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Question: What part of the Mickey Ice Cream do you eat 1st? :: Total Votes:24
Mouseke-Poll choices Votes Statistics
The Ears 23  [95.83%]
The Left Side 0  [0.00%]
The Right Side 0  [0.00%]
The Bottom 1  [4.17%]
I Poke A Hole In The Middle 0  [0.00%]
I Gnaw On The Stick 0  [0.00%]
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Topic: What part of the Mickey Ice Cream do you eat 1st?, The ears, the side, what? Tell us!< Next Oldest | Next Newest >

Liv2CdWorld Offline

Minnie's Kitchen and Disney Dining & Priority Seating ModEARator

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Posted: June 28, 2003 10:42 am/pm Quote

Quote (RichKoster @ June 28, 2003 8:14 am/pm)
I think the Mickey chocolate-covered ice cream on a stick bars are made by Nestle.

I sure wish they were available in local supermarkets!

Actually, I just watched "Unwrapped - at Disney" again and according to them, it's basically a dove ice cream bar shaped like Mickey.  

So, you can head to your local Grocery store and buy the dark chocolate dove ice cream bars and close your eyes and pretend it's in the shape of Mickey :)


Disney Echo "Minnie's Kitchen" ModEARator
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DanMedix Offline

Disney EchoEar

EchoEar PipEchoEar Pip

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Posted: Oct. 23, 2003 10:35 am/pm Quote

Although we love the MMbars, my daughter's favorite is the Simba's Paw in AK.  Each of the 2 times she's been there, we've gotten pics of her making a complete mess of herself with a Simba's Paw - it's the sweetest thing!...

...until we've got to clean her up!   :icecream:

Dan / DanMedix
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