said it was the best pizza in all of WDW. Carol and I loved the buffet there as well.

I was glad to see "Big Bertha" there again, although I seem to recall that it actually moved (banging the drums, for example) when it played the last time I was there years ago. Could it be that the music is just a CD of it now?

Carol had convinced us she needed this dinner to allow her "princessy side" to come out. Must be tough living in a house with all males except for her! Michael is at the age where he doesn't like any princesses except Princess Lea (she's cool because she's in Star Wars). But we honored her with this dinner and both Michael and I were well-behaved and put up with all that girly stuff for her.

The most magical moment today:
When Cinderella came to our table, Michael got as small as he could and hid his face in the back of the chair. We explained the phase he is in to Cindy and she pulled up a chair and talked to Michael one-on-one, gradually convincing him to forget about her being a princess and to just think of her as a friend. Amazingly, she soon had him accepting this, turning around, and talking with her normally for a few minutes before she needed to move on.

Arriving at the Magic Kingdom:
This morning was our first time travelling from Fort Wilderness to the Magic Kingdom by boat. That is a very delightful way to experience WDW and I took videos of our water journey, including views of the former Discovery Island (formerly Treasure Island) and River Country. I explained the water bridge to Michael after we passed by Wilderness Lodge and the Contemporary Resort. As the Magic Kingdom got closer and closer to us as we sailed across the Seven Seas Lagoon, I noted to myself that this was a much more pleasant way to get to the Magic Kingdom than by bus or even in your own car and then having to park in the Magic Kingdom parking lot.

Take the boat or drive from Fort Wilderness to the Magic Kingdom?
It really doesn't take any more time to go to the Magic Kingdom from Fort Wilderness via boat instead of your own car or van. One time when we had all come over in our Minnie-Van, Carol decided that for the way back she'd take the boat while Michael and I took the monorail to the TTC, walked to the parking lot tram, took the tram to near where our van was parked, walked to our van, then drove to our cabin in Fort Wilderness. Carol meanwhile took the boat from the Magic Kingdom which stopped at the Wilderness Lodge before arriving at the Fort Wilderness marina. She then walked to the Settlement bus depot, took a bus to the bus stop near our cabin, walked along Cedar Circle and then into the cabin. We arrived within a minute of each other, Carol second. But she could have easily been first if we were delayed at any step along our way. So relax and enjoy the boat!

When we left the Magic Kingdom to get ready for Cindy's Feast, we took the boat back to Fort Wilderness and then the bus to our cabin, got changed and freshened up, then drove our Minnie-Van to the Grand Floridian where I let off Michael and Carol at the covered entrance (it was raining hard then) and I went and parked the van over in the self-parking lot, then walked back with my mouse-eared umbrella (which got a lot of favorable comments).

The first thing we did in the Magic Kingdom:
We walked right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A. (I love writing that! ) to the hub where the first thing we did was to have one of the Disney photographers take our picture with the Partners statue of Walt & Mickey behind us and the castle in the background. We were all still fresh and looking good, it being morning, and we're glad we did it then because later in the day it started storming!

We did ride other atractions today, such as Tomorrowland's Indy Speedway, but I'm only presenting the high points of the day here. Pal Mickey toured the Magic Kingdom with us, most of the time with me holding him and then using the repeat function so that Michael and Carol could also hear what he said when he wanted to share something with us about where we were. We didn't have fancy clothes for Pal Mickey (and also it was raining then), so he stayed behind, locked up in the cabin when the rest of us went to feast with Cindy. We didn't make him do chores like Cindy had to do when she wasn't allowed to go to the ball, though.

Dining today
Breakfast was in our cabin, as usual. Refreshments at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square. Lunch at Pecos Bills at 2:20 pm. Supper was at Cinderella's Royal Feast at the Grand Floridian.

Notes for next time:
I'm glad we brought our own laundry detergent from home, because it costs $1.25 for a 1-load size box of Tide detergent there in the laundry building. 1 load's worth of Bounce & Downy also cost $1.25. Washers cost $2 (8 quarters). Dryers are $1 for 15 minutes of drying time, with a maxium 60 minute run time. It is stated on the dryers that the average drying time is 45-60 minutes based on an average load of 4 towels, 2 jean pants, 2 shorts, 2 shirts, and 4 undergarments. I used 4 washers at $2 each and $3.50 on dryers.

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator
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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
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Posted: Sep. 30, 2003 11:28 am/pm Quote

Our Fifth Day -- Tuesday, 6/17/03: Another magical day at the Magic Kingdom

Mickey must have our phone number memorized by now, because he called us early once again this morning to tell us about the big doin's going on that day. We enjoyed our breakfast while watching tapes of the fun we had the day before in the Magic Kingdom and at night with Cindy and her prince. Michael had a chocolate waffle with bacon and orange juice while Carol and I had coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon with our orange juice.

Driving to the Magic Kingdom in the rain
Because the Weather Channel said there would be hot with scattered showers all day and it was already raining that morning, we decided to stay a little dryer for a while at least and took our Minnie-Van to the Magic Kingdom, parking it in the Magic Kingdom parking lot in the Pluto section, row 21.

The front row!
One of the first things we did was to go back to Splash Mountain because Michael was up for another ride on it. This time we all asked to sit in the front row, and the CMs let us. I knew it would make a better picture with us up front. Michael kept his eyes open this time and we all enjoyed the great view. It was wetter sitting in the front than in the back like yesterday, but it wasn't bad. Michael's position in between Carol and me kept him the driest of all. And it was sprinkling and raining lightly that morning anyway, so it really didn't matter. We decided to buy today's photo, too, because it looked so good with us up front. It was 11:11 am when we told them to deliver it to Fort Wilderness, just like we did yesterday.

What we need is more water! Oh, and a Mickey ice cream, too
After Splash Mountain, we wanted more water -- the kind you drink!

So we bought a bottle of water along with a Mickey ice cream sandwich (total: $5), which we all shared there at the bridge to Splash Mountain, watching people come down the waterfall.

Later we came near the churro cart and split a churro with chocolate sauce and another bottle of water (Did I say it was hot today? Well, it was! ). Total cost: $5.25. Churros are much better at Disneyland than the Magic Kingdom. It is a regional dish in Southern California... here at WDW it is just an oddity and isn't made as well. The one with chocolate sauce we shared didn't taste as good as the regular cinnamon one I had years ago in Walt's original park.

More attractions!
Next we rode small world and did our usual thing of making penny wishes in whichever land we wanted (cost: 5¢). After that we took flight with Peter Pan where we conviced Michael not to make a penny wish over Neverland. We followed that up with some intensive penny wishes at Cinderella's fountain behind the castle (cost: 50¢). The Disney Magic must have worked on our wishes, because they've come true: We're returning to WDW this week.

Lunchtime! Come and get it!
When we got hungry we went back to Fort Wilderness to make our own lunch. This was the time that we did our experiment to see which was faster, taking the boat/bus combination back or taking the monorail/tram/van back to our cabin (and the result was virtually a dead heat). When we got to our cabin I fired up the grill while Carol cooked some side dishes in the kitchen. It had stopped raining but was still hot and very humid, so I kept going in and out of the cabin to check on how the steak and hot dog were coming along. Carol and I split the steak, but Michael preferred having a grilled hot dog, which was fine with us. We also had salad and hot buttered corn on the cob. Mmmmm, mmmmm!
:9 :wow:

Fort Wilderness fun
The rain was still holding off after lunch, so Michael and I swam in the Meadow pool, with Michael using his life vest. But both of us had forgotten to bring his ear plug (for ear tubes, one of which already came out) so we kept our swim time short and were careful not to get any water in his ear. We went to the Meadow trading post where Michael window shopped (playing with the guns and hats with another boy) while I got a refund on the previous night's broken washing machine and picked up our Splash Mountain photo and purchases from the day before. By then it was 5:42 pm so we left to join Carol again. Since we couldn't afford to rent a golf cart during our stay at Fort Wilderness, we used the buses and that worked out fine. It started raining again while we waited for the bus to take us back to our cabin, but we had our umbrellas plus the bus stop was covered so we were fine.

Rained out movie again
We relaxed in the cabin and got to sleep early because that night's campfire program was cancelled due to the rain. We really didn't want to see "The Tigger Movie" anyway.

Besides, we needed to catch up on our sleep because we'd try to get up early enough to make it to Extra Magic Hour at Epcot the next day.

Next: We spend our sixth day at Epcot

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator
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Minnie's Kitchen and Disney Dining & Priority Seating ModEARator

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Posted: Oct. 01, 2003 9:01 am/pm Quote

Your reports are putting a smile on my face :)

I think of my son during our trip in May when you speak of Michael.

Frankie rode Splash Mountain for the first time as well.  He had a BLAST!  We didn't get the picture because he was blocked by the person in front of him :(  .  Next time....

The boat ride to MK is incredible isn't it?  It's a nice relaxing way to end a day at MK.  During our last trip, Frankie and I would frequently take a round trip boat ride at night while DH was with the baby.

So, you'd recommend the Gala Feast?  It's buffet?  Since I'm the only princess and I'm surrounded by 3 princes, will they be totally bored?

You must be jumping out of your skin.  You leave tomorrow right?


Disney Echo "Minnie's Kitchen" ModEARator
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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
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Posted: Oct. 01, 2003 9:17 am/pm Quote

Quote (Liv2CdWorld @ Oct. 01, 2003 8:01 am/pm)
Your reports are putting a smile on my face :)

I think of my son during our trip in May when you speak of Michael.

Frankie rode Splash Mountain for the first time as well.  He had a BLAST!  We didn't get the picture because he was blocked by the person in front of him :(  .  Next time....

The boat ride to MK is incredible isn't it?  It's a nice relaxing way to end a day at MK.  During our last trip, Frankie and I would frequently take a round trip boat ride at night while DH was with the baby.

So, you'd recommend the Gala Feast?  It's buffet?  Since I'm the only princess and I'm surrounded by 3 princes, will they be totally bored?

You must be jumping out of your skin.  You leave tomorrow right?

Yes, Cindy's Royal Feast is a buffet: all you care to eat and a vast selection of very high-quality food. Your "princes" can talk to Cindy's prince like Michael and I did -- that's a nice bit of "man talk" they can look forward to and helps get through all that princessy-stuff.

Yup! I'm hurriedly finishing up packing and trying desperately to finish these trip reports, too, from our June trip before leaving early tomorrow morning!

RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator
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Group: Disney EchoEar Grand Mouseter/AdministratEAR
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Posted: Oct. 01, 2003 8:26 am/pm Quote

Day Six -- Wednesday, 6/18/03: Epcot

We were up early, ate breakfast quickly, and arrived at Epcot in time for the Extra Magic Hour.

As soon as we passed through a long line at security, we used our Annual Passes and entered the turnstyles. Then we made a bee-line to Test Track. Apparently other Guests got in even earlier than us or ran there, because there already was a long line of people waiting to ride it without FastPasses. They probably got a FastPass and then got in the regular line to see it that way first, planning on going a second time with their FastPass. Anyway, we didn't want to wait in the regular line since we now had our own FastPasses, so we walked away to look at other things waiting for our FastPasses to be usable starting at noon.

As it turned out, if we had waited on the regular line right then, it would have been shorter than the long 45 minute line we had using our FastPass later!

We walked past Mission: SPACE but weren't allowed to go into the entry plaza as it wasn't in soft opening back then. Sure looks pretty, though!

All three of us went into Ellen's Energy Adventure -- for our first time. The last time Carol and I were at Universe of Energy Michael wasn't even born yet. We liked the show, but can't they do anything with the face on the Ellen animatronic? I mean, really!

We then explored Innoventions and saw a really neat robotic dog that a CM put through its paces for us. She also brought out another, newer robotic dog and showed us that one, too. Just the thing for kids allergic to pet fur!

We played a bit with the Disney Software videogames, but most of them didn't really interest us so we moved on after a few minutes.

We were very interested in the preview area in Innoventions about Mission: SPACE and we took a lot of the computerized quizzes there.

Michael and I also participated in the ToonTown demo. Michael got to be Mickey Mouse and I chose Donald Duck so I could be next to him. I wound up being the winner, but I was playing against 3 kids.
You think I wasn't going to give it my all? No way! I was out to have fun, too!

Carol found where you can send email messages so she did that. I'll have to go back there on our next trip and use that, too!

Test Track, where the Fast Passes go even faster than the cars!
When it was time to use our Test Track Fast Passes, we were shocked to see long lines there -- even for those with a Fast Pass! The Fast Pass wait time for Test Track was listed as 60+ minutes, but actually it took us 45 minutes from entering the line to walking off the ride (for entry Noon to 1 pm). So those wait times, take with a grain of salt.

This is one attraction where the term Fast Pass is a misnomer. Waiting 45 minutes in line with a Fast pass is ridiculous.

For the same attraction the standby line was 3 hours and the single rider wait time was 90 minutes. It is good advice to tet to Test Track ASAP as soon as the gates open because the Fast Passes for it go quick! By mid-morning all of them were taken.

We all rode Test Track for the first time and liked it. Michael said it wasn't as scary as he thought it would be, although he did close his eyes for most of it.

To me, the ride is okay -- but I can't see spending that kind of money on a ride which isn't an E-ticket ride in my opinion. The attraction doesn't have "heart" like the attractions of old had, so it leaves me kind of cold. I wouldn't feel like I have to ride it again next time: been there, done that.

Here comes the rain again...
Exactly as we were about to exit the post-show area of Test Track, it started coming down in buckets! Good thing we weren't on the track at the time of the downpour -- or still in line and then have them shut down the ride for the day.

We put on our ponchos and used our umbrellas, is was raining so hard.


Good news: Figment is back.

Bad news: The original version of this attraction with Figment and Dreamfinder was much, much, MUCH better. At least Figment is back... there: I said something nice about the ride. The interactive after-show area was much better in the original version vs. how it is today, too. I was very disappointed to find out that the second floor is going to waste now. You don't even get a chance to look at the cool glass roof from inside anymore.

One thing about the ever-present souvenir shop attached to the end of the after-show area of the Epcot Imagination attraction: Not necessarily to buy it, but check out the new way to do "portraits" that you can have done there. It's cool! You have a 3D sculpture of sorts engraved in a block of plexiglass (or some sort of plastic) with your choice of Disney logos or Characters put within it. It is about the size of a very small sculpture or paperweight or figurine or computer desk buddy object. You can have an image of just yourself, or entire group/family, or couples....whoever wants to be in it with you. That's a refreshing change to the 5x7/8x10 photo portraits now being done seemingly everywhere on the property. We didn't buy one, but these things are very cool-looking.

We also created our own goofy-looking picture at the KODAK Incredible Picture Lab. The link to it has expired now, but no big loss.

We saw Honey, I Shrunk the Audience -- first time for Michael. He liked it and Carol and I still like it, too. The new pre-show was nice, but I still love that "Makin' Memories" song.

Lunch at The Land

When we were ready to eat, we went to The Land and ate in the food court. We asked Michael if he wanted to participate in the Junior Chef program before lunch -- and we stopped to check it out -- but he decided he was already hungry for lunch so we each got what we wanted and then all of us shared two Tollhouse cookies from the bakery area for dessert. So, we still got our chocolate chip cookie treat.

Those were the highlights of our trip to Epcot. When we returned to Fort Wilderness it was still raining hard so we couldn't go to the pool today. And the rain also wiped out the movie at the campfire that night. Michael and I went to pick up our Splash Mountain photo from the day before, taking our van and parking in the 15 minute parking area, which gave him a few minutes to play with the wide selection of wilderness-style toy guns they have at the Meadow trading post. Then we walked to the campfire area so he'd at least see what it looks like where they show the movies when it isn't raining.

I'll add more about this day next week, but those are the high points.

Thursday, 6/19/03: Disney's Animal Kingdom

We spent the day in the rain at Disney's Animal Kingdom. There were virtually no lines at the Kali River Rapids and we didn't mind getting wet on that attraction because we already were wet from the rain! Since we already had on our ponchos, nothing really bothered us while on that ride.

It was all of our first times on it - - and we all liked it so much an the lines were so short that when we got off we walked back to the entrance and rode it again! It was fun to operate the remote controls and have the elephant statues squirt the other Guests riding through it, too.

We shared a meal in Tusker House. I had meant to try the other food item they have that, but ordered the rotisserie chicken out of force of habit. It still is the best rotisserie chicken that I've ever had anywhere.

I'll post more details about what we did at Disney's Animal Kingdom another day, but that were the most memorable things.

Thursday night, 6/19/03: Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue

Thursday night we went to the second show of the evening at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue. They seated us on the "shelf," which is what they call the balcony. We were on the right side as you face the stage, not quite against the proscenium arch but one table away from it. It was a pretty good view for being up there on the balcony.

The earlier you make your reservations for the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue as well as the Spirit of Aloha luau show -- up to two years in advance -- the better the seats you'll get in most cases. They are assigned when your reservation is made and not when you pick up your tickets nor arrive at the show check-in podium. One exception to this would be if you decide to see one of those shows at the last minute and you are lucky enough to get someone's seat assignment that cancelled. So reserve as soon as you know when your WDW vacation will be in order to have a better chance at getting a great seat.

We made our reservations only about a month ahead of time, so that's the best we could get: up on the balcony off to the side.

Friday, 6/20/03 - Our last full day at WDW

The day began with a lot of rain again, but we had a few hours of "Walt Weather" when it stopped that afternoon!

Boma for breakfast

On our last full day at WDW, Friday, June 20th, it was raining very heavily. We started the day at Boma at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. That's where we had supper on our previous trip and breakfast this time. Boma is a buffet with a lot of family breakfast fare along with some interpretations of African food. There are no Disney characters here. We ate with Bruce (Rufus) & Marta Metcalf -- who are always a pleasure to be with -- and our special guest, Ron Schneider, who was the original Dreamfinder/Figment walkaround character at Epcot's Imagination pavillion as well as the voice of Dreamfinder in parts of that attraction's first version of the ride.

I'll post more details later about what a pleasure is was to meet Ron and talk with him in person (I previously had chatted with him online at many years ago). I'll also provide a picture, too.

When Michael had enough to eat and got bored with us adults talking he made friends with a boy sitting at the next table. That boy had brought his Game Boy with two Star Wars games on it, based on episodes 5 and 6. Michael also borrowed my camcorder then shot his own video of what Boma is like and some of the food they offer at breakfast.

After breakfast we said our goodbyes to Ron, Marta & Bruce then went shopping at Downtown Disney marketplace one last time and explored some of the shops there. The rain came down in buckets while we were in the World of Disney store.

A rainy trip to the Magic Kingdom
After shopping we went back to the cabin and said, "Even though it is raining, we want to do the parks -- so, let's do it!"
We took the boat from the Fort Wilderness Marina and as soon as the boat pulled up to the Magic Kingom dock the rain stopped. We had "Walt weather" for about 4 hours that afternoon and it was a welcome break from all the heavy rain. What a perfect way to end our last hours there!

I didn't bring Pal Mickey or my camera that afternoon, though, because it was still coming down so hard when we were back at the cabin. But it turned out that we could have brought both of them without them getting wet.

We were able to get Fastpasses for Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin and we also got el primo, wonderful seats at Town Square in front of the little park where the flagpole is, looking right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A. to see the 3 pm parade which ran late due to the earlier rain. So it was more like the 3:30 parade.

It was our first time getting to see the Share A Dream Come True parade and it is wonderful.

Surviving the weather:

Take it easy and mello, and the magic falls into place all by itself! The worst thing is how our Southern heat and humidity can drain one's energy. Pray for rain, because it is glorious and much more comfortable than the typical summertime sunny Florida weather -- ugh!

On our last afternoon we literally had 3 1/2 hours of Walt weather between summer thunderstorm downpours, some of which made national news in their severity while we were there. But between rains it was wonderful! We saw the new MK parade from Town Square, rides were walk-ons (15-20 minute waits and under), and it was so less crowded that it was humane to be there. Pray for rain! Rain is your friend at WDW theme parks! ;)

Rich's "first haircut" ...or... "Songs and a haircut, no wait!"

Another highlight of the day besides the break in the weather was that I finally got what I've always wanted to do at the Magic Kingdom: get my hair cut at the Harmony Barbershop. When the parade was over we walked to the other side of Town Square to see some of the parade again before it headed backstage. Then Carol said, "Hey! Let's go to the barbershop and see what the lines are like." So we went in and there wasn't anyone sitting in one of the barber chairs, where Michal the barber was waiting for a customer! The woman barber was cutting someone's  hair in the other chair but there was no waiting for Michael. I saw a family in the barbershop waiting for their child's haircut to be finished, so I aasked "Is nobody waiting for a haircut?" They said no, so I sat down for a haircut right after walking into the shop.

While I was sitting there with Michal giving me a great haircut, in walked all four members of the Dapper Dans. They're the barbershop quartet that performs along Main Street U.S.A. They sang a few songs for all of us -- even took a request from me and sang "Minnie's Yoo Hoo."

One cute thing the barbers do when you get a haircut (if you want) is to sprinkle your hair with pixie dust -- which looks like multi-color glitter. I decided to get that put on my hair and got so much I shook my head over Carol and Michael to share it with them, too.

The cost was $15 (for an adult cut), plus tip.

Now it's time to say goodbye..."

The Magic Kingdom closed at 7 pm for an E-Ticket night so after doing a few more attractions we had to leave. As we were heading back, waiting under the canopy at the dock for the boat back to Fort Wilderness, it started raining again -- then raining harder -- then getting very windy and even more rain. After a very long wait, a boat came and docked -- but after all of the passengers were let off the boat none of us were allowed to board it because there was a problem with the boat's oil pressure. So we waited in line while they were fixing that right there at the dock. The CMs told us they sent out word for more boats to come. Just before the second boat docked, the problem had been fixed on the original boat and we all were allowed to board. We were happy to get a dry seat inside the boat.

Wrapping up the report

What special things we did on this trip:
  • Staying in a cabin at Fort Wilderness Resort and campground
  • Star Wars Weekend
  • Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue
  • Pal Mickey
  • Chef Mickey's
  • Whispering Canyon Cafe on Father's Day
  • Cinderella's Royal Feast at the Grand Floridian
  • Rich and Michael seeing the Titanic exhibit on International Drive while Carol had time on her own at the Magic Kingdom
  • Boma breakfast with Ron Schneider and Bruce & Marta Metcalf
  • a haircut for Rich at the Harmony Barbor Shop

What we'd do again, and why:
  • Whispering Canyon Cafe for the fun, rowdy, and delicious meals
  • Staying at Fort Wilderness in a cabin: full kitchen, roomy home-like ambiance

What we'd never do again, and why:
  • Michael being at the age where he's starting to grow out of liking Character meet and greets. Hopefully he'll eventually see that older kids and adults have fun doing this and he won't think he's too old for it.
  • Don't wait until just a few weeks before your trip to make a reservation for the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue because you'll probably be seated up in the balcony which we don't think is as much fun as being on the main floor.
  • Rich will never try to buy wine and/or beer at a supermarket again after 2 am, because there's no way they'll sell it to you!

What we want to do on one of our next trips to WDW that we haven't all done or seen together:
  • Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
  • Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach: None of us have ever been to Blizzard Beach and Michael wasn't born yet when Carol & Rich last did Typhoon Lagoon
  • Miniature golf at Disney's Winter/Summerland
  • DisneyQuest
  • More time to explore Epcot's World Showcase
  • Epcot's Living Seas
  • D-MGM's Backstage Tour
  • Wishes fireworks at the Magic Kingdom
  • Mickey's PhilharMagic
  • Mission: SPACE
  • a land/sea vacation at WDW and on the Disney Cruise Line
  • other Character meals that we haven't done yet
  • Spend more time over at the Kennedy Space Center
    What tips we have for fellow vacationing Disney EchoEars:
    • Don't overpack or over-plan: There's more to do than you think and time can easily get away from you resulting in you not being able to do all the resort things you'd like to do (We wanted to do more at Fort Wilderness Resort than we wound up doing, but the rainy weather in the second half of our vacation prevented some of that.)
    • In hot months pack extra clothes and underwear -- or be prepared to do laundry often: Taking a shower in the middle of each day helps you freshen up and get relief from the hot, sticky weather -- but then you need to put on clean clothes.
    • Bring baby powder/Shower-to-Shower powder to sprinkle on yourself after bathing: It really helps keep you cooler in hot weather
    • Also bring "sweat rags" (washcloths) from your resort room with you to freshen up while on the go in the parks (but remember to leave them in the room before you pack up and go home! )
    • Bring less cash: Instead, charge more to the room or a credit card/debit card.
    • Beware of age-appropriate negativism in your children! Our DS at 7 1/2 could be moody and a picky eater.
    • Michael didn't like any of the pizzas at WDW until he ate at Cinderella's Royal Feast at the Grand Floridian, where he loved the pizza!
    • If you are on a low-salt diet, beware of the fried chicken at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue: Sure it is tasty, moist and tender -- but it is very salty, in both the meat and the skin

    I'll add more to this trip report next week . . . but for now I must stop because I'll be arriving at WDW in about 10 hours on our next trip! This time we'llbe staying at the Polynesian Resort again, hopefully in Fiji facing the marina from the 3rd floor. The plane lands at 9:30 in the morning and I'll zip from the airport to WDW as fast as I can. Seeya real soon, EchoEars!

    RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator
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    Posted: Nov. 14, 2003 11:24 am/pm Quote

    Quote (RichKoster @ Oct. 01, 2003 7:26 am/pm)
    Boma for breakfast

    On our last full day at WDW, Friday, June 20th, it was raining very heavily. We started the day at Boma at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. That's where we had supper on our previous trip and breakfast this time. Boma is a buffet with a lot of family breakfast fare along with some interpretations of African food. There are no Disney characters here. We ate with Bruce (Rufus) & Marta Metcalf -- who are always a pleasure to be with -- and our special guest, Ron Schneider, who was the original Dreamfinder/Figment walkaround character at Epcot's Imagination pavillion as well as the voice of Dreamfinder in parts of that attraction's first version of the ride.

    Seeing a story of Ron's quoted on MousePlanet this week reminded me of the many stories Ron Schneider shared with us while we had breakfast together. He's given me permission to share with all of you EchoEars the same story he passed along to MousePlanet:

    "From 1982-1987 I was the original strolling Dreamfinder at Epcot's Journey Into Imagination. On one of my first visits to the new pavilion I was walking in through the employee access gate on the northwest end of the building when I nearly tripped over my new co-worker!

    "Figment was on his little purple knees, writing his name in the wet cement just inside the new backstage access gate.

    "It's a little faded, but still there today in the cement just before you step off stage. And it looks like Figment learned to write from Mickey himself -- his E is printed backwards!"

    Thanks for sharing that with us, Ron!

    RichKoster, Disney Echo modEARator
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    Posted: Nov. 15, 2003 2:07 am/pm Quote

    :bowdown: Wow, I had a great time just reading all of the adventures and having the tour of the lodge.  Great read and impressive layout.

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