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Posted by: RichKoster on Mar. 10, 2003 7:15 am/pm


The fearsome legend of the yeti will come to life in a new thrill attraction -- Expedition EVEREST -- at Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The high-speed adventure will open in 2006 in the Asia section of the theme park.


In the drawing above which shows a close-up view, you can see details of the train's design. Note the rear “engine” on the train that gives Guests an unrestricted view of what's in front of them, unlike Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Posted by: RichKoster on April 08, 2003 8:28 am/pm

At the same media event, it was also announced that Disney's Pop Century resort would have about half of its 5,700 rooms open for the first time starting on Dec. 14, 2003.
Posted by: RichKoster on April 25, 2003 5:25 am/pm

Disney Announces Expedition EVEREST

Thrilling New Adventure at Disney's Animal Kingdom Brings the Legend of Yeti to Life

Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (April 22, 2003) -- Legend holds that high in the Himalayan Mountains lives an enormous creature that fiercely guards the route to Mount Everest.

Now that legend comes dramatically to life at Disney's Animal Kingdom in a new high-speed train adventure that combines coaster-like thrills with the excitement of a close encounter of the hairy kind.

Walt Disney World guests will discover for themselves the fearsome legend of the yeti when Expedition EVEREST opens in 2006 at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. The new thrill attraction was announced today during the park's 5th anniversary festivities at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

"Expedition EVEREST adds a new dimension to our storytelling in Disney's Animal Kingdom," said Joe Rohde, executive designer at Walt Disney Imagineering and lead designer of the park. "It's a thrilling adventure themed to the folklore of the mysterious yeti."

In Expedition EVEREST, guests board an old mountain railway destined for the foot of Mount Everest. The train rolls through thick bamboo forests, past thundering waterfalls, along shimmering glacier fields and climbs higher and higher through the snow-capped peaks.

But suddenly the track ends in a gnarled mass of twisted metal and the thrills intensify as the train races both forward and backward through mountain caverns and icy canyons and guests head for an inevitable face-to-muzzle showdown with the mysterious yeti -- known to some as the abominable snowman.

At nearly 200 feet high, Expedition EVEREST will be located in the Asia section of the theme park. Expedition EVEREST will feature Disney's FASTPASS, an innovative system -- offered at no charge to park guests -- designed to reduce wait times at popular attractions in all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

Disney's Animal Kingdom is a 500-acre theme park where the exciting worlds of wild and whimsical creatures come to life on an authentic African safari, in an Asian rain forest, on a trip back in time to the age of the dinosaurs and in other attractions and shows brimming with stories about animals and encounters with favorite Disney characters.


Posted by: RichKoster on May 28, 2003 1:42 am/pm

< > says the latest rumors about Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is that the Yeti may be one of the biggest animatronic figures ever created, with a height of almost 50 feet.

< Full details on >.

Posted by: RichKoster on July 08, 2003 8:10 am/pm

WDWMagic shows images of Expedition EVEREST construction - - < see them here! >
Posted by: RichKoster on Aug. 06, 2003 2:27 am/pm

Here's official word about Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain from the August 2003 Mickey Monitor, a publication for WDW Annual Passholders:

We're gonna build a mountain
That little project in Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park won't be little for long. In fact, it will soon be a mountain the size of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™. This pulse-pounding new thrill ride is called Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, and it will scream through twists and turns, forwards, backwards, and into the realm of the "Abominable Snowman." It's slated to open in early 2006.


Posted by: utilidor27 on Aug. 06, 2003 2:24 am/pm

Looks like a wonderful attraction, but I seem to recall a more simpler version of it at a place called, um let's see....Disneyland? Wasn't it called the Matterhorn? I think I know where they got the original idea :idea: for this one from!

Wasn't this sort of attraction slated for the Japan pavillion a long time ago in EPCOT?


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