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Posted by: Disneywacko on Dec. 06, 2003 12:31 am/pm

Day 1:  Travel Day

Cast of characters
Myself:  complete Disney fan who wants to vacation nowhere else
Husband Dan:  Enjoys Disney, but likes other places, too.  Had to agree to support my Disney habit before we got married.
Son Jacob:  18 mo. old, first trip to the World.

We wake-up at 4:00 am and get Jacob up at 4:30 for our early morning flight.  When we get to the airport, we park in short-term parking and get checked in.  We thought this would be easier than trying to get all of our luggage and Jacob onto the parking shuttle.  After we've checked in, Dan moves the car.  Jacob is extremely excited and runs around the airport.  I pre-board and get out his books, sippy cup, etc.  Dan and Jacob board at the last minute.  Our first flight is only 40 minutes and Jacob does great.  Of all the toys I have packed, the reusable stickers are the biggest hit.  He loves putting them on the windows.

At the Pittsburgh airport, he runs up and down the moving sidewalk.  This wears him out and he is asleep before we even board the plane.  He only sleeps for about 15 minutes of the flight.  He is antsy the rest of the flight, but does not get upset.

At the Orlando airport, everything runs smoothly until we get to the Alamo desk.  They persuade us to get the extra insurance, I don't know why we fall for this every time.  We've rented a car seat and we have to install it ourselves.  This ends up being our only frustrating moment during the whole trip.  The car seat is a pain to install and it is very hot and humid out.  We weren't expecting it to be this warm and humid in November.  We should have taken extra time in the airport to change out of our jeans and into shorts.  I make a mental note to myself to next time find a rental car company that installs the car seats for you.  We're really warm, so we decide to go straight to the hotel and go back to the grocery store later.

It's about 1:30 when we get to the Polynesian.  Just pulling up to the hotel, I remember why we love it so much.  This is always our favorite, but we haven't stayed here in 6 years.  We are staying GV concierge and this is our first time in concierge.  Our room in Hawaii is not ready yet, so we head to Captain Cooks for lunch.  We're surprised to see that the Polynesian is already decorated for Christmas.  It looks beautiful.  I learn that they had only put up the decorations the night before.  They start early on the hotels.  The parks were never decorated during our stay.

Around three, we get the keys to our room.  Hmmm, something is ringing a bell in my mind as I recall the room numbers from Tikiman's website.  I walk down the hallway, going faster and faster as I approach our room.  Could it be?  I walk into the room, pointing to the sliding doors, speechless.  My husband thinks I'm nuts.  I start jumping up and down.  We have a lagoon view room!!  I can't tell you how much we loved our room.  I had requested 2nd floor because I knew we wouldn't miss the patio or balcony on this trip.  We're in room 2515, overlooking Sunset Point.  We can see the Cont and GF.  At night, we could even see the colors of the castle through the palm trees.  We are spoiled for life; we will never be able to stay anywhere else again.

We head back to the grocery store.  I'm not paying attention to where we are going, and we end up in Celebration.  It is bigger than I imagine and the downtown area is quaint.  Would like to return for dinner sometime.  We get to the grocery store and buy more than we need.

After getting back to the Poly and unpacking, it is time for dinner.  We head to Captain Cooks to use the microwave for Jacob's food.  Then we get snacks/dinner at the concierge lounge and eat them in our room.  This would become our routine during the trip.  Jacob loved playing in the room and we loved looking at the view, so we would usually eat a light dinner in our room.  We decide to take Jacob on his first monorail ride, which he enjoys.  Although we have the UPH, I'm one of those old-fashioned people who wait until the first full day to enter the parks.

Next, we take a long walk around the resort and Jacob falls asleep in the stroller.  We put him to bed and Dan makes a snack run to the lounge.  It has been a long day and I'm eager to go the sleep because I know what comes in the morning, Jacob's first trip to the Magic Kingdom . . .

Posted by: RichKoster on Dec. 06, 2003 8:59 am/pm

Yoo Hoo, Disneywacko!

Great trip report! I love reading reports that give as much information as you have because it makes reading it seem more like actually being there as I read the trip report. I'm looking forward to more!

Question: Isn't there a microwave in the concierge lounge you could use to heat up the baby food which would have been more convenient than going to Captain Cook's to do that?

Posted by: Disneywacko on Dec. 07, 2003 10:52 am/pm

There isn't a microwave in the concierge lounge, although I'm sure a CM would have been more than willing to take the food back to the kitchen and warm it up for me.  However, Jacob seemed really content at Captain Cooks.  The tables at the booths are higher, so there is less of a mess as he is trying to feed himself and less cleanup for me.

But the real reason that I prefer to go to Captain Cooks is that it gives me a chance to get outside, enjoy the short walk, and see how the weather is.  Then, I have a better idea of how warm or cool to dress him.


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