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Posted by: BriarRose on Aug. 07, 2003 9:14 am/pm

Can someone please answer my many questions?

My family is thinking about splitting our May trip at the Beach Club and the Poly.  We have stayed in standard rooms at both in the past.  

What are the rooms like if you stay concierge at the BC?  Are they in a better location?  Also, I just read on another post that some of the rooms only have double beds......yikes, don't want that!!!!!  Do the concierge rooms include daybeds?  We didn't get one on our last stay, but this time we definitely want one so our kids don't have to share a bed.  

What do you think the odds are of the BC concierge staff getting an Illuminations Cruise for us?  I know they are practically impossible to get.  We live in California and I don't really want to get up at 4:00 AM for a week trying to arrange one (and probably not getting one anyway, been there done that with Cinderella's breakfast......)

How does the concierge food at the BC compare to the concierge food at the Poly?  

I guess what I'm trying to say is will staying concierge at the BC really enhance our stay?  It's already such a great resort, is it worth the money?

Appreciate any help!

Posted by: princess angel on Aug. 09, 2003 12:53 am/pm

the BC concierge rooms are located on the 5th floor, if you book standard view you will most likely have a p[arking lot view, the lake view rooms have a wonderful view of crescent lake, I highly suggest this!!!
To help get the type of room you want, call concierge directly, let them know your prefernce, that you need a daybed (not all concierge rooms have them) and that you want queen beds.
Also, if you want the Illuminations cruise, let concierge know in advance, beofre the day to set it up.... if you give them enough notice, I'd be pretty confident that they could get it for you.
The food offereings are quite different from the Polynesian concierge.
the breakfast offerings are similar, in that they have all the usual continental breakfast items, and a nice variety!
the afternoon, you will find more at the BC than at the Poly, they have pretzels, popcorn, chips n salsa, cookies, pudding cups, gummie worms, gold fish,  and in the later afternoon they put out the peanut butter and jelly's and a cake.

in the evening the BC has cheese n crackers, fruit, veggie crudite, hummus (4 different kinds) and pita breads (this is new...)
then they have one hot dish form either cape may,or the yachtsman, and mac n cheese for the kids.  pbj's are still out.

in the late evening, there are mini pastries and one featured cake (choc cake, cheese cake,...etc)

the Poly has the different themed nights for the evening hor'deuvres, maybe better in the evening, where as the BC is better during the day... ofcourse to each his own...   everyone has likes and dislikes, and you may think differently!

is it worht the money, that question is so individual.... t ome concierge is worth the money becasue of the extra luxury, attention, and convenience.  I like having someone there to call Shul'as steakhouse and tell them I am running late, or to take care of shipping a large item I purchased to my house for me.... to me, that is the added extra touches that make it worth it.  as far as th lounge, I use it for breakfast, it is very convenient, as I dont want bacon and eggs every morning....
we rarely  use the lounge in the eveing at all, it's nice that it is there though...
worth is all in how you look at it !

Posted by: BriarRose on Aug. 23, 2003 7:03 am/pm

Hi Laura/Princess Angel,

Thanks so much for your great info.

We have decided to go 5 nights concierge at the Poly, then 3 nights concierge at the Beach Club.

We have stayed at both, but never concierge.  I am so psyched!

Do you happen to know of anywhere I could see pictures of the BC concierge lounge?

Thank you so much for all your help!


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