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Posted by: Goofyteer on Sep. 29, 2003 9:09 am/pm

When Carol had asked what would be the ultimate souvenior from a Disney park, I had mentioned that after hearing in a park store about the DVC I'd want to actually buy one of the places at the DVC and live in it. I had also happened to ask if that statement counted. Neither of us was sure if it counted, but she did suggest describing it over in this section. She also asked if I would have preferred living in Celebration.

I hadn't had the time to sit down and write about it yet so I figured this morning is a good time since I woke up earlier than usual and for some reason am wide awake, got a busy day ahead so I need something keep me up with only an hour or so left :D

I had at first thought Celebration would have been pretty cool when I first heard about it, but after reading up on it and getting some bits of information I don't really want to live there. For one thing I've heard that Disney does everything they can to be sure you can't actually buy any Disney-related merchandise there because they really wanted the town to be taken seriously when it first started. Apparently you don't really see anything Disney at all when walking about (unless you rent a movie somewhere, I'm sure) and I hear serious shopping involves a serious commute. That's not just for Disney stuff but for anything major involving any variety as I've read the stores just aren't varied enough in Celebration, at least they didn't used to be. But maybe that's changed now, I don't know. And anyway, it just doesn't seem to strike my fancy somehow. I love the way the homes look, but I've been hearing that Disney might have sold the town or something, or at least that they stopped calling it "Disney's town of Celebration". It seems like an experiment that either hasn't quite worked as planned or still needs to get established or something. So as of this writing I'm not exactly turning flipflops over the idea :laugh:

I don't know much about the DVC but if there's a bit of it actually on WDW or right next to it that would be ideal. I'd like to actually buy one of those places to live in rather than just partially own it. but it would also be ideal to have it right on the coast. I love the beach. I've also heard about celebrites maintaining suites at hotels and such, and I think "Man, wouldn't that be cool, having a suite at WDW?"

And even cooler would be if it were somehow possible to pay Disney to have characters visit your home or suite for a little while. Heck I wish they did that now when you're in one of their hotels, wouldn't that be the coolest thing? I say that because as much as I love WDW, the one thing that makes me so attached to Disney parks is the characters. they're always the highlight of my trips, can't wait to be with them. But I suppose the only way I'd be able to add on something like that is if I were rich. Darn. :dollar:  :mickey:  :laugh:

Posted by: dizneluver9 on Sep. 30, 2003 7:53 am/pm

FYI.. Disney sold? Celebration to the County (Osceola)  so that there are more county services for the town, (Police, schools)  Cant remember when that happend though :)

There are alot of DVC resorts at WDW...two that I can think of off the top of my head with a third being built where the Disney Insitute used to be :)

Posted by: dizneluver9 on Oct. 01, 2003 8:17 am/pm is a bit of DVC trivia for the four completed and one being built DVC sites on Disney Property.... :) I will post the answer next Monday. :)

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