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A tip of the mouse-eared hat to Disney EchoEar Ray Jones for creating this Gadget Hackwrench picture for us! It ties in well with our multi-author "You Make A Story" -- http://tinyurl.com/Gadget-iPhone -- where Gadget uses an iPhone to replace faulty circuitry in an ancient computer at Epcot!

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Helllooooo! Helllooooo, Helllooooo, Helllooooo. I just love it when my Disney Echoes.
This is the world's greatest web site for anybody interested in anything Disney.
According to my good buddy Roger Rabbit, "This is a p-p-p-pretty interesting p-p-p-place." His wife Jessica sums it up about as well as anybody. She says, "It makes me laugh."
Happy birthday, Disney Echo. You don't look a day over 15 7/8.
- Gary K. Wolf, Creator of Roger Rabbit

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Just take a look at what the Disney EchoEars have been writing about recently:

Disney Echo - As Seen in PassPorter's Disney Cruise Line Disney Echo - As seen in PassPorter Walt Disney WorldWelcome to the greatest and friendliest site I have ever been on, you will love everything about it. - Darlene Schulke "cindy58"

A source of information (and camaraderie) is an active, supportive community of vacationers. Disney Echo is a great place for Disney fans to gather.
- Jennifer Marx and Dave Marx

Disney Echo - As seen in The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney WorldI look forward to meeting everyone here! I'm Len Testa. I work for Bob Sehlinger and The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. - Len Testa
A fun and friendly online connection to like-minded Disney fans from all over the world who share the Disney spirit and their opinions! - Cara Goldsbury "LuxuryDisney", "The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World Resort"
This is the only site I post on, though I have read discussion boards on other sites. The Echo is different. We are like family, and like any family we don't always agree with each other, but we do respect each other. It seems like some people post on some sites just to start trouble. Keep up the good work. - Eileen "TINY"

The Echo is like a family. The Disney Echo is the only board I will post on because of the family like and respectful atmosphere here. Granted different people have different views about Disney but that is o.k. If everyone was the same it would be a boring world. The other boards have many people who seem to like to cause trouble and flame you because they have nothing else better to do with there lives. It is a pity! If more people could act like Mickey Mouse does this world would be a much friendlier and peaceful place. Thank you, Rich, for creating the Echo and a place for Disney Fans to post their likes and dislikes in a nice friendly respectful way. - Tamitha Perry "mtsbperry2000"

Disney Hurricane Coverage, The Most Informative and Congenial People: I've been a member of the DisneyEcho for a while now and I must say that I've found it to be the most informative site on the internet when it comes to anything concerning WDW or anything to do with Disney. It always has up-to-date features concerning the rides, attractions, and even hurricane status. The people who run it, Rich and Carol Koster, are the nicest and friendliest people, who really care about their readers and members. - Tinker Bell "Tink" (Miami Beach)

"Strong opinions" are one thing. Varying opinions are one thing. Personal attacks are something else. On our site, we prefer that if you have a strong opinion, you back it up with facts that can be checked. That is fair. It avoids spreading false or misleading information. It also encourages others to read up, do their homework, stay on their toes, and do their own research, rather than merely accept "Just because it's posted on the Internet, it must be true." If you've been around the block awhile, you know that there's a lot of misleading stuff online, people don't always keep websites updated, agendas get pushed, etc. Go ahead... research, be prepared to back up what you assert, and phrase your comments politely. Realize that others may have strong and opposite, or varying, opinions and life experiences. As long as it doesn't descend to personal attacks, as long as it's factual, substantiated and polite and mutually tolerant, why not? A lot of members here, however, are non-confrontational by nature, or simply want to escape from the wild and woolly Internet and immerse themselves in Disney related subjects. Nothing wrong with that! - Carol "CarolKoster"

After researching various Disney blogs and website, it only took me 5 minutes to decided to become a part of this forum. No. 1, the information is dead-on in many ways. No. 2, you get an immediate feeling that everyone is really part of a big family. No. 3, this makes you comfortable when posting your opinions knowing that others are not going to jump down your throat for posting the "wrong thing". What's great about Disney and this site is that everyone who goes to Disney World or land, etc., all takes away a different experience with different insight. That's just what we need on this site to help people. It's like always having an "unofficial" Disney guidebook in your back pocket with very real "official" people experiencing it all. So keep up the good job!!! - Jennifer "wdjeh"

Rich, I am glad that you maintain an environment in which we all are allowed to express our opinions in an adult manner. The immature "goings-on" at the other boards are not tolerated here. I believe that you are quite tolerant of the differences in all of us, but you correctly draw the line when it comes to immature behavior. I know that you and I do not personally agree on every thing. Global warming comes to mind. But that is okay. We can agree to disagree. I'd be willing to bet that no two people agree on everything. So what do we do then, flame everybody? No, we work past it and find the common interest and for us and everybody else here, that is Disney. Personally, I am happy to be on this board and not on some of the other ones. For one, I don't have the time and also, I know that I will find people here interested in all things Disney. - Eddie "eddie_valiant"

Thanks! I am a mother of three and my husband and I are planning our first trip to Disney World and Fort Wilderness. In my effort to be an educated consumer (and always looking for the best deal), I have spent hours researching everything Disney to plan the best trip for our family. While there is a ton of info out there, this is by far, the best place for the scoop on FW. We love to camp and there is no better way to travel with kids than a motorhome, so FW was a no-brainer (not to mention the savings on lodging and food!). Thank you thank you thank you for all of the insight and info on camping at FW. I registered here to be able to ask some questions, but once I spent some time reading the posts, my questions have been answered. Our reservations have been made ( a full year in advance ), plans made and the $$$$ is being saved! - Natalie / momof3mouseketeers

I don't do any "other" boards. In fact had never done any before I found the Echo. The Echo is my "happy place" when I'm not at WDW or the Polynesian Resort. The folks here are just awesome, great attitudes and very helpful and very caring. That's why I hang out here. - Charline "polyfan4ever"

IMO you're not missing anything over on the other board. I feel it's just plain ol' happier over here in this neck of the woods... When I need info on WDW - the folks are here to help. Like you've said - even if it's not WDW related everyone is so willing to lend a hand. This group particularly are here to share your most wonderful moments - Disney or otherwise and share tears and pray for you. We also debate here. Everyone has an opinion and it's okay to say why. But we don't bash each other for having a different view. Sometimes, we can even chuckle at it. I myself can agree with some of the opinions of others even when I still have my own. It's just a different culture over here. I think our Mods truly are preserving this kind of culture as well. - Bonnie "VA_Gal"

Well, the Echo ROCKS!!!!! And Rich... he is wonderful and let us have our chatty spot, plus all this wonderful information on a very easy to navigate forum. There is a place for everyone/everything here and that is one of the many reasons I love calling the Echo my cyber-HOME! - Tamby "BambiTamby"

It was a true blessing to find! I could do without the [other website's forum]...too much downright nasty arguing going on. I realize not everyone agrees on everything, but people at the [other website] do not seem to be able to agree to disagree and move on. People at the Echo are so much more polite. They certainly do not run you over the coals if you say you did not enjoy something, they support and try to help you see both sides and recommend a solution for next time. The Echo is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Stephanie "DZNYMGCFAM"

Welcome... you're joining a great bunch of folks! Big hearts, sense of humor and so very helpful. For EVERYTHING you've EVER wanted to know about ANYTHING Disney you will find it here! Rich, Carol and all the wonderful EchoEars on this amazing site: ALL of you bring smiles to my face each and every day..sharing your trip reports, tips, ideas and appreciation for all things Disney!!!! The Disney Echo is my little nirvana after a busy day living in this crazy world where we are often bombarded with seriousness and sadness. There is always an uplift here for me, everytime I visit...it's always the last site I see before I end the day! The child in all of us needs to come out and play...keeping nostalgia and sweetness in our hearts helps to lighten our loads and the comaradarie here illustrates that! You are all good-hearted people...charming, funny and helpful and I really enjoy chatting with you so much! - Kimberly Galus "kimsdisneydreams"

Love the Echo! The Echo is the Best! This is one of the best and most informative Disney Sites on the web.... there is a great diversity of members who share their knowledge and love of Disney with the others on the boards... there are games, castmembers and many other things here to view... I have been a member of the Disney Echo for more than a year now, and I love it there! You get lots of Disney info, plus links to other Disney sites, and products (like Amazon.com!) I placed my recent order because of the link to Amazon on the Echo! You get to mingle with other Disney fans, and almost any question you might have can be answered by either Rich Koster or one of the other ModEarators or Disney Cast Members on the Echo! Add to that the many games we have going on, and it's pure Disney Fun! Stop by and visit with us... - Marsha O. Baughan "MKBaughan" (Richmond, Virginia)

Love the Echo! I too have been a proud member of the Disney Echo for over a year now, and you'll hear or see me mention it everywhere! You will never find another place with such a myriad amount of information in such an entertaining manner. You will find a forum for any area of Disney, and a great group of members to share the Disney "magic" with. Come join the gang! - Eric "utilidor27"

If You Need Disney Info... This Is The Place! I have been a DisneyEcho member for a few months. Though we have visited WDW and DL many times, my family is about to make our first trip to WDW and Fort Wilderness using our travel trailer. No guide book or other website has given me more direct, up-to-date, relevant information than DisneyEcho! And when I have not been able to find my answer, I have posted the question and had a response within hours from someone who could help. I have even "met" several people who will be at WDW the same time we are and we are getting together for drinks one night during our trip! DisneyEcho is a fun, informative, well run website and if I could give it 10 stars, I would! - A. Van Riper "DisneyScrapbooker" (Fort Rucker, AL)

One of the Best! I have not been an EchoEar for too long, but I have found some of the best information on this site. Everyone seems to know their Disney. I have been to WDW a few times, but I have learned so much information. And their hurricane coverage has been out of this world. I'm so glad I stumbled onto their site! - Gina Loncala "2dogmom" (Illinois)

To some, when looking at this place as a whole, it sure can seem like we're really going overboard about Disney. But to others, it is a place where anyone, no matter what part of Disney they are interested in -- from theme parks, to the best in animated features from Disney & Pixar, to live-action shows on stage & screen, to Disney/ABC TV shows & news coverage, to Disney music, to books, to souvenEARs & merchandise, and to just being an understanding place where an adult can remember the child in all of us reawakening after getting that friendly hug from Mickey -- all of us can find here on the Disney Echo aspects of The Walt Disney Company we want to find out more about, share experiences with others about, and share our opinions as Disney fans with fellow Disney fans.

And since the world of Disney in The Walt Disney Company of today is so far-reaching, and while it is almost impossible for any one place to completely sum up all the varied experiences and information about that company -- just look at any year's Disney shareholder annual report as an example -- we continue to try and do our best here at the Disney Echo to get information to Disney fans worldwide about the company as a whole as well as each and every part of what that company is and does for its Guests in so many different ways. - Rich Koster "RichKoster" (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Read Disney News Mickey and Minnie meet on the Disney Echo!We invite you to participate in the Disney Echo by reading the up to the minute Disney news and messages, replying with your opinions and experiences, and writing new messages about Disney topics.

Share your own mouse tales and trip reports with fellow Disney fans in the Disney Echo message areas.

Featured among the Disney Echo discussion forums we're proud to offer are the Disney Dining and Reservations (previously named "Disney Dining & Priority Seating") forum, the official message forum of Scott Thomas's Priority Seating Planning Guide website which includes his PS Calculator,

the Imagineering forum, dedicated to the creative force behind the magic of The Walt Disney Company, the Disney Imagineers, and what they do in sharing Walt's vision with us,

the Adults At WDW forum, the place to learn why Disney World isn't just for kids,

the Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground forum, the official forum of Jeff Spencer's Fort Wilderness FAQ,

the Disney Club Concierge Level/Suites & Lizard Lounge forum, the one and only forum on the internet for complete details about staying in a suite or in the Club Concierge Level at Disney Resorts,

the Polynesian Resort message forum, a nice place to discuss the Polynesian and share accurate information, where your yearning for everything from tikis, torch-lighting, welcoming leis, and relaxing on a hammock with a Lapu Lapu among the restful palm trees along the shores of the Seven Seas Lagoon is fulfilled surrounded by the warm and caring 'Ohana atmosphere with your Disney Echo "cousins" in our virtual "Polynesian Village Resort" online, your Polynesian "home away from home" when you can't actually be at Disney's Polynesian Resort. Find answers to your questions about everything from the best castle views to the volcano pool, share tips with fellow Polynesian-loving EchoEars, and daydream of your return to Disney's tropical paradise as you plan even more magical experiences,

The Disney DVD, TV & Video message forum, the official forum of Kirby Bartlett-Sloan/tvkirby's Disney Theme Parks TV for the Week website,

the Yacht & Beach Club Resort message forum, the official forum of The Unofficial Yacht and Beach Club Resort Pages,

the Disney Weddings & Honeymoons message forum, where you can find free tips to help make your magical wedding, honeymoon, or vow renewal a Disney dream come true.

Mickey says ''I'm all Ears!'' on these cell phone covers sold in the Orlando airport. You'll see your ears automagically appear with each message you write on the Disney Echo via a Disney EchoEars graphic (after you join and post messages). Carol and I have ''presented'' Disney EchoEars to new members of the Disney Echo since 1992! The Disney Echo is also home to the Cast Member Clubhouse! Current Walt Disney World and Disneyland Cast Members, former CMs and all Guests are invited to share stories, gripes, praise, and news in the CM Clubhouse. Everyone is welcome: all current & former Disney Cast Members (from all Disney parks, Disney Stores and company divisions) and Guests, too. Read stories of appreciation about outstanding CMs and share special moments that happened to you personally. We all can get a lift from reading these Disney Magic memories. Take a look: you might even recognize some Cast Members!

Perhaps you know the names listed above from reading them on other Disney fan-based areas such as Deb Wills' website (which I highly recommend to you in addition to the great Disney information you'll find here on the Disney Echo) and rec.arts.disney.parks.
Here on the Disney Echo, they're modEARators!

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Disney StarsEmuck.comChat with Disney fans and read fun stories in the Vault: Disney Echo archives from chats with Disney celebrities about Mickey Mouse, Wayne Allwine, Minnie Mouse, Russi Taylor, Belle, Megara, Hercules, Susan Egan, Gaston, Richard White, and Beauty and the Beast.

Come back often to this fun place also visited by Dave Smith of the Disney Archives, Ron Schneider (WDW's Dreamfinder and Figment), Gary Wolf (creator of Roger Rabbit and Toontown), voice artist Mary Kay Bergman, and Disney professionals Tad Stones, Jymn Magon ("A Goofy Movie," "Tale Spin," "Gummi Bears"), and Disney Imagineers Bruce Gordeon and the David Mumford - - who all have been Special Invited Guests at celebrity chats live and online, hosted by Rich Koster on EMuck.

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Disney fans and Disneyana enthusiasts gather online to discuss all aspects of the Walt Disney Company here at the Disney Echo. Discuss what's new at Disney including movies from Walt Disney Pictures, the Disney Studios, Disney Home Video, Walt Disney Television, ABC-TV Disney-related shows, Disney toys and collectibles at Disneyana Conventions, Disney Art and Collectables, and theme parks such as Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, plus Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, the Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom.
DISNEY ... just the mention of the name brings many happy memories.

Matterhorn ... The first time your parents took you to see your first Disney motion picture in a movie theater ...

... that trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World, when you were finally big enough to ride Space Mountain - then screamed the whole time because you wanted to GET OFF NOW ...

... the first time you gazed up in awe as a pixie's magic started wondrous fireworks ...

... the first time you rode the monorail near the Matterhorn at Disneyland -- or right through the center of the Contemporary Resort -- and then rounded the bend, marvelling at the Magic Kingdom in all its splendor ...

... hurrying home to see your favorite Disney TV show, whether you're old enough for that to have been the Mickey Mouse Club or whether it was the Disney Afternoon or the Disney Channel.

Animation by Disney EchoEar DisneyWidower
In previous years when The Walt Disney Company was still under Michael Eisner's rule, many Disney fans felt that Disney got off track, more interested in budget-cutting and bean-counters than Walt Disney's philosophy of creating fun for the whole family, giving it all "heart" while doing it right: keeping up the quality and "show" from the design stage all the way through an attraction's daily maintenance. The high standards Walt set seemed to be slipping away. That's why the Disney Echo gave its support to Roy E. Disney and Stanley Gold in their campaign and why the Disney Echo was proud to be listed as a great place for Disney fun and information on their SaveDisney.com website.

Walt Disney loved to hear from fans who'd write that some of the happiest times of their lives were spent having fun at Disneyland or immersed in the adventure of a Disney movie, happy memories of magical moments shared with family and friends. His creations could make you feel like a child again ... and relive your own childhood wonder when you see them through the eyes of your own children.

Now, you can relive all those memories again with the Disney Echo ... a fun and friendly online connection to like-minded Disney fans from all over the world who share the Disney spirit and their opinions of up to the minute news about The Walt Disney Company, Disney movies, TV & stage shows, and tell stories about their trips to Disney theme parks, Disneyana conventions, stage shows or even about their favorite Disney Character or souvenir. The Disney Echo is a place to remember the old, keep in touch with the new, and cover ALL facets of the Disney empire -- theme parks, movies, TV & stage shows, memorabilia, magical vacations... All Things Disney.

Disney EchoEars You're invited to be a "Disney EchoEar" by reliving these happy memories of fun Disney times with fellow Disney fans. To write in our Disney Echo forum you need to abide by the Disney Echo Rules and Register now! -- it only takes 30 seconds and it's free!

registered trade marks of Tom Jennings Chris Harrower started the Disney Discussions sub on WWIVNet when he had his original BBS system, called "The Ink And Paint Club." It spread over to some other of the original BBS Networks, but Chris was thrilled when he learned about FidoNet and founded the Disney Discussions conference -- also known as the Disney Echo -- on FidoNet around August 4, 1990. That's where it really took off!

I'm Rich Koster, one of the modEARators of the Disney Echo and creator of the FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club. I have been actively participating with my wife Carol in the Disney Echo since April 1992. When we first found the Disney Echo and read the messages there we thought we had died and gone to heaven! Someone to talk about Disney with, all the time, about any subject, and any time of the day! We became such a presence on the Disney Echo that Chris eventually turned the moderator duties over to us, which we were happy to do. It was our way of giving something back to the Disney community that had given so much to us. I've been lucky enough to host numerous chats with famous Disney celebrities over the years, and transcripts of them can be seen at EMuck. Through the years, the Disney Echo continued to hold a special place in our hearts and the hearts of many Disney fans. Now, the Disney Echo is online and better than ever -- available anywhere on the planet you have access to a web browser -- at home, at a friend's house, or even at a Disney theme park while on vacation!

In the words of Walt Disney, "To all who come to this happy place, welcome!"

And as they say at the Adventurer's Club at WDW's Pleasure Island, "If you come in here a stranger, you will exit as a friend. Kungaloosh!!"

Since you're read this far, I bet you're ready to see what the Disney Echo is all about!

© 2010 Rich Koster & FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club & Disney Echo. The Disney Echo is for like-minded individuals who gather here to discuss all aspects of the Walt Disney Co. All participants are welcome. We're not affiliated with nor endorsed by The Walt Disney Company, so you are free to share your opinions and join the fun Disney Spirit without having to toe the company line. The Disney Echo and FANtasEars Fan Club are not responsible for any damages that may be a result of the use of the information supplied on these pages. The viewer agrees to these by viewing the pages.
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