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Posted by: lmnordrum on Nov. 23, 2003 12:06 am/pm

Hello everyone!  I stumbled upon this board while reading DDL.  I'm a Disney "junkie" and have made about 12 trips to the World since 2000.  It all started with a short trip in 1997 with DH, baby and toddler and I realized that there was SOOOO much at WDW that I had to read a book.  So by the next trip in 1999, I had pretty much memorized a travel guide which started my WDW obsession.  By now, I could probably write one...   :wink2: But I'll leave that to the real experts!  Kids and I do something "new" each trip so the Disney message boards are valuable--there's always something 'new" at WDW and its great to read what others have encountered on their WDW trips.   I have a small home based quilting business which helps support my Disney "habit".  (Hubby  funds one family vacation--I do the rest).  Anyways, kids and I are heading back to PC on 12/18 for a surprise trip and to attend Mickey's Christmas Party.  (They are totally clueless and think Grandma will be picking us up at the airport).  We'll take our AP last hurrah on 1/1-1/5 at POR.  We live in Indiana but I am fortunate to have parents in the Vero Beach area so I have a reason to go to FL and cheap lodging.  Spent most of this past summer in FL and got a whole lot of use out of the APs I purchased in Feb 2003--best entertainment money I've spent.   Love the AP discounts and cheap rooms.  :thumbsup:   Kids are 9 & 7.  

Glad to 'meet' you all and hope to 'see' you all later.  

Linda in IN

Posted by: MKBaughan on Nov. 23, 2003 8:08 am/pm

Hi Linda, Welcome aboard!   Glad to have you here on the Echo.... 12 trips since 2000?  I am jealous!    :glare:
Just kidding! :D

Posted by: RichKoster on Nov. 24, 2003 3:24 am/pm

Yoo Hoo, Linda!

We love our AP discounts, too! We've used them on two WDW trips this year so far and saved a lot.

Welcome to the Disney Echo and thanks for joining! In honor of your upcoming trip to the Polynesian Resort, here's a pair of Disney EchoEars complete with a lei for you, Linda:

Posted by: Goofyteer on Nov. 29, 2003 1:48 am/pm

Welcome to the Echo Linda! You've found just the right place, everyone here loves the Disney parks just as much as you do! Kick back and relax, you'll love it here :mickey:  :coolgrin:  :minnie:

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