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Posted by: ladymarganne on July 08, 2003 1:16 am/pm

Last Thanksgiving we spend a wonderful 6 days at the YC, and ended up discovering a wonderful *bonus*! First, we were lucky enough to have gotten our Florida discount rate of $169 per night, off from $335...a lovely room overlooking the lagoon/courtyard! There were stars every night, glistening water, a bright full moon,  and a fabulous overall view. At over $500 per night there is no way we could afford concierge. However, being a lover of *room service*, especially in the mornings, we discovered a better way to do it for under $200! We are not morning people, but definitely have to have our morning coffee and maybe some fruit and a Danish before we get dressed. So, we ordered coffee, and rolls every morning and our usual evening teas with either fruit or sweets at night before retiring. The average cost was $30 per day, added to the $169 rate, gave us *concierge-style* service for just under $200 per day! We were happily surprised to discover the menu to be very reasonable, and doing it this way we were afforded the luxury of having our coffee/tea out on the balcony as well! Not only would we have had to pay more with concierge, but we'd have had to get dressed and I'd have had to put on some makeup, too, so as not to scare anyone! LOL!!! How lovely to sit in bed while the CM entered our fabulous room, welcomed us *Good Morning* and set up our table for us!!! Now THAT'S luxury! We can't wait to do it again! :minnie:
Posted by: princess angel on July 09, 2003 12:27 am/pm

well, it certainly sounds like you know how to treat yourself!
that is wonderful that you found a way to have affordable luxury!
I was at the YC for Thanksgiving last yr also! and the yr before that!
I'll be there this Thanksgiving also, spending thanksgiving at the YC has become our tradition :)

i cant think of anything better!!! :)


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