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Posted by: RichKoster on Oct. 04, 2003 8:06 am/pm

Yoo Hoo, Disney EchoEars!

The Disney Echo's software went down earlier today but lar3ry has just restored the file which went back and everything is running normally again.

Thanks, lar3ry!

And the reason why Chris / Goofyteer wasn't able to post any of the email messages I sent him from WDW was that I made a mistake in his email address when I wrote him each time, putting a period in place of an underline in his address.

Sorry, folks! But I'll post those emails later tonight.


Mickey's PhilharMagic is GREAT!

I did not get urpy on Mission: SPACE, but my mind was on my stomach a whole lot because of the previous reports. I'll have to wait until I ride it again to know if it was must butterflies in my stomach because of the "fear of the new" and "fear of what others wrote about it" or if I reaction with an anxious (but not urpy) stomach every time I ride it. Sorry, but I only had time to ride it once this trip.

I saw the new 360-degree fireworks that will be in Wishes at the Magic Kingdom as part of the Halloween fireworks show put on Friday night. Awesome! You see fireworks going off from all around the Magic Kingdom, in total sync with each other, even down to what colors are going off.

I'll have more later. Gotta get back to work now!

Posted by: RichKoster on Oct. 04, 2003 8:08 am/pm

Yup, the board still works!

Thanks again, lar3ry!



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