Welcome to the Disney Echo Affiliates!

Want more visitors to your Disney-related website and want to keep them coming back again and again? Sure, we all do!

Let the Disney Echo help! You can add the Disney Echo's message forums and constantly-updated Disney news to your website, for free!

UPDATE! Here's a bonus: If you use either of these -- a Minnie-Link to the Disney Echo message forum or The Full Mickey -- and put it on the main page of your Disney-related website, your site will be added to the Fast Pass °o° Web Links on the Disney Echo! Email DisneyEcho @ emuck.com for details.

How do I do it?
You can choose whatever is best for you and your Disney-related website. Use the Minnie-Links, The Full Mickey, or both!
  • Minnie-Links are the easiest way to add the Disney Echo message forums and Disney News to your own website.
    • They can be simple text links like this:
      Disney Echo Messages
      Disney News

      Here's the link code for a simple text link:
      • Cut this for the link to the Disney Echo Messages and paste it into your HTML code where you want it to be:
        <b><a href=http://disneyecho.emuck.com/messages>Disney Echo Messages</a></b>
      • Cut this for the link to the Disney News page and paste it into your HTML code where you want it to be:
        <b><a href=http://disneyecho.emuck.com/news>Disney News</a></b>
    • You can also use Minnie-Links with buttons, animated like this:
      Disney Echo
          Messages Disney News
      or not animated, like this:
          Echo Messages Disney 

      You are free to use your own descriptive text and even make your own buttons, if you wish.

      To use the animated buttons, first click on them with your right mouse button and save them, then upload them to your website.
      • This is the code for the Disney Echo Messages animated button:
        <a href=http://disneyecho.emuck.com/messages><img src=DisneyEchoMessages.gif width=92 height=32 
        border=0 alt="Disney Echo Messages"></a>
        (assuming you kept its name the same and also assuming you upload the image into the same directory as your web page's HTML code is found).

      • Here's the code for the Disney News one:
        <a href=http://disneyecho.emuck.com/news><img src=DisneyNews.gif width=92 height=32 border=0 
        alt="Disney News"></a>
      The non-animated buttons are named DisneyEchoMessagesButton.gif and DisneyNewsButton.gif -- and they are the same size as the animated versions -- so just substitute those names if you want to use the buttons that don't animate.

      Please email DisneyEcho @ emuck.com after you've put the Minnie-Links on your website (or if you have any questions about this).

  • The Full Mickey is your other choice. It puts the Disney Echo Affiliates ring navigation bar (a small, rectangular control panel) on any page of your website in the spot you pick out. In other words, it does not have to be at the top of your webpage, as most navigation bars are found. (A good location we suggest is at the bottom of your main webpage.) The Full Mickey is an all-in-one solution that not only ties your website into the Disney Echo's message forum and Disney news, but also it makes a two-way connection: Besides having a link to the Disney Echo, there's also a link back to your website -- and to other Disney fan websites as well. So, with The Full Mickey, folks can find your website even from other Disney-related websites. Combine this navigation bar with Minnie-Links and you have it all!
Why should I do this?
  • Your website will have an instant discussion area from the Disney Echo's message forums where Disney fans the world over share in the fun and friendly discussions.
  • Your website will also get the real time, constantly-updated "Main Street NEWSstand" online Disney newspaper. When Disney news breaks, come to the Disney Echo and find out about it!
  • With the help of our Disney Echo forum and news, you can transform your website from a static "brochure" into an exciting interactive hub of activity that'll keep your members coming back for more.
  • Hear what fellow Disney fans like about Disney and learn from that to fine tune your website by adding features about those favorite Disney things.
  • Take part in lively conversations about all things Disney and share the real community feeling that the Disney Echo has to offer.
  • All Disney Echo Affiliates using the navigation bar are automagically part of the Disney Echo Ring. Your website will be part of the Disney Echo community, so you'll gain another way that Disney fans can find your website.
  • And whether you choose to use the Minnie-Links or The Full Mickey navigation bar, when your Disney web page is part of the Disney Echo, visitors to your page will be able to share in the fun of the Disney Echo and come back to your website again and again to revisit the Disney Echo and see the fun Disney things you have on your web page as well.

You know, the more you participate on the Disney Echo by reading the topics here, replying, and writing your own messages about new Disney topics, the more Disney Echo readers will learn about your Disney fanship, making them more likely to check out your Disney page, too. Of course, it's perfectly fine to show the name and link to your own Disney web page in your messages -- simply put it under your name when you write or reply on the Disney Echo. You can even make an automatic signature in your profile on the Disney Echo that has your name and webpage link in it, so all your Disney Echo will include this automagically!

I want to do this, but I have a small budget.
No problem! The Disney Echo is free to use on your personal site and it's free to use on your commercial site as well. It won't cost you anything - - not even a Disney dollar!

What will the navigation bar look like on my web page?
Here's what the Disney Echo Affiliates navigation bar looks like:

Do I have to know anything about programming?
To put the Disney Echo Affiliates navigation bar on your web page you don't need to know anything about programming! All you'll do is copy a small bit of HTML code and paste it into the HTML of your web page, anywhere you choose. We recommend that you put it at a prominent place on your web page, but it is up to you to decide where you want the Disney Echo Affiliates navigation bar to be. Don't worry, it's very easy to do this!

Each time the Disney Echo Affiliates navigation bar is clicked on your web page, a new web browser window is opened, while your page is still accessible. And when the Disney Echo window is closed, your web page pops up once again! You'll be a part of the Magic as like-minded Disney fans from all over the world gather online to share Disney spirit and opinions with each other on the Disney Echo.

Adding your website to the Disney Echo is now easier than ever. You've already seen how to put the Minnie-Links on your website. Now here's what to do if you want the Disney Echo Affiliates navigation bar on one of your web pages:

here to be a Disney Echo Affiliate Just click here and then log in or create your WebRing User ID. You'll be guided every step of the way with easy-to-follow instructions.

After we've checked out your website to make sure it is Disney-related and not porn, you will receive an email notifying you that your application has been approved. The email points you to instructions on how to put the Disney Echo Affiliates navigation bar on your website.

That's all there is to it!

Note, we have no control over times when the internet is slow or if systems are down for maintenance, so if there are times when you cannot make a connection to the Disney Echo, just try again later.

If you need any help with this, just email DisneyEcho @ emuck.com. Include:

  1. your name and your Disney-related website's name
  2. a link to your website
  3. and a short description of your website.
Being part of the Disney Echo Affiliates can help bring Disney fans to your website and the Disney Echo plus encourage them to return to your website again to easily share the Disney Echo fun.

And the more you yourself participate in the Disney Echo, the more you'll be helping your Disney web page, too, by adding to its dynamic Disney spirit.

Thanks for joining us to bring the Disney Echo to your visitors!


The Disney Echo Affiliates Program Staff
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